I Know Everything Chapter 359

Chapter 359: An Invitation From Across The Ocean.

Meng Zijing took the recorded song and left while thanking them profusely.

What she needed to do next was to discuss the shares for the upload on the music websites.

However, it was hard for an out of date singer like her to negotiate a good share.

Meng Zijing didn’t expect her first song to be treated like Han Dong’er or Su Mo but she hoped to have a better position in the recommendation.

She could rely on the song ‘Understanding’ itself but also on the fact that the song came from Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

The three major music companies would give face as long as the song came from Teacher Lu.

She believed she would rise whether she was given a chance or not.

Meng Zijing didn’t ask for too much fame as long as she could rely on this song to first pay Teacher Lu for the three millions and then rely on the online sales as well as performing everywhere to earn a few millions before she could relax a bit.

But it was impossible to relax completely.

Today’s life was very expensive and raising a child wasn’t only feeding them enough. To assure their future when they grow up, seven or eight millions was nothing and even 10 million was nothing if they wanted to buy a house in the big cities.

But with this masterpiece, Meng Zijing wouldn’t have a problem making money for the next 10 years.

She knew the people sought after entertainment and their admiration toward a good song.

Heaven would find it hard to accept if ‘Understanding’ didn’t get popular.

In fact, Chen Huan didn’t care whenever Meng Zijing would give the money.

Money was never the most important thing to Chen Huan.

He had a house in Mingde Alley and a big apartment in Cyan Waterfront, which was enough for him to live.

Moreover, he still had 30 million with him.

In addition to the ten millions bonus he received from the princess previously, he received 2 million from the ‘Godly Singer’ prize money and another 3 million for ‘Don’t Wanna Grow Up’.

The rest were from the royalties he received for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ with around 20 million.

Even if it cost a lot of money to furnish the house and buy the muscle and bones strengthening potion, he still had 30 million left.

But Chen Huan didn’t go buy some properties as he thought he would but instead saved it to donate it away when he wanted rewards from the Good Lord.

That’s right.

There was nothing simpler than donating a generous sum of money to get rewards from the Good Lord.

Chen Huan didn’t want the 3 million from Meng Zijing when he wrote the song for her.

Honestly, Meng Zijing was just a lone singer and could at most just give the 3 million.

If Chen Huan gave it to a record company, he would get the 3 million but also a big favor.

This favor could be more useful than the money if used well.

Chen Huan did it because he sympathized with Meng Zijing on one hand and because Shui Qianyu wanted to help her on the other hand and the Good Lord also released a mission.

In short, Meng Zijing was very lucky this time as this didn’t have much to do with Chen Huan’s personal desire.

He was anxious about recording the song and hoped Meng Zijing became popular due to ‘Understanding’ so she could get out of her tragic life and so he could claim his reward earlier.

Chen Huan was very eager to receive things such as the Lunar Ointment.

However, Meng Zijing hadn’t released it yet before someone came to find him.

It was Xiao Yan from Yanhuang Music that came to Chen Huan.

Xiao Yan was the golden producer that said “Lu Xiaofeng’s songs weren’t worth 2 million.”

Because of that sentence, he was ridiculed for more than a year and was even more famous than some singers, but it was infamy.

But what nobody could think of was that Xiao Yan would swallow his pride after taking such a big humiliation and take the initiative to contact Chen Huan and Han Dong’er before signing Han Dong’er to an unprecedented fee to Yanhuang Music.

After the release of ‘Red Bean’, the album was continuously popular and Han Dong’er was hailed as being very likely to become an Empress in two or three years with an unlimited future.

It also happened that her contract was about to run out with Yongren Studio so everyone wanted to sign her.

Everyone thought it would be the largest record company in the industry Phoenix Record that would sign Han Dong’er.

It wasn’t only because they were the biggest but also Lan Kai and Tang Yuan were from it and they were friends with Han Dong’er and Chen Huan.

But in the end it was Xiao Yan who succeeded in doing so and everyone couldn’t help but feel admiration at that.

Chen Huan also changed his opinion on Xiao Yan.

Although he wouldn’t be friends with Xiao Yan, the guy knew his work and knew how to distinguish between interest and feelings.

As long as Chen Huan’s strength was enough to suppress him, Xiao Yan would be a good partner.

But if Chen Huan fell from his height in the future, Xiao Yan definitely would step on him without hesitation.

However, Chen Huan didn’t deal with Xiao Yan ahead of time because of this. In the civilized society, one couldn’t possibly just bury someone because competitively, right?

Moreover, from the past till now, there had always been less helping in need and more kick while down.

Even relatives could be like this so how could a stranger be criticized for it?

What Xiao Yan brought to Chen Huan was good news.

‘Tears in Heaven’ that was sung by Comeback during ‘Godly Singer’ finals was spread to overseas internet because the song was in English.

As a masterpiece from the God of Guitar, ‘Tears in Heaven’ obviously would be very popular with Westerners.

It didn’t take long for ‘Tears in Heaven’ to gather a huge amount of Western fans and also attracted the attention of Hollywood big director Bloomberg.

There were many renowned directors in the competitive and prestigious Hollywood.

The 52 years old Bloomberg was one of them and he was amongst the top 3-5.

He didn’t have many work and only had 7. He generally made one every 3 years.

But all of the seven works were classics with three artistic films that won 17 Oscars in total while the remaining four were commercial blockbusters that grossed over 3 billion USD in total.

Bloomberg, who had gained both fame and fortune, was now more and more exigent and careful with his move to a very harsh point.

He had very high demands even when he was filming an artistic movie.

Now the film was about to be completed but it didn’t have any theme song that could move people’s hearts and for this reason Bloomberg had searched for it everywhere but without success.

At the ‘Tears in Heaven’ most popular moment, Bloomberg heard it playing from his son’s computer and had been instantly taken away with it.

He sat and listened to it for the entire afternoon.

Then he immediately had someone come to China and contact someone in hope to buy the copyrights of ‘Tears in Heaven’.

The one they contacted was Yanhuang Music or more precisely Yanhuang Pictures before it was transferred to Yanhuang Music. Then, Xiao Yan immediately came to talk with Chen Huan.

“Those Americans are sure generous!” Xiao Yan said with a smile, “They directly quoted the price of 1 million USD, that’s 7 million Yuan! Moreover, this is another Bloomberg masterpiece that is about to smash the Oscars, if it did well, it might win the Best Original Song at the Oscars! Then Teacher Lu would be very impressive!”

Xiao Yan knew that 7 or 3 million Yuan was nothing to Chen Huan.

The most important bargaining point was that it would be selected for the Oscars.

It would be a big honor to be among the selected even if it didn’t win.

It was the most important Award in the Western world and a big recognition to Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

When reaching the point where Teacher Lu did, wouldn’t he like to be known across the frontiers?

So Xiao Yan put the emphasis on that point.

Unexpectedly, Chen Huan refused without hesitation, “No need to discuss about the copyright, I won’t sell.”

Xiao Yan was stunned and didn’t know what to say but Chen Huan fortunately followed with, “But I can let them use it for free.”


That was in fact fine.

Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

Getting the copyrights of ‘Tears in Heaven’ was an order given by the top brass in Yanhuang Pictures.

But they also knew Chen Huan wasn’t someone easy to talk to and their pressure was akin to a joke to Teacher Lu.

No matter how rich the Qi family was, they couldn’t control someone who had no needs for the entertainment industry.

So their bottom line was they must make this cooperation work.

But he didn’t expect Chen Huan to hold on tightly to the copyright.

Didn’t Chen Huan previously easily sell the copyrights of his songs to the other people?

How come he refused now when the price was so high and with so many benefits?

Chen Huan solved his pondering the next moment as he said, “Uncle Shui and the other will record their album in the next month and ‘Tears in Heaven’ is indispensable to their first album and the history of this song is also different for them. I can’t give this song to other people.”

This is reasonable!

Xiao Yan nodded his head.

He already knew that Comeback wanted to release an album.

There was a lot of noise previously because of the competition for Wu Xinyan’s song.

The biggest singer under Xiao Yan Zhu Shengyu was a little unhappy as thought that Teacher Lu was disrespectful by robbing him of the song he loved and looked very hard to find.

Everyone thought that Chen Huan could write classic songs easily so what was one more or one less?

But if it was another song, Director Bloomberg wouldn’t want it.

If this opportunity was passed, it would probably never come up again.

So Chen Huan’s choice was unexpected but very reasonable.

Everyone knew the relationship between Chen Huan and the Shui family.

With Chen Huan personality, it was completely impossible for him to hurt their relationship for the sake of money.

Of course, Xiao Yan also coveted the album Comeback was about to make.

Everyone knew that whichever company produced their album would receive a huge amount of fame and profit.

However, everyone in the industry knew that the album had an owner so nobody brought it up.

Just from the fact that Lan Kai helped collect songs was enough for everyone to know that Comeback’s first album would be Phoenix Record’s.

After all, no matter if it was in terms of relationship or influence, Phoenix Record was Chen Huan’s best choice.

In other wprd, it was because Phoenix Record already had Empress Zhou Jing and small empress Liu Fiu’er so Xiao Yan was able to seize this opportunity to snatch Han Dong’er from them.

Yanhuang Music also had a bit of connection with Chen Huan.

It was hard to say anything about their current relationship but Han Dong’er connecting them and as Xiao Yan gave his all to produce Han Dong’er albums, organize concerts, look for endorsements etc… Teacher Lu would definitely take that into account.

Then at that time it would be hard to get one or two songs from him!

A newcomer that got one song from Teacher Lu, would they still have to worry about not soaring to the sky?

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