I Know Everything Chapter 358

Chapter 358: She didn’t laugh, she also didn’t cry.

Chen Huan didn’t expect that early in the next morning that Meng Zijing, who lived in a nearby hotel, would come up to his door.

Although her eyes were still a bit swollen, her mood was much better.

Meng Zijing was very sorry for her poor performance yesterday and assured Chen Huan she would be able to record it well today.

As the issues of her emotion went awry, she sang the song over a hundred times yesterday by herself so she got over it and wouldn’t run rampant like yesterday.

Chen Huan looked at Meng Zijing with seriousness before remembering a saying.

“Women are originally weak but once they become a mother, they would gain unexpected strength.”

It seemed that Meng Zijing knew the responsibility on her shoulders so wanted to do it well so they could record the song as soon as possible and upload it on the three big music websites and mount her comeback.


But an hour later, Chen Huan remembered another saying.

“Women’s words cannot be trusted. The more beautiful a woman is, the more deceptive she is.”

Meng Zijing was obviously good looking otherwise she wouldn’t have the potential to become a small empress. The empress position could be earned by skills but most small empresses had to go through the look test as young people would like pretty ones.

For example, the current three small empresses, Han Dong’er’s ‘Facial Paralysis Fairy’ title had her the ‘Fairy’ wholly based on her appearance.

The small empress Yang Dan had the classic beautiful face as well as a tall and stylish figure. She would look like the four ancient legendary beauties in a Chinese robe.

Liu Fu’er wasn’t that stunning but she was delicate and pretty with a lively personality and very gentle. Her singing was also very explosive so she was very popular.

Li Bi, who had been very aggressive lately and climbing toward the position of small empress, was also very pretty and charming with a hint of wildness in her, which made the fans go crazy.

Back to where he was.

Meng Zijing indeed deceived Chen Huan.

Because when she stood in front of the microphone and listened to Shui Qianyu play, she instantly collapsed.

All the water broke through the dam this time. She wept right off the bat before she squatted down and cried in anguish, which shocked Guo Zishan.

He had seen singers that got emotional from the song before even singing it.

But such an emotional singer, he had never seen one before or even heard of it.

He also was very curious and excited.

How great would it be once Meng Zijing sang the song and released it?

Guo Zishan would eat all the equipment here if the song wasn’t good and didn’t move anyone.

But unfortunately, Guo Zishan wouldn’t be able to hear it today.

He could only wait for the third day.

Even Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu could only do so.

Meng Zijing felt embarrassed but she couldn’t help it.

She really steeled herself and told herself that she couldn’t lose it or cry anymore but the more people suppressed their emotions, the greater they burst out.

It could also be seen how much grievance Meng Zijing accumulated over the years.

Her sobbing wasn’t only for her relationship but also her younger days.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu understood her thoughts, especially after watching that variety show.

Fortunately on the third day, Meng Zijing didn’t drop the ball anymore.

She stood in front of the microphone and although she took a lot of time to ready herself as well as stop multiple times in the middle, she sang it once, twice, three times…

When Meng Zijing sang it the fifth time, she finally got into the right state.

Low and high pitch voice, the great high pitch change and the emotion filled voice put Guo Zishan in admiration.

The sound engineer nearby also couldn’t help but exclaim, “Miss Meng really sings this song amazingly! Teacher Lu, you’re really an unparalleled master, the best!”

In their eyes, Chen Huan’s song matched with Meng Zijing was really the greatest combination and very satisfying to listen to.

Meng Zijing still felt it wasn’t good enough so wanted to sing it for a sixth time.

But she already sang it five times in a row so her throat was tiring so Chen Huan asked her to rest for a bit.

Was this a joke?

You may not be tired but my Xiao Shuishui was definitely tired after playing the piano for such a long time.

Then Shui Qianyu came out and pulled Chen Huan’s sleeve as she said, “Chen Huan, I feel that she’s… she’s lacking something when she sings… it’s not what I imagined it would be.”

Chen Huan nodded and asked the sound engineer to replay the fifth try while everyone was there.

After closing his eyes and listened to it, Chen Huan looked at Meng Zijing and said, “Sister Meng, you’re too hasty in your singing and your voice is too ferocious… do you feel something inside and can’t let it out?”

Meng Zijing frowned and blinked her eyes with a stern expression before letting out in a deep voice, “Yes.”

This feeling was very hazy and the more she wanted to do well, the worse it got.

She wanted tried to get that feeling but couldn’t so she started to grow anxious and could only try until she could feel it.

Now, she was instantly enlightened after Chen Huan pointed it to her.

Sister Xiaofeng really deserved his name, he was really a genius among genius!

“Then what should I do Teacher Lu?” Meng Zijing knew that Chen Huan certainly would have an idea.


He got some ideas after he carefully compared the version sung by Empress Xin and hers.

“Sister Meng, you should try to add a woman’s nasal and struggling sound when crying when singing…the feeling as if you were sobbing, wouldn’t that be better?” He suggested.

When Chen Huan said this, Guo Zishan and the sound engineer didn’t understand it while Shui Qianyu got a bit and Meng Zijing completely understood.

After all, Meng Zijing had 15 years old experience and although she went away from the music path for a long time, her spirit was always there.

Especially in her current situation.

She lowered her head and hummed a bit before some color came back to her face as she said, “Alright, let’s try again!”

Then came the sixth recording.

This time, Meng Zijing just closed her eyes and she didn’t sing it as high-pitched as before and her bass was so low that it was almost inaudible.

But the feeling from it, which was similar to the sadness that made people unable to speak, instantly surged in the people who listened to the song.

This was the first time.

After singing it repeatedly, Meng Zijing finally found that feeling.

She obviously didn’t cry but people could feel the dry tears from her and it made people want to listen more of it.

Meng Zijing had reddened eyes when she opened them and saw Chen Huan give her a thumb up.

She didn’t laugh.

Tears flowed down from her eyes.

She didn’t cry out either.

She did it silently.

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