I Know Everything Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Rubbing off the popularity and Shameless.

The past two days, Chen Huan’s phone that many people knew about received calls constantly but he didn’t take a single of them.

What was he going to say if he took it?

Explain again and again why he didn’t go to the NBA?

Since he wasn’t going, what was to explain?

Just ignore it.

Even if there were plenty of journalists trying to block Chen Huan at his school, he still didn’t appear in front of them.

That was where the luxurious cars from the School Flowers came into play.

However, Chen Huan understood that the attention of those sports journalists on him would be long term.

Because he was only 17 years old and if he went to the NBA, it would be at least a 15 years old career.

If Chen Huan stopped playing after a season, everyone would talk about him when the NBA was mentioned and would want him to come back.

Sports journalists and tabloids weren’t much different.

Just look at how they were sneakily taking pictures of those sports stars overseas, they had it hard.

However, Chen Huan had to endure it in order to complete the task given by the Good Lord.

And also because he was a bit curious.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ gave him rewards when it won a prize but why when he played basketball so hard and attracted the attention of hundreds millions of people but no rewards was given?

Of course, playing ball didn’t give him any reward but he received reward from other sources.

For example, just yesterday…

“Ding Dong!”

“The omnipotent and omniscient system found out that the song ‘Burn My Calories’ has been played more than 10 billion times! This is an unprecedented achievement for a catchy song! In order to commend the host for his efforts, the system specially rewards the host with another song recall and hopes the host can continue to work hard to continue to receive more rewards!”

Chen Huan’s mood at the time was like this.


Good Lord could even count the amount of times being played, you’re the best!

However, how cold and lonely were those kids?

To actually have ‘Burn My Calories’ be played 10 billion times!

Chen Huan himself felt it was an exaggerated number.

From the release of this song in August to now, it was only two months.

For the group of kids to have played the songs 10 billion times, those fans must have listened to it more than once per day!

Too terrifying!

With such a terrifying support, ‘Burn My Calories’ was quite worth it!

But if he thought carefully, it wasn’t that exaggerated.

After all, those nine girls from Meteor Girls ran into many promotional events, variety shows and fan meetings in the past two months.

This song followed with them everyday as they sang it while dancing.

However, did they feel like vomiting after singing so much?

While on the topic, it was because of their success, it could be even said that it was an unprecedented success, that Shining Technology and Phoenix Record cooperated to launch a boy band.

This band was a boy band and their final roster was made up of 12 of them and would be called ‘Lightning Boys’.

Chen Huan originally thought that Meteor Girls’ name was disgusting enough but that name ‘Lightning Boys’ was even more disgusting.

But it was the Lightning Boys promotion and developed strategy that were really disgusting.

Lightning Boys basically copied Meteor Girls blueprint.

They were doing a selection variety show on Youyi as they gathered a dozen teenagers between 18-20 with potential and started a round of selections.

Even their advertising model was similar to Shanhai Streaming.

This not only made Shanhai Streaming condemn their lack of morals and countless netizens also expressed their disgust on their shamelessness.

In particular, the members of the Meteor Family, which claimed to have a billion fans, organized themselves and crazily went against Youyi, Lightning Boys selection variety show, Youyi’s Weibo, Shining Technology’s Weibo, comments were flooding in.

Those websites’ comment section became lively places for a time and numerous of their comments were deleted.

But precisely because of such anger and outrage, Lightning Boys that were trending due the advertisement, suddenly became popular.

In this world, it was impossible for everyone to have the same taste. If some people like that thing, there would be people that liked the other thing.

For example, if there were people who were crazy about Meteor Girls, there would naturally be people who would be crazy about Lightning Boys.

Gradually, those two groups started to fight.

Even if the fans of Lightning Boys were very weak and few, they were determined to fight and didn’t shy away.

Anyone with discerning eyes could see that Shining Technology had their hands on it otherwise it would be impossible for these weak shrimp soldiers of Lightning Boys to withstand the crazy attacks from the tens of millions of Meteor Girls’ fans.

But the benefits from it were obvious.

At least during their selection, Lightning Boys gained a lot of attention and while their first episode had only 1.03 million viewers, their second episode skyrocketed to 13 million viewers and increased by more than 10 million.

If this continued, Lightning Boys would set out a storm sooner or later, just like Meteor Girls.

Those other entertainment and talent agencies all abandoned their plans.

Why ?

Forcibly counterfeit and plagiarize the Meteor Girls while setting a wave of scolding, could they still launch a band that could earn money like flowing water?

Meteor Girls had made hundreds of millions of profits in two months through advertising endorsements, small concerts, commercial performance etc…

After the launch of Lightning Boys, they estimated they would bring around 100 million even if it wasn’t as much.

This was a lot of money!

They hated it!

But there was nothing they could do about it.

One, they never thought of doing such a shameless plan, secondly, it was too late even if they realized it now.

Without at least two or three months of preparation, they would only become cannon fodder under the attack of Lightning Boys and Meteor Girls if they rushed to make a band.

Besides, who launched Lightning Boys?

It was Shining Technology!

It was by Youyi, the number one video websites in China!

They had the best resource on the internet and had plenty of variety of experiences and talents, which could give plenty of spotlights to Lightning Boys.

Would they be able to do it in another company?

Not only they didn’t have the strength, Shanhai Streaming alone could play them to death!

While those companies were envious and hated them, they still didn’t dare to criticize Lightning Boys or even more topics would be about them and more attention would be on them so they would become bigger thanks to that.

Those companies had no alternative and could only look to make their own band to see if they catch up with the trend.

They didn’t have to have so many people like Meteor Girls or Lightning Boys, they could always give a try with three or five members, right?

The results were in October, the matter about girl or boy bands became the biggest trending thing.

It could be estimated that in the next two or three years, there would be more and more bands that would make their debut and occupy a part of the industry.

Chen Huan remembered the era where Korea bands were all over the places.

In China, a few bands still could make it but if there were more, many of them would end up being cannon fodder.

This was the case in his previous life.

Those bands, male or female, how many of them could you actually remember?

Didn’t they all go solo and disbanded in the end?

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