I Know Everything Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Not going means not going.

As people said, the entertainment would prevail in a flourishing era.

Competitive sports were a form of entertainment and weren’t inferior to the entertainment industry.

Chen Huan somewhat underestimated the NBA’s influence in China and the US.

From the moment the Lakers left China, there had been many news written about him.

They didn’t dare to claim that Chen Huan should abandon math to play ball but there were many topics to talk about.

Some wrote about when Chen Huan was going to play in the NBA, some discussed in what team Chen Huan should be and others talked about how long would it take for Chen Huan to be a superstar like Big Yao.

None of this had much to do with Chen Huan so he didn’t watch it.

However, those sports journalists constantly surfaced at the entrance of his school or at Mingde Alley for a long time that even he had to commend them a bit for it.

It wasn’t only that.

Big Yao also called Chen Huan and said the NBA commissionaire called him and asked about Chen Huan.

Silver was the boss of the NBA so he obviously couldn’t be that straightforward.

Big Yao understood what he meant so he said to Chen Huan that he could go to the NBA.

Silver took over the position of the NBA commissionaire from the Legendary David Stern last year to become the new commissionaire.

Faced with the prestige of the previous one, Silver was eager to develop his own Jordan, Kobe and Lebron.

But he couldn’t find any good seed during that time.

Then Chen Huan appeared in front of him and Silver saw another path.

That was to continue to open the door of the Chinese super big market so the NBA could obtain more popularity and money from China.

If he could do much more than David Stern in this aspect, Silver could obtain glory that could be boasted so it wouldn’t like it was now where he couldn’t be compared to Stern in every aspect.

Compared to the Young Big Yao who entered the NBA at the age of 22, Chen Huan wasn’t only 5 years younger but also enjoyed a much greater popularity.

Big Yao’s fans were all from basketball while Chen Huan’s fans reported to be in the hundreds of millions.

Because he was an actor and songwriter.

Such a multi-field genius made Silver feel like he could use Chen Huan to attract more Chinese youngsters to love basketball and the NBA.

To know what kind of preferential treatment one would get after having the appreciation of the NBA commissionaire, one only had to look at Jordan and Lebron.

The Black Mamba with his 6 billion fans was a child of heaven but he was quite proud and arrogant so many people criticized him inside or outside of the NBA.

Jordan and Lebron were everyone’s beloved sons as if they were the biological sons of David Stern.

First, the referee took good care of them and many players that liked to do some dirty plays would be more scared to do so.

They would also be in a lot of NBA promotions so enjoyed a lot of exposure.

Like that, they could play their game smoothly and happily while making jaw dropping amounts of money.

Even after retirement, Jordan could make 100 million dollars in revenue each year thanks to AJ, not to mention he also got a huge return on other commercial activities.

Lebron James not only had an average salary of 40 million dollars a year but his annual endorsement money exceeded 40 million so he averaged 80 million per year, even Jordan couldn’t keep up with him.

If Chen Huan went to the NBA, it would be hard to speculate on the US big companies but any big business in China would definitely look for Chen Huan.

One would know how crazy they would be if they recalled how popular Big Yao was.

And with the NBA’s support, Chen Huan was certainly to get more than Big Yao.

That was why Big Yao said Chen Huan should go to the NBA now.

He also hoped Chen Huan would quickly go to the NBA deep down in his heart so he could adapt faster and have more opportunities to fight for the MVP and championship.

It wouldn’t be as easy to succeed if he got older.

Chen Huan didn’t agree to do so.

It wouldn’t be a problem for him to become a superstar of a team with his ‘Professional Basketball (Advanced)’ and his physical prowess.

He had his own plans.

Money wasn’t a problem as the Good Lord would take it away anyway and would only leave a little bit behind for his living expenses.

So why would he exhaust himself for?

Wouldn’t it be nicer to stay in China, write songs, research math and live a leisurely life? Then guard his Dong’er, wait for Xiao Shuishui to grow up and be happily married?

The sexy Bu Yiyi also appeared in his mind. Chen Huan was clear in what he wanted. He must have smoked something if he chose to busy himself abroad.

No matter how he thought, which places women were as good as Chinese women?

Chen Huan’s personality wasn’t the type to have a lot of ambition.

If he wasn’t reborn in the High Schooler body but instead in a wealthy family, he would immediately live a retired lifestyle without studying and working all day long.

But because he was poor and didn’t have a high enough IQ so he was forced to work hard in fear that he wouldn’t have the money to start a family later.

Now that those goals weren’t a problem anymore, Chen Huan naturally would relax.

What he wanted to do most now was to complete more missions to get more rewards and skills.

As the saying goes, having more skills wouldn’t hurt the body and maybe they would of use one day.

Even if he didn’t need it, he could teach it to his children and let them be proud of him, this was also happiness!

Of course, although Chen Huan wouldn’t go to the NBA to play the regular season and would only play the playoffs once, he wouldn’t take it easy for his training.

In addition to his daily training routine, he would also go to the CBA Zhejiang team’s facilities to train.

There was more professional training equipment as well as training facilities.

At this moment, whether it was the CBA Zhejiang team’s general manager Yu Caiming or the head coach Hu Dong, they would never mention Chen Huan joining the team again.

They would feel ashamed to give Chen Huan a contract even if it was only to play for a month.

They wanted to slowly build their relationship with Chen Huan and started with a temporary contract and slowly integrate Chen Huan into the team.

They never expected Chen Huan to be scouted by the Lakers and sign such a willful contract half a year later.

In their opinion, for a CBA team like that, there was no need to cater to the players like that.

But Chen Huan got it.

Why did he so?

Wasn’t it because he had the skills?

The other party didn’t even want to play the NBA regular season but they wanted him to play in the CBA league, were they looking down on him?

But when Chen Huan came to their facilities to train, they also treated him like a treasure as they even provided with a personal chauffeur.

It wasn’t that they were being too servile as it also greatly benefitted their team when Chen Huan trained with them.

On one side, they could learn how Chen Huan trained and also have practice games with Chen Huan.

They had never beaten Chen Huan once whether it was head to head to in teams ever since Chen Huan came but this kind of happiness of being bullied wasn’t something any people could experience.

After all, it was also a form of happiness to be able to regularly train with a NBA-level player and be ravaged by him.

Those abuses would improve their teamwork and skills!

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