I Know Everything Chapter 340

Chapter 340: I’m playing pre-season!?

With the arrival of October, Chen Huan suddenly felt freer.

He only had two important matters to do each day now. One was to discuss ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ with those professors and the other was to be a tutor.

‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ was getting clearer and clearer for the people with the support of ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’ pushed forward by Chen Huan.

Several mathematicians even excitedly stated in interviews that perhaps in the next two years, ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ would become ‘Chen Huan’s Theorem’.

Once ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ was proven, ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ would be only one step away.

Think about it.

How could mathematicians not be excited when the super mathematical theorem that had plagued mankind for hundreds of years was one or two steps away from being solved?

His tutoring was much simpler and easier compared discussing and writing emails in English to the mathematicians.

Mathematics was a subject that especially relied on logic.

But many people’s logic wasn’t particularly good. The students Chen Huan tutored were those types of people.

It was very difficult to improve their score from 130 points to 150 points.

But it wouldn’t be that hard to improve from 100 to 120.

There weren’t many key mathematical knowledge in middle school level.

Chen Huan focused on those key points and constantly dissected the questions to let them understand the thought process behind it before having them work on those processes.

There weren’t much else in high school, it was mostly solving questions.

Especially in the three subjects of math, physics and chemistry, they had to solve a lot of questions to familiarize themselves with it.

With Chen Huan’s explanation on those key knowledge, those students would more or less make some progress.

However, they naturally received much less tutoring compared to the six School Flowers in the second and third year.

Chen Huan was really attentive with them as he didn’t teach them all the same way but focused on each of their strengths and weaknesses to improve their math and English.

Di Xiaoling and Li Miao were able to constantly improve their lacking points by doing this so they were able to make a splash during the college entrance exam.

Oh, right.

Principal Zhu Xiaoxi gave Chen Huan the certificate of a temporary external tutoring teacher so he could take out money from the budget and give Chen Huan 20k Yuan each month as tutoring fee.

This amount wasn’t much but it could be considered as the rewards for applying what you had learned.

Just when Chen Huan thought he would wait until November to record the album, something unexpected happened.

“Hey, Chen Huan, how are you doing?” He received a call from Kobe.

“I’m good, what about you and Allen?” Chen Huan asked back.

“We can’t be better!” Kobe laughed happily, “Our team medical staff are all asking us constantly what secret stuff we took to recover this well! But didn’t say anything though!”

Chen Huan followed Kobe and Iverson’s news in the US.

Everyone could see the two’s conditions in China, not to mention that Shanhai Streaming broadcasted the entire games live.

After returning to the US, several NBA teams showed their interest in Iverson.

If Iverson was willing to play again, they would be willing to give him a one year contract of 3 million.

This wasn’t low for a veteran at the age of 40, even if he was Iverson.

But Iverson didn’t agree to any of their offers and instead rushed into the Lakers’ arms.

Whose words had the most value in the Lakers right now?

Was the three times NBA champion and head coach Byron Scott?

Their general manager Kupchak?

President Buss?

None of them!

Kobe was the one!

From the time when Senior Buss decided to send away the top ten superstars in NBA history Shaq and tried his best to placate Kobe was the time he became the most influential person in the Lakers.

That was why Kobe could still sign a two years 48.5 million contract even when he was 35 years old.

In truth, as long as he was willing, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to have a five years contract.

The Buss family wasn’t that rich but they were very willing to pay the luxury taxes and this was a key reason why the Lakers always attracted superstars.

So when Kobe told the Lakers he wanted to play with Iverson, Buss and Kupchak immediately agreed.

They gave Iverson the 5 million MLE, which was higher than the other team.

The set an uproar in the US’s media.

Iverson played well in those friendly games in China but China was far worse compared to the NBA’s games.

It was a bit reckless to give Iverson 5 million just because he did well in China.

“Maybe because Kobe and Iverson forged a great friendship in China so Kobe wanted to have Iverson for his retirement season? Anyways, Kobe is going to retire soon!”

This kind of thought was very widespread in the US.

But Kobe and Iverson ignored those and had been training extensively during summer, vowing to have a good season.

This was Kobe’s first call to Chen Huan after he went back.

Kobe wasn’t as outgoing as Iverson as he was usually reserved in other aspects of his life except basketball.

So while Iverson called Chen Huan seven or eight times, this was his first call.

Chen Huan was quite happy to receive his call as he said, “Then I wish you to have a great season!”

The Good Lord gave him a very difficult mission of helping Kobe and Iverson to realize their dream of winning the NBA championship.

Everything would be in vain if Kobe and Iverson couldn’t even make it into the playoffs.

Only when they made it to the last part of the competition that Chen Huan could help them win the championship together.

“Chen Huan, it’s like this.” Kobe was frank, “You know we’re coming to Huhai to play in the pre-season, right?”

“I’m aware.”

Chen Huan said.

The NBA often played their pre-season games overseas. The purpose was to attract more viewers to basketball and take a liking to the NBA.

The so called pre-season games were, as the name suggested, games played before the start of the official season. They were similar to football’s friendly games and weren’t counted in the results but it was a way for the play to get in shape.

In those pre-season games, the competitiveness was definitely not that intense but those skills displays and various duels were still very impressive so those overseas games were highly anticipated and the stadium was full.

China had been the main focus of the NBA’s commercial development for years so many pre-season games had been organized there.

For example, there were a total of three pre-season games in China this year.

They were the Lakers vs the Rockets in Huhai, the Lakers vs Warriors in Huajing and the Warriors vs the Rockets in Yuezhou.

A month ago, they started to prepare for the pre-season and among those games, the Lakers vs Warriors were the most sought after with the priciest ticket  shooting up to 20k Yuan.

Because there was Kobe and Iverson in the same team and they came to do their training camp during summer so their popularity was extremely high.

The other team was the current NBA’s champion as well as the regular season MVP Stephen Curry, who was recently the most popular superstars.

So when the two powers met, it was like a clash in full swing.

In contrast, the Rockets team was a bit weaker but they nearly had eight years of Big Yao in their team so in the eyes of the Chinese, they were half of a hometown team and they still had a very high popularity.

“We will come to China in a few days, are you ready?” Kobe asked.

Chen Huan: “!?”

“Prepare for what?” He said in a shocked tone, “To cheer for you?”

“Didn’t Allen tell you this?” Kobe said, “It just happens that with this pre-season, you can actually play a few games with us and get familiar with the game! So you don’t get unaccustomed when playoff times come.”

I’m playing pre-season!?

Chen Huan was a bit stunned.

It couldn’t be!

I clearly said that I would only play playoffs…


Kobe, you’re right. We can familiarize with the game in advance.

But you should’ve said it earlier so I can prepare!

We’re only three days from the announced pre-season date!

If any ordinary guys only started to prepare now, like hell they would play!

While he was ranting, Chen Huan remembered how ambiguous Allen was when he called him twice a few days ago.

No wonder Allen asked him if he wanted to play two more high intensity training games!

He was talking about this!

“How about it? Come!” Kobe urged him, “You also have to show your skills so I can better recommend you to them! Otherwise, you just randomly appear and play in the playoffs, who would be willing to give you any responsibility? It would be impossible even if you had the skills!”


What you said made a lot of sense…

Chen Huan slowly nodded.

The reason why Iverson got a 5 million contract wasn’t only because Kobe strongly pushed for it or because the Lakers saw his body conditions, but because they knew of Iverson’s fighting spirit.

Iverson would give his all as long as he was willing to play. He was a proven superstar after all.

The Lakers didn’t have to worry about their 5 million going to waste.

But Chen Huan was different.

He played a few games of NBA training camp at most.

Even if Jordan was in admiration of you and he trashed a lot of players, it wasn’t the NBA and even less a regular season game.

Numerous people were absolutely great in the training game but then got absolutely embarrassed in a real game.

This kind of thing happened quite often in the NBA.

So if he wanted to convince the Lakers he could help Kobe and Iverson during playoff times, he must show something to them.

This kind of preseason game with relatively high competition intensity and facing NBA players was the time for Chen Huan to prove himself.

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