I Know Everything Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Understanding!

Lunar Ointment?

Chen Huan was instantly fully energetic.

Han Dong’er’s mother was in poor health and Chen Huan was wondering how to help her.

The name Lunar Ointment sounded like something women used so maybe it would be some use.

Chen Huan’s yard had hundreds of Lunar Grass planted.

He found some in the mountains according to the Good Lord direction.

The planting and cultivating of the Lunar Grass was very unique and if it wasn’t for the Good Lord instruction, the common people wouldn’t be able to do it.

The Lunar Grass was growing well in his garden.

Of course, this had something to do with Chen Huan picking the mature one as those that were still starting growing were left in that place.

The Lunar Grass in the mountains around Lin’an couldn’t be said to have a lot but it wasn’t much either.

Chen Huan still maintained the frequency of fertilizing them once per week.

Without the method given by the Good Lord, the Lunar Grass would still be able to grow but the quality of it wouldn’t be good.

It also cost several thousands to nurture the Lunar Grass with various nutritious solutions.

It was also because Chen Huan was rich, otherwise why would he be willing to do so?

Chen Huan naturally became interested when Lunar Ointment was related to changing Meng Zijing’s destiny.

“I hear that Meng Zijing is living in poverty nowadays as she was alone with her two children and couldn’t go out to work every day. She is mostly relying on her previous saving and the compensation received from her husband.” Shui Qianyu explained to Chen Huan after the show was over.

“Doesn’t she have child support?” Chen Huan asked.

“Haha.” She said, “The news on the internet reported from Meng Zijiang’s brother that unscrupulous man would only give 4000 Yuan a month via the court and not a cent more.”

<( -︿-)>

This was really horrible.

In the current economy, 4000 Yuan definitely would be enough for the three to eat their fill every day.

But with kids, how was it enough to just be able to eat their fill?

Although there was compulsory school, there were a lot of expenses with extra-curricular activities, clothes, shoes and other expenses.

Basically in an ordinary family, it wouldn’t be weird to spend 6 or 7 thousand when two kids were starting to go to school.

So it wouldn’t be too much to ask for a generous child support of 10k, right?

All of this confused Chen Huan, did Meng Zijing’s ex-husband hit his head?

It would be fine if he had no money but Shui Qianyu said he had his own company and easily earned millions in a year.

They were clearly his own children but he didn’t fulfill his obligation and even antagonized them?

Was it because he had another wife and kid so he estranged himself with them?

He couldn’t figure it out.

Maybe it was the reason why the Good Lord couldn’t let this pass and wanted to teach him a lesson!

Chen Huan put aside those thoughts and asked, “Doesn’t she have any invitation for a commercial performance?”

“She has! How couldn’t she not have them!” Shui Qianyu lightened up, “But she is already out of style so is only invited by some small venue in those fourth-fifth tier cities with each performance only giving ten or twenty thousand at most and she doesn’t receive them often.”

A dignified singer that was hailed as the next small empress had fallen so low, it really made people feel emotional.

But Shui Qianyu continued, “Chen Huan, do you know why I like her? because I watched a lot of videos of her performing and although she was often in shopping malls or open air promotion activities, she was never out of tune. She gave her all when singing, with a smile too. She’s also willing to interact with the audience no matter how many people there are!”

“You have to know, Meng Zijiang in the past was a very reserved and distant singer! But in order to have more opportunities to sing and earn money for her children to give them a better life, she learned how to compromise! A mother like that deserves a lot of respect!”

Chen Huan lightly nodded.

“Singers nowadays can perform anywhere with a single popular song and make a lot of money… for example Guan Yili.” Shui Qianyu said, “I have nothing against him and a pretty pure guy but this is unfair to singers like Meng Zijing! Chen Huan, if she had a popular song, would she receive more offers for commercial performance and paid more?”

Seeing Shui Qianyu’s serious expression, Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Xiao Shuishui, if you want me to write a song for her, just tell me, what can’t be said between the two of us?”

Shui Qianyu rolled her eyes at him and said, “Do you still need me to tell you? This is called conscience, alright?”

Shui Qianyu always acted a bit tsundere in front of Chen Huan.

Chen Huan also liked her straightforwardness without any pretense.

As long as she asked, Chen Huan would be willing to help Meng Zijing even without the mission from the Good Lord.

“After listening to her story, I felt a bit enlightened…Hmm, let’s call this song ‘Understanding’!” Chen Huan hummed before taking a pen and paper, and started writing.

Shui Qianyu saw the lyrics he wrote.

I thought I would cry, yet I didn’t.

I was just staring at your footsteps in a daze, to give you my last blessing.

How is this not one kind of realization? Allowing me to see myself clearly.

Although there was no music, Shui Qianyu could feel the sadness coming from it by just reading.

Her eyes lit up when it was even linked up with Meng Zijing’s story.


Too amazing!

Her family little idiot is actually a genius!

It wasn’t difficult to write a good song but it was definitely hard to write a song targeted at a single singer.

‘Tolerance’ which Chen Huan wrote for Guan Yili was very respected even if it wasn’t at the level of ‘Laughter From the Sea’ or ‘Mama Do You Remember Me’.


Wasn’t it because it perfectly suited Guan Yili’s voice that was neither like a man or a woman?

Now the song Chen Huan wrote for Meng Zijing was even nuttier.

He just watched Meng Zijing telling her story with Shui Qianyu’s adding to it and was able to write to Meng Zijing from it. The lyrics seen by Shui Qianyu seemed to suit a lot to Meng Zijing, what kind of talent was needed to make this?

If it were not for Shui Qianyu not being someone who liked to flaunt, she would have already put this story on the internet and let everyone admire her little Chen Huan.

No matter how much people admired his talent, it was all deserved.

However, Chen Huan’s talent didn’t stop there.

After writing the lyrics, Chen Huan started to hum.

He paused from time to time at the beginning before it became smoother.

The tune changed for just a sentence to a whole paragraph.

Then Chen Huan started to sing as he looked at the lyrics.

“I thought I would cry, yet I didn’t…”

Shui Qianyu looked at with a stunned expression when she saw him singing with a lowered voice.

Chen Huan certainly didn’t sing it well but he had heard the original song many times before and with the song recall, he could bring the emotion out of the song.

The charm of the song could be brought out as long as he could bring out the emotion, at least the first person in the world to hear it, Shui Qianyu, certainly could feel it.

After the song was over, Shui Qianyu didn’t recover from the sad mood.

Her eyes were red and held off from crying.

“How was it, I’m awesome, right?” Chen Huan said without any tact as he didn’t notice Shui Qianyu’s emotional state, “This song will be amazing with that aunty!”

Seeing his grinning face, Shui Qianyu fiercely pinched his face as she said, “Chen Huan, if you ever do this to me, I’ll tell you, you’re definitely going to die! You’re dead!”

“Huw crout RY….”

Chen Huan’s face was contorted and couldn’t even say “How could I?”

Fortunately, Shui Qianyu understood him.

She nodded in satisfaction before looking at the lyrics and carefully read it.



Such a nice song!

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