I Know Everything Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Number 54… Chen Huan!?

The Lakers VS Rockets would be playing the day after tomorrow at Huhai’s Stadium.

However, Chen Huan didn’t return to Lin’an and continued to train with his future teammates.

After the list of players came out, all the Chinese fans were confused.

The Lakers came with 20 players this time and some of them would leave after playing the pre-season due to being not good enough.

There would be more than 10 players that would have their fate decided but in the eyes of the Chinese fans, even those who would leave were all big names as they could easily slice the players in the CBA.

The fans saw the list of players and saw the profile of a Chinese player one day before the game, how couldn’t they be surprised?

No.54, Chen Huan, 17 years old, Chinese nationality.

What did that mean?

When did the Lakers get a Chinese player and it was someone they didn’t know?

Was he just Chinese?

But… this shouldn’t be!

If there was a Chinese in the Lakers, shouldn’t they rush to China to promote it?

The Chinese were very eager to see their own appear in the NBA court!

The Lakers liked to be at the center of attention and was a team with a huge market, they wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity!

Fact had proven that the fans in China were quite smart.

“This pinyin… isn’t it Sister Xiaofeng’s pinyin, Chen Huan?!”

“What a joke! How could Sister Xiaofeng go to play in the NBA!?”

“How can it be impossible? Don’t forget that Sister Xiaofeng is the famous basketball prince and he led his team to win the Zhejiang High School Basketball League!”

“Right, did none of you watch the video of Sister Xiaofeng? He played so well!”

“High school league students are just playing for fun and it doesn’t count at all! How is it possible for you to be admitted to the NBA just because you played well in high school? And it’s even the Lakers! It’s not like you’re a genius from the NCAA team!”

“I feel this isn’t the case too, Sister Xiaofeng was busy getting songs a few days ago, how could he have the time to go to the US?”


Some news suddenly came while the fans were discussing it fervently on the internet.

Big Yao posted a picture and a post.

It was a picture of Big Yao with Chen Huan in the Lakers’ jersey.

He wrote, “Thank god, he finally entered, China basketball has a successor!” 

This Weibo post was quickly flooded with basketball fans.

In five minutes, the post was reposted ten thousand times with countless comments.

Not mentioning those guys that kept blabbering nonsense on the internet, Byron Scott was asked about it two hours later during the press conference.

“Chen Huan? Oh, yes! He’s exactly your great mathematician and basketball prince!” Byron Scott, who learned more about Chen Huan, showed some of his US’s humor, “We all love him here, he’s definitely a basketball genius!”

“But why did the Lakers suddenly take him? Is it because he played well in China’s high school league?” A basketball reporter from Europe asked puzzledly, “I’ll be blunt, China high school leagues are like playing in the playground!”

This reporter was from Spain.

Spanish basketball…


He was qualified to give this judgment.

Byron Scott gave him a surprised look, “You don’t know about it? Oh, right, Chen Huan isn’t someone who likes to show off…the thing is that when Chen Huan went to the US in July this year, He participated in Michael’s training camp and even Michael wanted to sign him but he refused!”

“Michael?!” The Chinese reporter got excited and asked, “Could it be… Michael Jordan?”

“Of course it’s that Michael! You guys are only familiar with this one, right?” Byron laughed, “Chen Huan played multiple games in the training camp and Michael appreciates him greatly!”

“Then why didn’t he join Michael’s team but joined the Lakers instead?” A Chinese reporter asked foolishly.

“Because he wants to study.” Byron Scott said in a helpless manner, “Isn’t he a mathematician? Playing basketball will conflict with his studies so he is unwilling to go.”

( ╥ _ ╥ )

Please look at our expression.

Do you think we’re all idiots here?

A U.S. reporter asked indignantly, “This doesn’t make sense. Then why did he choose to join the Lakers?”

“Because the Lakers promised him that he wouldn’t have to play in the regular season and only have to play in the playoffs.” Kobe was the one to answer this time.

W( ° 〇°)W

Everyone made the same expression.

Aren’t you guys too willful?

Signing a player but agreeing that he will not play in the regular season and only in the playoffs?

What if your Lakers don’t make it to the playoffs?

Look at your team!

The old are very old and the young are very young. They were shit the season before last, they were shit last season and maybe they would fait this season too!

If they didn’t make it to the playoffs, wouldn’t this contract be given for nothing to Chen Huan?

The reporters immediately asked about it.

Iverson was someone rebellious to begin with so he felt irritated by their continuous “Attack”.

He directly said to the microphone, “With us three this year, the NBA championship is our goal! Do we still need you to worry about small things such as making into the playoffs?”


An uproar was heard below.

Everyone thought that Iverson was crazy.

You’re 40 years old and the oldest player in the team while Chen Huan was 17 years old, which also was the youngest in the team.

You guys are the spokesperson of old being old and young being young so don’t give such a big temper, alright?

If you fall after bragging so much, how are you going to get back from this?

But all the reporters were excited.

Because there were really too many revelations and was enough for them to write multiple articles as well as discuss for the whole season.

If the Lakers really didn’t even qualify for the playoffs as everyone thought, then Kobe and Iverson would get embarrassed until they were of old age!

Kobe was also someone who was often attacked by the media so by just looking at their smiles, he knew what they were thinking about.

So he added something, “You guys just wait and see! Tomorrow’s pre-season game, you’ll be able to see how good us trio would be, I hope you guys don’t get scared by it.”


Most of the reporters gave him the finger in their mind.

I’ll be a retard if I believed you!

We are just waiting for you to make a fool of yourself tomorrow!

Of course, there were reporters that were worried and hoped Kobe was right.

It was the reporters from China.

It would be fine if Chen Huan played and had a good performance.

But it’ll be a humiliation if Chen Huan performed poorly…

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