I Know Everything Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Beware of Hypocrites.

Chen Huan didn’t know that the princess actually wanted to give 5 million for the song.

She was persuaded away by her subordinates, Cui Zhong included.

It was the so called the wind damages the flourishing trees in the forest.

Chen Huan was already in a lofty place so it wouldn’t be a good thing for him to be at a place that nobody could catch.

It was better to give Chen Huan bonuses or revenue shares just like in the past.

The princess also thought so and followed after their advice.

Cui Zhong felt quite happy when he came to Lin’an and talked to Chen Huan about Meteor Girls’ Restaurant.

While he was happy, he proposed an idea, “Teacher Lu, can you come as a guest for the first episode of Meteor Girls’ Restaurant?”

“No.” Chen Huan flatly refused.

What kind of joke is that?

This Lord doesn’t like to appear in variety shows as if I’m a monkey performing tricks.

This variety show was obviously the same even if it was made by me.

“Look, if you don’t go direct the show, how would the girls know what to do?” Cui Zhong pleaded, “Teacher Lu, you can take it as helping them!”

“The outline and details are clearly written and if they still can’t do it, they deserve to have their limelight being grabbed by Lightning Boys.” Chen Huan didn’t falter.

Cui Zhong suddenly felt depressed.

When asking who Shanhai Streaming hated the most right now, it would be Shining Technology and Phoenix Record.

The princess had called Gan Liangchen of Shining Technology 17 times to scold him.

You read that right.

She, a woman whose net worth wasn’t in the top 50 in China, called and scolded the 8th richest man in China.

Gan Liangchen couldn’t do anything against it as they indeed did unsavory things and deserve to be scolded.

So except for the first time, he just sneakily hung up the phones.

But things didn’t stop at that.

Because Shining Technology needed a band like a lot since otherwise if Meteor Girls continued to develop, Youyi would be completely surpassed by Shanhai Streaming within a year or two.

From a legal point of view, Shining Technology did nothing wrong. There was no such thing as plagiarism for a selection process even if it was a variety show.

But nobody in Shanhai Streaming could swallow this offense.

“Don’t worry, they definitely would do it well.” Cui Zhong answered, “In fact, they are the most angered by this and all rallied together in order to teach the Lightning Boys a lesson!”

“While on the topic, remind those 9 girls to be wary of Youyi’s shamelessness as they might send those Lightning Boys to seduce them! If that scandal spread out, it would be a huge loss and embarrassment!”

“They dare!?” Aunty Cui suddenly got angry, “Whoever dared to do this, I’ll cripple him!”

They would really be shameless if what Chen Huan said was real.

They not only copied them but they even wanted to come up to them and ruin the Meteor Girls’ reputation.

Aunty Cui regarded the nine girls as his own daughters so he obviously wouldn’t allow it.

“Don’t worry about anything else, you have to take precautions before it happens.” Chen Huan warned him.

“I understand.” Cui Zhong nodded, “I plan for it when I go back and protect them!”

China’s artist’s contract definitely wasn’t like in Japan or Korea where there was a clause that they couldn’t date.

So Cui Zhong could only use other methods to avoid that.

Cui Zhong couldn’t tolerate that people were already coveting his little piglets before they even grew up.

“But you have to absolutely help me Teacher Lu, it’s about their future.” Cui Zhong didn’t forget what was going on right now, “It’s okay if you don’t personally come but can you help make an appointment with Teacher Su Mo?”


Chen Huan thought, you really think highly of me!

You really know how to get things from me!

Wouldn’t the hype getting from inviting Su Mo much bigger than Lu Xiaofeng?

“Teacher Lu, you just wrote a song to Teacher Su Mo, he should give you some face, right?” Cui Zhong gave a puppy look, “I’m begging you! The first episode of Meteor Girls’ Restaurant can’t be without a big name!”

“Why don’t you invite him yourself?”

“Teacher Su Mo just finished his concerts and is on vacation so we can’t reach him.” Cui Zhong said.

Su Mo held 12 concerts this summer and it was fully packed all time so it could be said he scratched the concert itch.

With Su Mo’s antics, it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to laze around for two or three months.

He didn’t like to do advertisement to begin with so he would refuse if he could.

But because of this, there were even more companies that hoped he would endorse them.

Those companies were all international-level.

Three of the advertisements under him now were from when he just debuted. Su Mo was someone nostalgic so he signed with them year after year.

For the rests, he rarely signed any and if he did, it was only for a year or two.

Advertising was much easier than a commercial performance.

This showed how difficult it was for commercial activities to invite Su Mo.

“How can I go disturb him?” Chen Huan still wanted to refuse.

“This variety show is your creation Teacher Lu so it’s a good excuse!” Cui Zhong said, “Don’t you want to do something after seeing how shameless Lightning Boys are! If you invited Teacher Su Mo, who else can they find that is more popular than Teacher Su Mo? The gap is clear.”

This guy…

Why do I feel like Su Mo was your objective since the beginning and I was just the cover for it?

Chen Huan secretly swore he would get him back.

But what this guy said was right.

In the Chinese entertainment industry, who was more popular than Su Mo?

Meteor Girls’ Restaurant would have a great start as long as Su Mo was there.

“Alright, I’ll go ask him.” Chen Huan finally agreed.

“Great!” Cui Zhong was overjoyed, “Don’t worry, we definitely won’t be stinky with Teacher Su Mo!”

“Talk less about money since Brother Su isn’t some that cares for it, it wouldn’t be for the money if he joined.” Chen Huan quickly stopped him.

Everyone didn’t like money like he did.

Especially Su Mo, someone who was always been clean and ethical, it would be an insult to him if they used money to sway him.

It would be different if they were hitting me with money.

I would only have a single thing to say, “Please strike me harder with more money!”

After all, the Good Lord was like a bottomless pit and everything needed money.

In addition, how could his life be a successful transmigration story if he couldn’t earn money for his wives and kids?

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