I Know Everything Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Liar!

‘Understanding’ was certainly a good song.

In fact, half of the reputation from Empress Xin (Winnie Hsin) came from this song.

The song was synonymous with Empress Xin as people expected her to sing this song every time she performed.

It was also the same with Empress Lin and the song ‘Across the Ocean to See You’.

With the popularity of Gangtai’s Music in the nineties, ‘Understanding’ spread far and wide, especially people hurt by love, male or female, would sing this song.

(Gangtai=Hong Kong)

It was a bitter love song and the type that Brother Li was the best at. It was written to deeply touch people’s emotions.

So it was often rated as ‘Top Ten Love Songs’ and ‘Top Ten Saddest Songs’.

Even after 30 years, it had a standing of its own.

After the song was written and the score was completed, Shui Qianyu along with the Shui Qingshan, who returned home, sang the song on repeat while sighed in admiration at Chen Huan’s talent.

They all knew this was a great song that would make a singer insanely popular.

Shui Qingshan didn’t say anything but Shui Qianyu said in hesitation, “Chen Huan, do you want to change the song? This song…”

She wanted to say it would be a waste but she couldn’t say it out.

After all, Shui Qianyu really wanted to help Meng Zijiang.

Chen Huan understood her contradicting feelings very well and it didn’t mean that her heart wasn’t good but was just a natural reaction when people had choices.

“It’s okay, this song was written because of her and only she can sing this song well enough.” Chen Huan made the decision.

After he said that, Shui Qianyu wouldn’t mention it again.

She was happy instead after letting that go.

She felt very fulfilled that she was able to help the singer she liked and help her out of the trouble and poor state the singer was in.

Lan Kai was such a huge producer who was very familiar with the music industry with the most extensive contacts.

But it took a lot of effort to get Meng Zijing’s contact info even for him.

Those renowned talent management companies didn’t have her contact.

When Chen Huan called Meng Zijing, he heard a tired voice with two kids’ voices on the background.

Meng Zijing’s children were 7 years old and 4 years old.

“Is this Miss Meng Zijing?” Chen Huan asked.

“Yes, you are…” Meng Zijiang spoke very politely.

“I’m Lu Xiaofeng, you should have heard of me, right?” Chen Huan said.


A silence permeated in the call for a bit before it was hung up.

Shui Qianyu, who was nearby, couldn’t help but ‘Pfff’ as she laughed, “Chen Huan, she thinks you’re a liar~~”

The young man had no choice but dial the number again.

She didn’t answer the first time but answered after that.

“I don’t have money and can’t buy your 3 million song, don’t waste your breath!” Meng Zijing immediately said.

Now it was Chen Huan’s turn to be shocked.

The price of 3 million for Teacher Lu’s song spread after ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’.

Meng Zijing knew of this.

But the puzzling thing was how did she know that Chen Huan wanted to give her a song.

“Ehhh….” Chen Huan hesitated before he said, “Miss Meng, I don’t know what you heard but I think we should talk in person… if you have time, maybe you could come to Lin’an small noodle shop?”

“Small noodle shop?” Meng Zijing was stunned.

She was a sentimental person so she obviously knew the small noodle shop in Lin’an was the birthplace of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ and also the noodle shop of the popular Shui Qingshan.

Teacher Lu was connected to the small noodle shop so she would be able to find him if she went there.

Those unscrupulous liars of the industry would dare tell her go to the small noodle shop?

Wasn’t he a liar?

It wasn’t weird of Meng Zijing to hang up earlier.

She had met several agents from the industry and they urged her to find some money so she could ask Teacher Lu to write a song for her.

As long as Teacher Lu wrote a song for her, she would become popular again and wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Meng Zijing obviously hoped for it.

She longed to become a prosperous artist again for the sake of a better life for her children.

Teacher Lu’s song was definitely a shortcut toward success.

But Meng Zijing was also someone that nearly became a small empress so she knew that the better the song was, the harder it was to find.

It wasn’t like she was an ignorant person as Teacher Lu’s songs were notoriously hard to get.

Very few people were able to obtain songs so far and money alone wasn’t enough.

Not to mention with the so-called relationship fee, it would increase the fee to 4 million.

Where could she get 4 million?

With 4 million in her hands, would she be running all around trying so hard to earn money?

Meng Zijing also learned that those unreliable people had no contacts whatsoever.

If it was Tang Yuan, Lan Kai or Wang Zhao who said they were good friends of Lu Xiaofeng, she could still trust them.

These people were full of crap as they claimed to have contact with Teacher Lu but most of them would collect a few hundred thousand before running away.

She had seen too many of those guys in recent years.

Normally, people still feel a bit embarrassed so they shouldn’t call back after being exposed.

But this number was called three times and the last call even asked her to go to Lin’an’s small noodle shop.

He said he was Lu Xiaofeng.

Was he really Teacher Lu?

When she thought of this, Meng Zijing’s voice shook a bit as she said, “Are… are you really Teacher Lu!?”

“Whether I am or not, you will know after seeing me.” Chen Huan had now gotten into her head now, “These two days, come if you have the time! After you come to the small noodle shop, it can’t be fake after seeing me, right?”

Meng Zijing’s trembling even more right now, “Teacher… Teacher Lu, you’re looking for me for…”

“Is nothing much.” Chen Huan said, “Our family Little Shui saw you on TV some time ago, she’s the little girl who play the guitar in Comeback, she likes your song a lot and saw your interview in the show so she wanted to help you…well, we can’t have a good conversation on the phone, it’s better to talk in person!”

The call ended.

Meng Zijing didn’t move for a long time.

The son, who was playing with her sister, ran up in curiosity and saw her mother hold up her phone in tears.

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