I Know Everything Chapter 348

Chapter 348: The Trio!

After the game ended, the Lakers’ won their first pre-season game by 132:107.

Chen Huan played a total of 33 minutes and scored 35 points, higher than Iverson and second to Kobe’s 38 points.

They were all mid range shots and close to the paint shots, no three pointers were taken.

This was also a way for Chen Huan to hide his strength so it wasn’t known to people and let them take precaution against it.

Chen Huan only planned to play the playoffs once and get a championship, it would be best if he could keep it secret as long as possible.

At the end of the game, Howard especially wanted to change jerseys with Chen Huan and praised his performance today.

He even jokingly said that if he knew Chen Huan was coming, he wouldn’t have left the Lakers and waited to win a championship with Chen Huan.

Of course, those were just pleasantries.

The NBA didn’t just look at a single game but the performance of an entire season and in the career.

Many players were amazing at first before falling off.

Only superstars like Kobe, Iverson and Howard who always had consistent performance would leave their name in the NBA.

Howard was now in China and he knew how popular this China player was so it wouldn’t be embarrassing to say a few polite praises to Chen Huan.

He also took a group photo with Chen Huan and showed a bright smile as he wanted the Chinese to view him as Chen Huan’s friend.

Maybe he could still find a few more sponsorship contracts in China from the increasingly wealthy Chinese?

With injuries and decreasing athletics, Howard, at 29, started to think about his after career life.


Comrade Howard has fallen!

Three days later in Yuezhou, Chen Huan played his second pre-season game.

The opponent this time was the Golden State Warriors.

With the first game experience, Byron Scott directly put Kobe, Iverson and Chen Huan on the same lineup.

Kobe went to the small forward position.

Iverson was the shooting guard and Chen Huan the point guard.

This meant that the Lakers were playing small ball today.

It just happened that the Warriors used the small ball to smash away the Cavaliers and cut down Lebron James.

So the teams were a bit tit-for-tat.

In this game, Curry showed his great prowess and made 9 threes and scored more than 35 points.

Chen Huan still didn’t shoot a single three and took 18 mid-range shots to score 32 points.

In addition as the starting point guard, he also had 17 assists, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks.

Those stats were amazing as he helped the Lakers win their second preseason game 125:120.

Although this wasn’t an official game, the Warriors couldn’t achieve victory even after sending their main squad, which meant that the Lakers had improved quite a bit.

Speaking of which, the Warriors had it hard.

They just wanted to test the rookies while the veteran slowly gained match sharpness.

But the Lakers scored 28 points right out of the gate and led them with 12 points so they changed their plans and sent in their main squad.

Wouldn’t it be shameful for the NBA champion to lose that hard to a team that didn’t even make the playoff?

So the intensity of this game basically reached the level of an official game.

Because Chen Huan was dribbling too arrogantly in this game, Livingston who did the dirty work for the Golden States, did some sneaky move on him multiple times.

The result was he got his ankles broken by Chen Huan once and fell to the ground and he also wanted to give Chen Huan an elbow but Chen Huan beat him to it by elbowing him to the ground.

Livingston was unwilling to give up so tried to go in for a sneaky choke but got slapped lightning quick on the throat by Chen Huan and ended up kneeling while holding his throat.

Those three instances happened in an instance so people on the court didn’t see anything and neither did the audience.

Everyone only could see what happened when they watched the replay on the big screen above.

Kobe and Iverson, who were resting on the bench, were stunned by those replays.

Out of the two, Allen was quite nice but Kobe was a master of sneaky moves.

But Kobe’s ability purely came from experience after being bullied repeatedly.

It wasn’t like Chen Huan who acted like a veteran of hundreds of NBA games in his second pre-season game and taught Livingston a lesson.

Looking at Chen Huan’s moves, it resembled Bruce Bowen back at the Spurs.

But Chen Huan’s move wasn’t inherently dirty and didn’t try to provoke other people so it was much better than Bowen.

Seeing Chen Huan handles those sneaky moves so skillfully and harshly, both Kobe and Iverson felt at ease.

Many talented had their career ruined because of injuries.

Those sneaky moves were one of the reasons for their injuries.

Now Chen Huan knew how to avoid those, it would be a great plus to him playing.

In addition, Chen Huan also drank that magic soup just like them so his body was very strong. It would be no problem for him to play in a high intensity game!

Byron Scott felt like he ate calming pills.

Chen Huan’s performance was unexpectedly good in both games.

Compared to him, the 19 years old D’Angelo Russell, who was the second pick in the draft this year, was like a middle schooler that lost himself in the NBA court without a hint of high school experience at all.

Byron Scott didn’t understand how a player that didn’t have a hint of basketball experiences in the US could play like a player that had played for ten years in the league.

He stopped thinking about it since he couldn’t figure it out.

This was one of his players.

Then he felt complicated again.

The reason for that was the same for the general manager Kupchack.


Such a great and talented player was actually not playing the regular season!?

Wasn’t this too wasteful!?

It couldn’t be!

They had to try harder to persuade him and it wouldn’t matter even if they had to pay more!

Iverson’s condition was surprising but he was still 40 years old after all, who knew how many games he’ll be able to play in a season.

This was the same for Kobe.

Kobe was 37 years old and had been out early for two seasons.

If the two of them didn’t play well enough and didn’t make it to the playoffs, wouldn’t it be a waste of such a great player like Chen Huan?

If Chen Huan assisted them, he would be able to share the pressure so they should be at least able to go to the Western Conference Finals!

The Lakers would definitely become a joke if they didn’t make the playoffs this year as it would be three years consecutively!

As the head coach and the general manager respectively, one would be let go while the other would have a hard time!

After the match, Chen Huan three strike back was clipped and posted on the internet.

In one night, this video was viewed more than 70 million times at Shanhai Streaming.

Even ESPN from the US commented on this and showed the video.

“It’s hard to believe that a 17-year-old player who has never played in the NBA can handle so cleanly an veteran NBA player who has played more than 600 games. If you don’t look at his appearance, I feel like this is Bowen and the Bowen that liked to pick on others!” A famous pundit Van Gundy said.

“This young Chinese player reminds me of his teammate Allen Iverson. He is like the rookie Iverson, cutting down everyone in his path and fearless!” Hubie Brown praised.

Of course there were some critics.

The famous loudmouthed from TNT, Barkley, had always been against Jordan and he had heard that Jordan viewed Chen Huan highly so after watching Chen Huan’s two game, he said in his social media, “The players Jordan fancy has proven to be bust before! I believe Chen Huan is one too! When the NBA starts, the superstars will teach him what real basketball is! I’m not optimistic about him and he is doomed to be a bust!”

Because of that post, ten thousands of insults appeared on his social media comment section.

They were basically all Chinese or Asians.

They made an example out of him.

The superstars and celebrities in the US were considered to be quite restrained.

Basketball fans in China were the craziest!

They weren’t optimistic about Chen Huan’s NBA career at the beginning but now it turned around and it was even crazier.

“Sure enough, Big Yao and Big Zhi didn’t praise him wrongly! Chen Huan is really nutty!”

“I feel like I’m dreaming! This power, this shooting, leaping ability, this dribbling… are we sure that Chen Huan is Chinese?”

“Holy Shit! So nutty! I always felt like Big Yao was too soft and Yu Jianlian wasn’t aggressive enough! Now I’m seeing a tough guy! Chen Huan’s style, that’s my stuff!”

“Hahaha! Did I tell you guys that I’m in Los Angeles? So nice! I’ll be able to watch Chen Huan play at least 40 times per year now, so great! I used to be jealous of my Houston mates but now it’s the other way around!”

“HAhaha, how is it? How is it? Our Sister Xiaofeng is the best, is this bragging? It’s not! It turned out that our 6 billions Happy Fans Group were right from the beginning!”

“I’m not his fan but I’m a hardcore basketball fan! Not I’m joining the Happy Fans Group! Let’s go, Chen Huan! Strive to become the world’ champion!”

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