I Know Everything Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Can’t hold on anymore!

Did Shanhai Streaming’s favorable trend end there?


It did not!

Two months ago, Shanhai Streaming produced the girl band Meteor Girls.

No one felt optimistic about this big group of nine girls at first.

But Shanhai Streaming and Teacher Lu had a good relationship so Teacher Lu gave them the idea of a selection process variety show with Meteor Girls.

The result was that Meteor didn’t have any songs yet but had already tens of millions of fans.

Although they weren’t hardcore fans, would they had to worry about them not turning into loyal fans once they started to release songs?

Especially when there was the best songwriter in the country, Teacher Lu Xiaofeng behind them!

Meteor Girls’ debuted with the insanely popular ‘Burn My Calories’ and people could hear it being played in small or big shops when they went for a walk. It had been played for two or three months straight so one could imagine how liked it was.

Then Meteors Girls went to promotion and performed all over the countries which earned them tens of millions of fans again.

All adding together, they now had more than 10 million hardcore fans.

Why that?

Because Shanhai Streaming gained another 3 million VIP users.

According to their usual conversion ratio, 10 million seemed to be an adequate number.

If they waited for two more years and that Meteor Girls’ remained strong and steady, the numbers of subscribers in Shanhai Streaming would definitely increase after those fans grew up.

It was also rumored that Meteor Girls who returned to Huajing would start a variety show that was planned by Teacher Lu for two months, which was a very interesting show.

Although the content of the show was still a secret, according to some insider source and people working on it, it would be weird if this show didn’t become popular.

This made Youyi, who copied them with Lightning Boys, very worried and nervous.

We haven’t even started the band completion and song yet but you already started to make another variety show, do you guys have to be in such a hurry?

There was even more.

( ╥ _ ╥ )

That’s right.

It made Youti nervous but Shanhai Streaming had no intention to show any pity to their competitor.

It started with the exclusive broadcast of Iverson and Kobe’s training games in August.

It wasn’t all that in the beginning but Chen Huan came out of nowhere and made appearances in the last few games.

He played really well along with Kobe and Iverson so attracted a lot of attention. Then the demand for the games constantly increased.

Then in October, Chen Huan officially joined the Lakers as a player during the NBA preseason games, which caused a big sensation once again.

Especially when Chen Huan faced against NBA stars but was equally unrelenting and dazzling so countless NBA fans joined Shanhai Streaming. Those matches could only be seen by the VIP users so those NBA fans cursed Shanhai Streaming while pick up their phones to pay for the subscription.

It was also said that Shanhai bought every broadcast rights for the NBA playoffs games Chen Huan would be in and many basketball fans were eager to see Chen Huan play in the NBA.

Shanhai Streaming would probably have another increase in subscribers when that day came.

Youyi was swearing loudly as Shanhai Streaming added 10 million subscribers in 6 months.

It came wave after wave, when would it end?

One had to know that Shanhai Streaming had 22 million annual VIP users while Youyi had 12 million annual VIP users.

Because they paid too much attention on developing free content previously so Youyi was a bit weaker than Shanhai Streaming in terms of its own produced TV series and other projects that cost a lot of money but for the entire population that was around 3 billion in Asia, the gap wasn’t too big.

But in less than a year, Shanhai Streaming had now 32 million annual VIP users while Youyi reached 15 million annual VIP users, the gap was too big now.

It was so big that it affected Shining Technology’s stock price and market dominance.

The fluctuations in stock were inevitable and quite normal.

But seeing Shanhai Streaming subscription and their various successful projects, Shanhai Streaming far surpassed Shining Technology, wouldn’t they replace Youyi in a year or two and become the top video streaming service in the world?

At that time, the market value of Shining Technology would definitely plummet and Shanhai Streaming would step on their body to ascend to the throne!

This was absolutely unbearable for Shining Technology.

Moreover, the valuation of Shanhai Streaming had been rising for the last six months and there was a foreign company that proposed the valuation of 60 billion USD. Shining Technology wasn’t far away from them since their stock price had fallen sharply now!

And the other party hadn’t been listed yet!

So they must definitely change! They would be done if they didn’t change!

In the past six months, Shining Technology held meetings and discussions continuously and carried out various plans and changes.

Two senior executives at the level of vice-presidents had already resigned and more than 20 middle level managers under them also resigned, which put the company into turmoil for a while.

However, they had no better idea than to create a bootleg version of Meteor Girls with Lightning Boys even with their full scale effort.

Even if Lightning Boys was ridiculed by countless people, Shining Technology regarded those ridicules as a form of promotion so wanted to get the most fans without as much effort.

But Lightning Boys couldn’t win against Meteor Girls, much less on the other matter.

With the painful experience, everyone thought for a while before finding the source of it.

It was nothing else than the lucky Shanhai Streaming meeting Teacher Chu Liuxiang and Chen Huan.

Chen Huan wasn’t only one person but three.

The first one was Lu Xiaofeng, the best songwriter.

The second one was Chen Huan the NBA star.

The other one was Chen Huan the variety show planner and actor.

Teacher Chu couldn’t be found by anyone but Teacher Lu was still a point of attack.

After all, he was from Lin’an and Shining Technology was also in Lin’an, which was much closer than Shanhai Streaming.

They were both the same type of people and they were so close, so why not go talk about working together with him?

Not to mention that Lightning Boys was about to debut so didn’t they need a brainwashing song that could compete with ‘Burn My Calories’?

Although they received many good songs from Phoenix Record, it was incomparable to the superior‘Burn My Calories’!

It was more reliable to find Teacher Lu instead.

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