I Know Everything Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Science loving Chen Huan.

Seeing that Chen Huan was about to fly off, a light of hope was given to Chinese basketball once again and amidst the joy, Chen Huan’s hardcore supporter Big Yao posted something.

In the picture, he had an awkward face and said nothing.

It didn’t mean he was happy.

Normally, Big Yao should be very happy if Chen Huan went to play in the NBA.

If he put that expression, there must be a problem!

Everyone immediately felt something was wrong so they asked Big Yao. There were 30k comments under his post in just under an hour.

It was because Chen Huan didn’t have a Weibo otherwise it would be ten thousands of comments flooding in every minute.

The next news broke out from Yuezhou that Chen Huan took a place to fly to Lin’an and the plane to Los Angeles with the Lakers didn’t have his name.

What did that mean?

People got even more panicked.

Big Yao didn’t say anything but it didn’t mean that the other couldn’t.

The general manager of the Lakers accepted an interview with CCTV before leaving China.

In that interview, he admitted that Chen Huan wouldn’t follow the team back to Los Angeles.

“It isn’t some personal problem he needs to settle, it’s an agreement we have with Chen Huan.” Kupchack said, “He will continue his mathematical research and continue to train himself in China until the Lakers reach the playoffs. Then he will join us and play.”

The Sport Interviewer: “…”

He had a Nick Young WTF face.

I’ve been to school, don’t think I’m easy to lie to!

Had there been such a contract in NBA history?

A player signed by a NBA team but wouldn’t play the regular but only play in the playoffs… was this some elaborated joke?

“Honestly, you guys change it up and imagine that Chen Huan suffered a big injury and will only comeback in the playoffs.” Kupchak said.

“But even so, are you guys willing to accept this? Or are you just signing a player for advertising effects?” The reporter couldn’t help but ask.

“Who said that? Who said we’re willing?” Byron couldn’t hold it anymore, “Who doesn’t want to have such a great player? Didn’t you guys see how well he played with Kobe and Iverson? With him, we can get 60 wins in a season!”

Bro, you’re starting to exaggerate!

Kupchak felt his eyelid twitch.

A 60 win team meant they would be in the first place in their conference.

Last season, the Atlanta Hawks ranked first in the Eastern Conference and it was only 60 wins. The later champion Golden State Warriors got a better record with 67 wins. However, the Houston Rockets who were second only had 56 wins.

If Kobe and Iverson didn’t get injured this season and played at least 60 games, Kupchak felt like getting playoff spots wouldn’t be a problem.

Especially Iverson who averaged 30 minutes played in the two games, showing he was energetic and in good condition. He averaged more than 25 points with an average of 7 assists, which showed a hint of his peak.

But it was really an exaggeration to say that adding Chen Huan to those two would get them 60 wins.

But Kupchak also knew that Byron was just emphasizing the importance of Chen Huan.

The both of them also discussed it before, they wanted to use the Chinese media to pressure Chen Huan to come play in the NBA earlier.

Even if it wasn’t the full season, playing 60 games was also great!

40 games were also fine!

As long as Chen Huan played 40 games, they would have a higher win rate even if Kobe and Iverson missed them due to injuries.

The two didn’t know how much effect the media would bring but they still had to complain about it.

Sure enough after hearing Byron’s irritated tone, a sports journalist asked, “Then why… why would you let him stay in China?”

“Because he’s being stubborn!” Byron Scott let out a defeated sigh, “He said he’s a mathematician and needs to make a contribution to the science field. Sports and entertainment games like the NBA are nothing much and not worth the effort needed… You guys tell me, what can I say? Am I going to say that math is inferior to basketball? Wouldn’t I get tore apart?”

The reporters couldn’t help but laugh when they saw his wry smile.

After laughing, they also felt perplexed.

But they really couldn’t say anything against Chen Huan’s reason.

No matter how people say basketball was important, it wouldn’t be as important as scientific research in mathematics.

Moreover, Chen Huan was a great mathematician who contributed greatly to the field so he would definitely not let it go.

Fans could still grumble about it but if the media also threw some shades on it, they would get slapped.

“So we also can’t do anything about it but still feel unwilling to let go of such a great player.” Byron continued to sigh, “We can only go back and give our best in the competition so you guys can see Chen Huan play in the playoffs and also see the Lakers getting better results!”

After that, Byron went to the waiting room and didn’t come out.

He felt angry the more he talked about it.

He finally came across a thick thigh but that thick thigh was unwilling to get hugged, how could he not be mad?

If Chen Huan didn’t play in the regular season and build chemistry with his team, only god would know if Chen Huan would be in a good condition and be able to integrate the team!

If it was a repeat of the previous two seasons, Byron knew he would become an embarrassment as a coach in the NBA and that all previous accolade and reputation would be lost!

It wasn’t only Byron who got angry as the fans who watched the interview were dumbfounded and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

They were very angry.

But also feel very helpless.

If they wanted Chen Huan to wholeheartedly go play basketball, the other fans of Chen Huan would be roused.

Having Chen Huan not write a song for a year, wasn’t that a torture?

And Chen Huan also stated himself that he didn’t want to become a star, it was also the case after he played in \Love Letter’.

The reason for Chen Huan’s refusal at that time was, ‘He was obsessed with studying and couldn’t get out from it.’

Now it was the basketball fans to experience that pain.

Honestly, it was really bad!

If it was possible, they would wish for Chen Huan to go to Los Angeles and play in the NBA!

But the reality was that Chen Huan was unwilling to do so, who could force him?

At that moment, they finally understood Big Yao’s expression on his Weibo!

Feel like choking!

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