I Know Everything Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Sobbing.

How a person felt could be seen from their actions.

Chen Huan called at night and the next morning, Meng Zijing rushed to the small noodle shop.

When Chen Huan went to the small backyard behind, she was already sitting at a stone bench and finished a bowl of plain noodles.

Sitting next to her was Shui Qianyu and the two were talking.

Compared to her on TV, she only had light make-up now and didn’t look as young.

She was only 35 years old but the Empress Zhou Jing with the same age as her and the two years old younger Xu Ping, looked much younger than her.

The pressure of life was never easy to handle as the harder they had, the harder they had to work.

“Teacher Lu!” Meng Zijing stood up and apologized when she saw Chen Huan come over, “Sorry, I thought you were…”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”

Chen Huan didn’t want to make this awkward so stopped her, “I didn’t think it through, otherwise I would have someone to warn you in advance.”

Meng Zijing gave an embarrassed smile as she said, “Even if you did, I probably wouldn’t believe it either… You don’t know but the conditions and surviving for us bottom of the ladder singers are very hard.”


Shui Qianyu nodded repeatedly, “I just heard from Sister Zijing that the pay from the performance venue isn’t low but half goes to the middle man. Imagine working so hard and put so much effort on the performance only to earn ten or twenty thousand!”

Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile softly at that.

You wanted to say that Meng Zijing had it hard?

It was indeed hard!

One person raising two kids and the various expenses weren’t small. In her home, apart from the mom who could help, nobody could help her and she only had a single babysitter in order to save money and she was brought from the countryside.

But you wanted to say she had it very hard?

That wasn’t true.

Some workers and peasants only earned 3 to 5 thousand a month while working very hard and they also had to take care of their families, didn’t they have it harder than Meng Zijing?

Meng Zijing sang a song for ten thousand and twenty thousand in the best scenario. Although there were only two or three occasions per month, she would get around 40k after expenses were removed.

Income like that was definitely at the level of the middle class.

Of course, Meng Zijing certainly couldn’t be compared to Comeback.

The price for Comeback to perform was 500 k a song now and 2 million if they wanted them to sing 3 songs at one sitting, it was at the level of emperors.

Even if there were four there, it was great to get 500k just for a song.

However, Comeback wasn’t in a hurry to perform and everything would be based on Lei Daxuan’s recovery.

When Lei Daxuan recovered, those that were free may go on a tour to earn some retirement funds.

“Lil’ Shui must have told Miss Meng, right?” Chen Huan asked, “The reason I’m looking for you.”

“She told me.”

Meng Zijing had a grateful expression as she said, “I don’t know how you were able to write a song based on my experiences! … I don’t know how to thank you for this! Don’t worry, I’ll quickly give you the money for the song!”

She was smart about it as she didn’t do things like ‘I’ll pay if I’m satisfied with the song’ as she assured she would take the song without hesitation.

The attitude of complete trust, whether she was trying to make Chen Huan feel good or whether she was sure that Chen Huan’s song was a sure hit, would make Chen Huan have a positive view of her.

“We can talk about money later.” Chen Huan shook his head, “If Miss Meng is ready, how about we go to the studio later?”


Meng Zijing agreed.

She was also very curious about what kind of song Chen Huan specially made for her.

“Okay, I’ll first eat something, here’s the score, you can take a look.” Chen Huan handed the score to her.

“Thank you.”

Meng Zijing took it.

She just glanced at it and she seemed to be frozen.

She had the same reaction as Shui Qianyu.

Shui Qianyu felt very touched by the lyrics yesterday.

Meng Zijing was even more stunned as her eyes reddened really quickly.

She remained like that until they went to the studio.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu didn’t notice that Meng Zijing’s body slightly trembled.

This recording studio was used by Comeback during the competition previously. It wasn’t big or small and it had 5 recording studios in total with top tier equipment in Lin’an.

Because Comeback used it, the recording studio was quite popular nowadays with professionals and amateurs that hoped to rent a room there.

No matter how busy it was, a room would always be open for Comeback especially when it was Teacher Lu who asked for it.

By the time Chen Huan arrived, many singers and musicians were already at the door ready to greet Chen Huan.

Regardless of whether Chen Huan could remember them, as long as they could speak a few words to Chen Huan, who knew if it would be useful or not in the future?

However, they weren’t surprised when they saw Chen Huan was accompanied with two women.

Shui Qianyu was perfect, she was Chen Huan’s most precious baby so what was there to say when Chen Huan took her out?

But Meng Zijing, a female singer that was out of the music scene for a long time, left them puzzled.

They had to listen from a boss that was in the industry for 20 years to recall who she was.

“Why did she come to the studio? Did she get a song from Teacher Lu?”

“It can’t be, right? I don’t see anything that could impress Teacher Lu.”

“Maybe he likes mature women, maybe he’s doing whatever she wants and randomly made a song for her.”

“Get out of here! Is Teacher Lu someone like that? If that’s the case, how many girls are willing to jump at him? But do you see anyone?”

“Perhaps she has a good contact! Just like with Guan Yili, isn’t it thanks to Ning Wu being Zhu Mei’s junior? Maybe she has a contact and got lucky?”

“Wow, you say even a woman can have a contact like that so why can’t I? I’m willing to sell myself as a slave to the small noodle shop!”


Putting the disturbance outside aside.

The sound engineer was already in place when they entered the studio. Meng Zijing entered the recording room and Shui Qianyu followed after as she sat at the piano seat for the live accompaniment.

Chen Huan stood outside and watched them through the transparent glass as he listened to the music.

When Chen Huan was eating his breakfast, Shui Qianyu already sang the song three times to her.

With Meng Zijing’s musical talent, she sang it with Shui Qianyu a few times and could already roughly sing the song from the beginning to the end.

Now, Chen Huan had her come to the studio to sing seriously and was ready to point out the fault in it.

It was also because Meng Zijing had a solid foundation because if it was a new singer, they would have to practice a few days at their homes before they would come to the studio to sing it seriously.

“Sister Zijing, let’s start! I’ll sing the first few words!”

Shui Qianyu said and started to play the prelude.

“I thought I would cry, yet I didn’t…”

Shui Qianyu whispered before repeating the start of the score.

But she didn’t hear Meng Zijing sing along with her.

Raising her head in confusion, Shui Qianyu saw that Meng Zijing was covering her mouth tightly with tears flowing down to the lyrics sheet in front of her.


Shui Qianyu looked at Chen Huan and he motioned her to stay silent and let Meng Zijing’s emotion pass.

At this time, the boss of the studio Guo Zhishan quietly got in after dealing with the other people etc…

He was an old friend of Shui Qingshan and the official version of ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was recorded here. He often watched Comeback rehearse here but never leaked anything.

Then he saw the singer cry as soon as he came in so he asked, “What happened?”

The sound engineer, who was there the whole time, quietly told him.

Guo Zishan looked at Chen Huan in admiration.

Teacher Lu, so impressive!

Made people cry by just looking at the lyrics!?

However, Guo Zishan’s surprise didn’t end here.

After ten minutes or so, Meng Zijing used a pack of tissues and sat to rest for a bit while drinking some hot water to stabilize her emotion before standing in front of the microphone again.

But it was even harder to hold on this time as when the music started again and without Shui Qianyu even singing the first sentence, she started to wail loudly.

Guo Zishan was dumbfounded and had the urge to snatch the lyrics to read so he could see what kind of witchcraft was used to put her into that state.

Chen Huan was also speechless.

It was said that there were many pains in the world but love hurt the most.

When a song really touched the heart of someone, it was equivalent to reminding them of their painful past and putting salts into their wounds.

Not to mention the one who sang, those who listened and cried from it definitely weren’t small.

Song was unparalleled in touching people’s emotions.

Now Meng Zijing had fallen into her memories and was overwhelmed by the emotion she felt.

She never cried much and put up a strong front for the sake of her two children when she was abandoned by her husband and smiled even more than when they were four in the family.

But she couldn’t hold it now.

She didn’t want to bear with it anymore and just wanted to cry it out.

Well, she was already like this, how could they still record songs now?

Chen Huan could only apologize to Guo Zishan and wait for the emotional singer to calm down before taking her home.

Meng Zijing’s experience really fitted ‘Understanding’ compared to Empress Xin.

Chen Huan believed she would perform the song greatly.

But that was in the future, now they had to find a way to have Meng Zijing overcome her sadness.

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