I Know Everything Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Excited Head Coach.

Chen Huan had already been training for an hour when they arrived.

It couldn’t be helped.

Kobe and Iverson put him on the hot pan and it would be bad if he didn’t put some effort into preparing as it would make his teammates, general manager and head coach disgruntled.

After all, Chen Huan was a man determined to win the championship and get his reward from the Good Lord.

Working harder was not a problem in order to get rewards.

The group of people came in and saw Chen Huan standing two steps outside the three points line and leisurely shooting three pointers.

There was also a big box half filled with basketballs with dozens of balls on the ground that showed Chen Huan’s wasn’t shooting just for a minute or two.




All echelon of the Lakers watched Chen Huan shoot the ball through the basket one by one.

And it was all net.

And none of them missed.

They all stared blankly.

They even forgot to put down the bags in their hands.

How did the Golden State Warriors win the championship last year?

In addition to Iguodala’s great performance, didn’t they rely on Curry’s three point shot to shoot James’ Cavaliers away?

Curry’s three pointers were exceptional during the regular season and made seven or eight of them as if he was playing around. It was one of the Warriors greatest weapons.

Chen Huan’s three pointers were like Curry’s!

Just think about it.

Kobe and Iverson were both capable shooters so if they were going inside while having a great outside shooter, which team would dare to give up the perimeters and clog the lanes to stop them?

Wasn’t that looking for death?

And if they paid too much attention in the perimeters, two of the ten best shooters in history would teach them a lesson.

“Hey, bro!”

Iverson saw that the people were shocked so smiled as he put down his bag and went to give Chen Huan a hug, “How’s your fitness?”

“You’ll know after playing a game.” Chen Huan instantly said after putting down the ball.


Kobe liked frank and confident people.

Byron Scott also nodded.

Although this Chinese young man was a bit short, his skills were quite good and he wasn’t soft, this was an important point.

In the NBA, those who didn’t have a bit of temper wouldn’t be able to make a mark as they would be bullied to death a long time ago.

“Then let’s play a 24 minutes training game.” Scott looked at the players beside him and said, “How about it? Can you guys do it?”

“No problem!”

The players all agreed.

Although their fly time was quite long, the NBA players experienced taking two flights in three days all the time.

That level of exhaustion was nothing at all for a 24 minute game.

“It doesn’t have to be so bothersome!” Kobe said, “Let’s have a 3vs3! Me, Allen and Chen Huan in the same team, you guys can take turns!”

“The three of you?” Byron Scott felt skeptical. How were they going to play without a center?

“Yes!” Kobe said, “Byron, didn’t you watch the finals? Iguodala led a small ball line-up to beat Lebron James! Let’s try it today.”

“Alright.” Byron thought for a bit and said, “Roy, Louis, Nick, the three of you go first!”

Roy Hibbert could be considered to be the number 2 of the previous team as he played center with a salary of 15 million per year.

The Lakers relied on him to play the center position after Howard left but it didn’t go that well.

Louis Williams was the best sixth man in the previous season and was slotted as the shooting guard.

Nick Young was a bit older but 30 years old wasn’t that old but he was the most experienced.

He was a guard/small forward that averaged 20-10 last season.

Except for Louis Williams that just joined, the other two were the main force after Kobe went down last season but they were still not good enough.

In contrast, Kobe’s side had 36 years old Kobe and 40 years old Allen with Chen Huan who was obviously younger than 20. The old were very old and the young were very young. They may not be necessarily better than the other three.

But in reality?

Except for the beginning, Chen Huan’s trio blew the opposite trio away.

Iverson was very fast and was almost as fast as when he was 30 years old.

But Chen Huan’s top speed was even faster than him.

The two attacked from the left and the right toward the baskets and their defenders couldn’t even stay in front of them so the two could easily get their baskets, it was done smoothly.

And if Hibbert came to stop them, they could just pass it to Kobe and they could get their basket.

Kobe and Iverson’s defense were very good in the past two years but they couldn’t contribute hugely on that side.

But Chen Huan was different as he did it all whether it was grabbing offensive or defensive rebounds, whether it was contesting shots, going in contacts or directly blocking the shots. Nick Young, who was already considered an NBA old man, was completely suppressed by him.

If Williams didn’t have the pick and roll with Hibbert, Chen Huan also could handle him alone.

Their offense was so fierce and their defense was also that strong.

In just 8 minutes, the score was already at 28:5.

At that point, Chen Huan hadn’t scored a three pointer yet.

When the opposite team changed their players, they also couldn’t stop them in the first half.

In the second half, Chen Huan basically didn’t score and just used various moves to blew by his defender before passing and feeding the two other superstars with easy shots.

During the second half, Byron talked with Kobe and changed it to five people defending while the three of them were on offense.

This was to greatly increase the difficulty for their offense.

At that time, Chen Huan readied his three pointers.

He shot 12 of them and made 7!

His field goal percentage was as high as 58%!

In an actual game when the trio faced against five defenders, Chen Huan could still have such a high FG%, which excited Byron.

Holy shit!

It was like the enhanced version of Curry!

In real competition with a center to help with the pick and roll as well as Kobe’s attacking, how useful Chen Huan’s three pointer would be?

They were going to the playoffs… no they were going to the finals!

Kobe really is fucking nutty, where did he find such as genius?

At that moment, Byron Scott no longer felt any doubt.

Those who were opposed to Chen Huan joining would become Byron’s mortal enemy!

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