I Know Everything Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Injured Woman.

Lei Daxuan quickly recovered after he woke up.

In just a few days, he was able to slowly walk the corridors around his ward by himself.

From the current trend, he would be discharged from the hospital at the end of the month.

However, as he recovered more and more, his stubbornness also escalated. 

The first point was that he was determined to wait until he could participate in the recording before he received any money from the album sales.

Comeback could already start recording now but he wouldn’t want any money from it.

Then Lei Daxuan also didn’t want the 10 million prize money.

“You already helped me out with the medical expenses and participated in ‘Godly Singer’ for me, it really woke me up so hasn’t the goal been completed? What am I going to need your money for?”

As he said so, Ning Pingping also resolutely stood with her man.

It made things a little awkward for Comeback.

But Shui Qingshan wasn’t someone who hesitated.

He thought about it. if they made an album and even if they split the profit in five, the amount given to Lei Daxuan would definitely not be less than 5 million.

And with Lei Daxuan’s current situation, 5 million was more than enough.


Shui Qingshan made a decision to split the 10 million among the 5 people.

The four members of Comeback and Chen Huan each took 2 million.

Zhang Kun and Li Xinyu felt embarrassed to take the money as most of the credit went to Teacher Lu.

Chen  Huan only took 2 million, the same as them, it really shouldn’t be.

But Shui Qingshan’s words dispelled their hesitation.

“Just take it! This is like filial piety by the juniors, or you can’t even take this filial piety?”

He’s right!

Chen Huan was someone who called them uncle and they were all family so what was to be embarrassed about?

They accepted the money after thinking of this point.

Both of them didn’t have any strong background and they already squeezed a lot of money for Lei Daxuan’s medical expenses.

Now that Lei Daxuan recovered and they could go home with 2 million, it was a good thing for their family no matter what and their wives would be happier.

It wasn’t a question of being stingy or not.

Men created more wealth for the family so the family could live more comfortably, which led to having less conflict in the household.

Shui Qianyu didn’t see a dime.

Her money was held by Xia He as well as the Shui Qingshan’s 2 million and she took it to buy a 200 square meter apartment at Cyan Waterfront.

It just so happened that it was just downstairs from the one Chen Huan bought.

As Xia He put it, they could live there in future or take it as an investment.

The value of Cyan Waterfront property would increase as Chen Huan got more and more popular.

In half a year, the square meter went from 30k to 40k and it was even in short supply.

The new apartment she bought was 50k the square meter and the price was 10 million in total, that was why it hadn’t been sold yet.

In other words, they hadn’t told that the upper floor was Teacher Lu’s apartment otherwise it would have been sold even if it was 2 million more.

Seeing Chen Huan’s unstoppable rise, Liang Xiuxiu wanted to maintain a good relationship with Chen Huan so she didn’t go all out on this aspect.

Chen Huan would definitely be unhappy if he met people every time he came out and heard about it.

Once Chen Huan became unhappy, he would simply sell the house and say a few words. It would not only stain Cyan Waterfront reputation but they would also have difficulties to sell their other properties.

As a paradise city, Lin’an had many real estate developers and it would be impossible to gain a foothold in the city if their reputation stank.

It wasn’t worth it just for a few millions.

So this house was bought cheap by Xia He with only 4 millions and even a parking space was given.

But Liang Xiuxiu was willing to let go of that profit.

After helping Xia He this time, it would be easier to her to ask Chen Huan a favor the next time.

It didn’t have to be related to real estate.

With Chen Huan rise, it was difficult for normal people to have contact with him so a favor was really valuable!

Xia He was also happy about it since they didn’t even have to change another company for the decoration, they just had to adjust it.

During the weekend, she would go there to happily discuss about the decoration while Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu had a rare moment to relax and watch TV together.

In fact, most of the TV variety shows tended to be stupid.

Because it was easier to make people laugh that way, which was a good past-time.

But there were some that weren’t as chill.

For example, some talk shows.

In particular, ‘Liao Xin’s Talk Show’ where they often had very sad interviews.

This often made many young people dislike it but it happened that a lot of white collar working people were willing to go through those sad baptisms.

‘Liao Xin’s Talk Show’ invited a singer named Meng Zijing today.

Chen Huan had once heard her song.

She debuted during the 2000’s and had two albums. With a very mellow voice coupled with the explosive high pitch, she had won over the appreciation of many fans.

She was also a singer that almost became a small empress.

But when she was 25, she chose to retire from the music scene to get married and have children.

So nobody had heard of her for more than ten years and many had forgotten her.

However, Shui Qianyu happened to study her songs and saw a trailer of this episode last week so she was determined to watch and dragged Chen Huan along with her.

Liao Xin’s interview was slightly studious but she wasn’t annoying overall.

She wouldn’t deliberately try to trap or fool her guests.

For example this time, Liao Xin didn’t add oil to the fire and rouse the jealousy but empathized with the guest.

“I used to think that he was my final destination, but I didn’t expect that love wouldn’t last forever. After I gave birth to two children, listening to the children cry every day and doing tedious housework, he gradually became more impatient and irritable.”

“It would start with him doing more overtime, then he would go on for a week without coming home and then he even went to live another place. I went to find him but he wouldn’t open the door…”

“I didn’t know what I did wrong. The children were his flesh and blood but why doesn’t he want to take responsibility but only want to enjoy the love?”

“I can’t say he’s immature since he’s still a very successful businessman but since my life started making baby’s formula milk, changing diapers, illness, kindergarten etc…He and I stopped having a common language.”

“He feels that this family life is too much pressure but why did he romance me and marry me? I don’t regret accepting his pursuit back then but my heart hurts deeply now!”

“He asked me for a divorce, it couldn’t sleep for three days and three nights before I chose to leave. He doesn’t love me anymore, he doesn’t love his two child and he doesn’t love this family anymore so what’s the point of me being with him? Not to mention he completely doesn’t come home anymore!”

“I know how he thinks. Although he’s allowed to marry a second one, he doesn’t want to split half of his belongings with me so he would rather divorce me now and give 10% of his wealth as the compensation.”

“But do I care about his money? When we got married, he hadn’t been this successful yet but didn’t I marry him?”

“When a man has money, they really change, my heart is already in pieces and it can’t be pieced back together anymore.”


After saying, the audience followed after her and all cried.

Even Shui Qianyu had reddened eyes as she watched.

Then she looked at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan instantly knew that look.

“Xiao Shuishui, I’m not that type of heartless person, don’t worry!” Chen Huan immediately reassured her.

“Are you men are bastards!” Shui Qianyu yelled.

She was obviously not scolding Chen Huan but was referring to people like Meng Zijing’s ex-husband.

“There are many scumbags like him in today’s society.” Chen Huan expressed his agreement.

The current laws were like this.

You could marry more than one wife but there were strict rules.

For example, if a rich guy had 100 million in assets, they would have to pay 50 million in taxes to marry a second one.

In addition, half of the remaining 50 million would be given to the first wife so she would have 25 million as the guarantee.

It would be even worse if they married a third one. If they add all the taxes for the two wives, the guy would have only 4 million remaining.

Therefore, unless you marry when you didn’t have much money, people usually didn’t want to marry a second one and would just divorce and marry again. They would have to pay 10% in assets, which was much better than 75%.

(#Not worth!)

This resulted with the poor marrying more while the rich didn’t dare to marry more with the middle class that had a bit of money to marry one or two more.

This maintained fairness as much as possible to a certain extent.

Meng Zijing’s husband wasn’t someone responsible and Meng Zijing was still raising his two children but he was still only willing to give 10% of his wealth regardless of his wife and kids.

That was why Shui Qianyu called him a bastard.

“Ding Dong!”

“The compassionate system expresses deep sympathy toward Meng Zijing’s tragic experience.”

“The system specially issues the following mission, the host needs to get Meng Zijing out of her current despairing self and make her go back to her confident and beautiful self again! The host would receive a generous reward if this is the case!”

“A reminder for the host, the rewards will include the method of making Lunar Ointment!”

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