I Know Everything Chapter 352

Chapter 352: Ready to be released!

Many people, including those with great wisdom and perseverance, couldn’t avoid their time when they feel really self-satisfied.

For modern people, when they earn millions, tens of millions or hundreds of millions, they wouldn’t be able to help but to squander and flex.

They obviously couldn’t hold it!

Just as Chen Huan had more songs in his hands, he began to think about paying the favors.

There were many people that wanted Chen Huan’s songs but he didn’t agree most of the time.

Except for the few people close to him, his songs had never been exposed to outsiders.

It was only ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and ‘Deskamate’ whose copyrights were free so the singers could sing it at any time. Otherwise, if they wanted to sing Chen Huan’s songs, they would have to do a very cumbersome process.

With the reward he received from 10 billion people who played ‘Burn My Calories’, Chen Huan had now 4 songs.

Han Dong’er wasn’t in a hurry.

That girl was preparing to make an album but it didn’t have to be this year.

When it came to the drive of improving her arts, only a few old and established singers could rival with her.

If there weren’t good songs around, she may even not release an album next year.

Chen Huan also definitely let her wait for two years before releasing an album. This was the best time for her to push for the Empress position so she mustn’t stop the momentum.

But it was still too early as he heard her talk about it but she only picked two songs for now.

Yanhuang Music had such a large selection of songs with many famous songwriters providing for them but she only picked two, it could be seen how picky she could be.

It wouldn’t be too late for Chen Huan to wait until she had picked at least five or six songs.

Chen Huan didn’t plan to give Meteor Girls another song so quickly at the beginning but Youyi was too disgusting with their copypasta Lightning Boys.

If he didn’t teach them a good lesson and push Meteor Girls popularity so high that it was unattainable, even he would feel that he would be too soft.

Back to the song.

From the past to now, even if the song was good, only the right people could show its greatest strength.

For example in his previous world, ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ wasn’t originally sung by Deng Lijun (Teresa Teng) but it became famous after she sang it and every Asian in the world listened to it.

Another example was, the original singer of ‘The Sound of Falling Snow’ was also its composer but after Zhou Shen sang it, who still remembered the original singer?

So the person who sang the song must match the characteristic of the song before the song could become a big hit.

Meteor Girls were a group of girls in their 16 to 18 years old.

At that age, they were innocent and full of yearning for the start of their youthful life, which also represented the best years in life.

So their songs mustn’t be too deep or sad and even a famous song like ‘Because of You I’m blown away by the Cold Wing’.

Love and emotional songs wouldn’t do it either if he wanted it to suit their aura and please all age group.

It would be best if it was naïve and innocent.

‘Burn My Calories’ was a song like that.

The second song was less than half of a year before their debut so it couldn’t be something vastly different.

The previous song he thought of ‘Not a Lover’ seemed too big of a jump so it would be best used as the third song.

With those thoughts in mind, Chen Huan made his decision and chose the song called ‘Don’t Wanna Grow Up’. (Still from S.H.E)

This quick paced song from the three girls fitted the band’s aura and their cute and active girls image could also be maintained.

Chen Huan sent a demo of this song to Cui Zhong and the quick working Cui Zhong immediately took a flight the next day from Huajing.

He didn’t come because of the song.

Cui Zhong came to bring the outline and preparation for the variety show Meteor Girls’ Restaurant for Chen Huan to review.

Meteor Girls’ Restaurant was a variety show that Chen Huan wrote for Shanhai Streaming.

The details were that the 9 girls would split into three groups with two teams with 4 girls while the remaining one would be the host.

In each episode, they would go to a city and try the delicacies of the city before learning how to cook it and let guests try it.

In the end, the judges would decide whose dishes were more delicious and which teamw won.

This variety show included content from the two variety show kings from his previous life.

One was ‘Dotch Cooking Show’ and the other was ‘Smap x Smap’.

Two great variety shows from Japan added together obviously going to be a very good variety show.

So it was no wonder that once Cui Zhong got the idea from Chen Huan, he would immediately go to Huajin and find people to iron out the details.

The birth of a super variety show wasn’t a simple matter.

Do not look down on Chen Huan’s simple describtion as they need to carefully consider how to start, what should be paid attention to and what they need to put extra in it.

So for a month or two, the elite that worked on variety shows in Shanhai Streaming were all working on this idea.

Now they ironed the details and wanted Chen Huan, the idea giver, to check it out after they planned out to operate three episodes.

Chen Huan looked at it for around an hour carefully and found it was similar to what he imagined.

It could be seen that they gave a lot of effort.

But Chen Huan didn’t agree to everything.

“This one here…” Chen Huan pointed, “The Girls’ failure and small mistake, these can be fully exposed! Girls making mistakes are cute!”

“Alright!” Cui Zhong noted it down.

“And there this, you can’t cry if you lose, what’s to cry about?” Chen Huan exclaimed, “But we can have some punishment such as eating something spicy or doing something awkward.”

“Alright!” Cui Zhong was impressed.

Look at that.

What’s a genius?

This is it!

A casual look from him could give out ideas that ordinary people couldn’t even try to think all day long, he really wanted to force such a talent to give his best every day for Shanhai Streaming!

“The rest are alright…” Chen Huan said, “But the host must be able to play her role well, this is the key.”

In the original Japanese program, Masahiro Nakai was the host and not the most popular Kimura.

In terms of being calm and communicating, Masahiro was definitely better than the popular Kimura since he did variety shows for multiple years.

The past had proven before that this arrangement was the best.

If it weren’t for Masahiro, the show probably wouldn’t be so long lived and popular.

“What do you think of Li Yating?” Cui Zhong asked, ‘Or Kong Xiyu, we’ll choose one of the two.”

Li Yating was from Huajin and she had a boisterous and headstrong personality. She spoke straightforwardly and was a typical northern girl.

Kong Xiyu was from Huhai and was also very beautiful but her personality was more refined and polite, just like a lady from a big family.

“Kong Xiyu’s personality is a little more refined but she would be unsuitable to resolve conflicts in the long run.” Chen Huan said, “Let’s go with Li Yating! But taking on this position would put more pressure on her.”

Aunty Cui also knew that whoever was the host was also basically the captain of Meteor Girls.

The position would actually harm the girl if she wasn’t someone that could handle the pressure.

“Hmm, I also think that Li Yating is better for it.” Cui Zhong said, “She’s also the biggest presence in the band and her ability to get along with people is also good. We can’t decide later if she can’t do it.”

“That’s the only way.” Chen Huan said with a smile.

“After their nationwide promotion, the girls can start their new project at the end of October.” Cui Zhong said, “Then we can also record your song and release it with the variety show, it’ll be hype, hype!”

Cui Zhong meant that the 9 girls had to work all day and night.

After starting the new project, they probably wouldn’t have a breather until the New Year.

But that time was also the time when various awards got rewarded but Meteor Girls didn’t have the qualification as newcomers in the industry so they had to work without stopping.

There would be various parties during the Spring Festival so it wouldn’t be a surprise for them to be busy until the 28th.

Chen Huan naturally understood that Shanhai Streaming had invested a lot of energy on Meteor Girls and more than 100 million Yuan to build them up.

It couldn’t be said that Shanhai Streaming was trying to recover the money as fast as possible but they wanted absolutely to establish them and have them become big stars so they could help with the company’s plans to advance.

The contract signed by the 9 girls with the company was for a full 8 years with 2 years of option.

It was basically a ten years contract.

It meant that if they turned them into an empress level girl band one day earlier, they would profit from it one day more.

The benefit received wouldn’t be for a few years but for a long time.

They would live under the spotlight every day and would be sought after by numerous people. Moreover, the contract they signed was 50% higher than the industry’s standard so their pocket wouldn’t suffer at all.

Basically, they could live a comfortable and luxurious life for the remainder of their lives if they decided to marry and stop working.

They would be able to secure their future after working for ten years, which was a pretty good deal.

“About the new song.” Cui Zhong continued, “Our president said that since all the songwriters are raising their prices, Teacher Lu’s 2 million is no longer suitable to the current trend… So we will pay 3 million for ‘Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ and hope that Teacher Lu will continue to take care of us in the future.”

Chen Huan nodded lightly.

He already received the 3 million this morning and although Shanhai Streaming sent him a message to verify it, he didn’t know for what yet.

It was a good thing since he got the shorter stick when he sold the songs and while 3 million wasn’t that much higher, it still guaranteed to be a bit higher than the others and ensured the status of Lu Xiaofeng in the industry.

After all, Wu Xinyam had already priced a song for 1.5 million and every one would increase their price in the future as songs earned more.

If Shanhai Streaming raised the price 5 million, Chen Huan would be unwilling as it would draw the ire of many songwriters.

Chen Huan wasn’t afraid of trouble but unnecessary troubles were… unnecessary.

Speaking about money, these three million were nothing but a trivial matter as the most important point was the bonus given by the princess.

Tens of million in without even flinching, which was really impressive.

If Meteor Girls’ Restaurant could achieve the results he expected, it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to receive more!

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