I Know Everything Chapter 360

Chapter 360: I Rise While You Chase.

Lin’an wasn’t one of the big cities but as one of the cities with the most cultural heritage in China, they had their own pride.

As the saying said for thousands of years, “There’s Heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below”. (It meant those two places are like paradise in case you guys didn’t get it.)

In the current internet era, Lin’an had two of the eight big private groups.

One was the second best Habao Technology, which was a giant that built the number one online shopping platform and owned more than 50% of the country’s total retail and wholesale volume.

In the past, you were called an industry giant the moment you had 50% of a province market.

In the current age, one could only imagine how huge 50% of the Chinese market was.

If it wasn’t for Changjiang Group’s Jingtong competing against them, Habao would probably own 70% of the market.

(Friendly reminder, Jingtong=JD.com and Habao=Taobao. The two biggest online shopping websites in China.)

Habao didn’t start their B2C online shopping right from the beginning otherwise Shanhai Group wouldn’t even be able to be the number one.

Lin’an second pride was Shining Technology.

They were the group that owned Youyi, the largest video website in Asia video streaming website in Asian and maybe even in the world. They were also who copycatted Chen Huan’s idea with Lightning Boys to match Shanhai Streaming’s Meteor Girls.

Video streaming websites weren’t invented by Shining Technology but by Americans.

However after arriving in China, it was quickly absorbed and imitated by a bunch of companies in China and thus forming their own styles.

Youyi was one of the best. Its great operating model and forward vision helped Shining Technology to become the eighth largest private group in China with a market value of 120 billion USD, which was truly extraordinary.

Although they weren’t as good as Habao Technology, it was still ahead of all competitors in its own market, including the video websites in the Occident.

On the surface, they were only the number one in Asia but in terms of scales and numbers of users, no companies could surpass them.

The only thing was that Youyi encountered a serious challenger in Shanhai Streaming during the past year.

Shanhai Streaming entered the Film and TV series market earlier than them and the release of ‘Love Letter’ was like a genius stroke but it was over.

The point was in the past six months, Shanhai Streaming grew crazily and would probably push Youyi away in a year or two and take the world number one spot.

They first produced ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, which was adapted from the world’s bestselling book and had already gathered a lot of popularity around the world, so the movie adaptation obviously had the attention of many people.

Even if ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ didn’t earn them any money, the awards and attention it had won was very valuable.

The Golden Lion at Venice and those Awards in Busan already proved this point.

Before anyone knew about this yet, numerous film companies took the initiative to ask Zhu Mei to choose produce to movie in their company.

But Zhu Mei chose Shanhai Streaming.

A newcomer that just entered the Film and TV industry.

Everyone knew why.

It was because they spent over 300 million Yuan to advertise ‘Love Letter’.

It was also because of this that the never seen before Teacher Chu Luxiang believed in the sincerity shown by Shanhai Streaming and handed the distribution and production rights to them after consulting Zhu Mei.

Shining Technology already guessed the terrifying popularity ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would get so they called Zhu Mei and proposed her a production budget of 100 million Yuan and advertising budget of 200 Yuan with no cap limit.

But Zhu Mei didn’t accept.

There were many rich companies but very few trust worthy ones.

Shanhai Streaming proved they could be reliable with the sincerity they showed so why would they suddenly change people when it was better to do business with someone you knew?

So Shanhai Streaming ended up picking up a good deal.

They hadn’t released the movie yet and instead went full force to collect awards. With the Golden Lion as well as the best actor and actress were enough to make a sensation through the world and put a heavy stroke in the history book of Chinese Films.

Shanhai Streaming gained a firm foothold in the Film and TV industry with that and wouldn’t be regarded as industry outsiders in the future by the people in the industry and would respond well if they wanted to make a movie of TV series in the future.

If Youyi wanted to compete against Shanhai Streaming while putting the same conditions and salaries, people would definitely choose Shanhai Streaming than a semi-outlier like Youyi.

They could assume that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was very popular.

The main point was that they also paid a sky high price to Chen Huan to act in a TV series with the Small Flower Dan Bu Yiyi.

Bu Yiyi exclusively made movies but she went to make a TV series so one could only imagine the sensation it caused.

But Bu Yiyi’s influence was far lower than Chen Huan.

Chen Huan wasn’t only the most handsome teenager in ‘Love Letter’ but he was also the well-known Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, a world-class mathematician and the famous basketball prince.

A person with only a single of those identities would attract wide attention but Chen Huan had four of them.

With those multiple identities, Chen Huan wasn’t only an entertainment star but also someone people loved and paid a lot of attention to.

People always followed after genius.

So one could imagine how many young people would watch the series starring the two.

Goddamn Shanhai Streaming.

The advertisement started as soon as the project was decided and videos of them shooting was often released to arouse people’s interest.

How could those boys and girls resist this?

They were already fooled into buying the year long VIP subscription as they sat in front of their TV licking on the screen that had the two’s characters prosperous faces as they waited for the series to be released.

It hadn’t been broadcasted yet but the 1 to 2 million increase in subscribers made Shanhai Streaming smile ear to ear and Youyi exploded in anger.

But in all fairness, according to the nature of Youyi and their restraint as the market leader, it was impossible for them to offer such a high price to Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi.

It was already confirmed that Bu Yiyi got 10 million.

Chen Huan salary could only be higher and not less.

So at least 20 to 30 million.

It was just a self-produced TV series but the salaries for the actors were already between 30 to 50 million, wasn’t that too crazy?

Let alone the increase in two million subscribers, it wouldn’t be worth it even if it was 10 million!

So they could only watch as Shanhai Streaming once again occupied the headlines of the entertainment media and got unlimited exposure.

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