I Know Everything Chapter 345

Chapter 345: It’s so Lively.

The press conference hadn’t finished yet and the domestic media and media abroad were going wild.

Big Yao was the first one to post.

“Let’s go! I believe! The Prince of Basketball!”

Big Zhi, who had already retired, reposted this with a thumb up emoji.

The rest of basketball celebrities no matter whether they recognized Chen Huan or not, they were all supportive and encouraging in this situation.

But the people were different.

Especially the basketball fans as their attitudes were completely different.

“Is this a joke?! Are the Lakers stupid?! How is it possible for a 17 years old who hadn’t received a day of professional training join their team!?”

“It’s over for the Lakers! Kobe went crazy too!”

“Are our country’s players become a joke? This is so sad.”

“Uh… I’m a fan of Sister Xiaofeng’s music but even I have to say this thing is really unbelievable!”

“Tsk, the posters above are a bunch of idiots! Talking without knowing anything, you’re just people watching basketball! The Lakers are such a huge team with big name superstars like Kobe and Iverson, are they less knowledgeable than you guys!? Would they give Chen Huan a contract if he didn’t have the skills? In your dream!”

“I don’t care! Sister Xiaofeng is the best! Whoever dares to scold our Sister Xiaofeng will face the wrath of the 6 billion Happy Fans Group!”


It was the normal people that were making noise.

The domestic media showed restraint.

They were simple in their reporting and gave the lineup of the Lakers vs Rockets and added, “Our Country Chen Huan joined the Lakers” and didn’t say anything else.

It wasn’t because they liked Chen Huan.

But because of the other identity of Chen Huan as a great mathematician.

It was someone that got praised by People Daily and CCTV, what would those two bigwigs think if they showed disdain?

But they wouldn’t always stay silent.

Everything had to wait until the Lakers pre-season game was over before they would comment on it.

So the Lakers two game attracted even more attention.

Originally the most expensive tickets were the Lakers VS the Warriors in Yuezhou but the price of Lakers vs Rockets rose sharply now.

Don’t be confused. The tickets were already sold out.

It was all hype now and the scalpers also went crazy with their shady business as they added a 1 to their original 380 Yuan for a ticket and it kept rising.

The tickets on the first five rows directly rose and exceeded 10k Yuan. The starting price for the two rows right behind the Lakers’ bench was 50k and almost no ticket could be sold.

It meant they also needed contacts on top of money.

The atmosphere of the game was very heated.

“The appearance of a Chinese player in the Lakers team is a commercial hype or a newly discovered talent?”

“I think the NBA is a competitive sport and is not suited to make decisions based solely on business. Are there good basketball players in China? Yes! Big Yao is one of them but what about the other?”

“God… The Lakers can’t be all stupid, right? First Iverson, who is 40 years old and now a 17 years old Chinese boy!?”

“Everyone shouldn’t be worrying that much, it’s just the pre-season. After the pre-season, many people will resign the contracts so maybe this is just a short 10 days contract?”

“I also think too. The Lakers are already down bad, they can’t be ruining everything!”


This was only the first batch.

Their opinion quickly changed at nighttime.

“They interviewed MJ and proved that the young player named Chen Huan indeed went to Jordan training camp during summer and beat everyone in it! MJ admired him greatly and wanted to sign him but he refused!”

“Right! Chen Huan not only made a killing in Jordan training camp but also blasted everyone in the Lakers training camp! It’s just that he didn’t stay and returned to China! I believe Kobe and the Lakers’ top brass saw this and that was why they went to China to sign him, right?”

“According to insiders, Kobe and Iverson heavily praise Chen Huan and the three of them are actually good friends! Iverson privately said to his friends that if there’s a player similar to him who can surpass him in the NBA, it will be Chen Huan!”

“We interviewed eight players in the Jordan training camp and the Lakers training camp. They witnessed Chen Huan’s skills and according to their consensus, if Chen Huan could show 50% of the strength he showed in the training camp in the NBA, he would be a first tier player and he played at 100%, he would be the next Kobe, the next Iverson or the Next Lebron!”

“We’re forward to the Lakers’ signing this time! if it is really as those sources said, the Lakers will definitely be able raise a storm this time! Whether Chen Huan is a training game superstar or a real superstar, those pre-season games will tell us!”


Any of those noises couldn’t disturb Chen Huan’s mental state.

From the meeting two days ago to today, Chen Huan’s practice impressed the Lakers.

This kid had speed, strength, could take contact, could dribble, could pass, could dunk…except the fact he was too light and couldn’t hold against those big centers, he was perfect.

At least nobody in the Lakers could guard him.

Even Iverson and Kobe couldn’t do well in defense against Chen Huan who was 20 years their junior.

Byron Scott smiled even more but then frowned.

He was happy such a talented player joined the Lakers.

What was unfortunate was Chen Huan would only play in the playoffs even thought he was a superstars.


His skills were good, take it as him being too nutty!

Byron Scott also saw the rapid recovery of Kobe’s condition and spark of Iverson’s peak performances.

So he had no doubt they would make the playoffs.

Whenever he thought of the playoffs and how those teams would face against a terrifying opponent, he felt great and at ease.

What’s to be afraid of?

O’Neal already retired!

Howard is crippled!

Who else can stop Chen Huan!?

Of course, Byron didn’t plan to show off.

He was going to be lowkey, lowkey and lowkey again and wait until the playoffs to let his opponent suffer!

FYI, people in China doesn’t really like Lebron and straight up go over him sometime.

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