I Know Everything Chapter 339

Chapter 339: After waking up.

Zhu Shengyu was obviously very unhappy when the bird in his hand flew away.

So he went to Wu Xinyan to ask him what happened.

Wu Xinyan showed the letter to him.

Zhe Shengyu wasn’t a very cultural person but he could feel the cultured aura from it.

Just by looking at this letter filled with intellectuality, he knew why Wu Xinyan sold it.

He was selling songs no matter who it was, right?

Wouldn’t it better to sell it to a cultured person that was similar to him?

Lu Xiaofeng was a learned man to begin with and wasn’t only good at writing songs but also a genius mathematician. The key point was he was only 17 years old!

Such a genius would be highly regarded anywhere.

But Lu Xiaofeng adopted such a humble attitude in order to buy a song, how could Wu Xinyan be unhappy about it and not give him face?

As for Zhu Shengyu’s song, he would write it later.

With just the letter Lu Xiaofeng wrote to him, he could brag about it for the rest of his life.

Look, the world’s best Lu Xiaofeng, he wrote me such a letter and addressed me like an elder brother in order to request a song, aren’t I, Wu Xinyan, nutty?

Somehow this news ended up on the net the next day.

Moreover, the content of the letter from Chen Huan was also posted.

There was a lot of discussion about it after seeing it.

“In this impetuous age when we meet in the morning and enter the hotel together in the evening, what I see from Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s letter is the vigor and elegance of our literati people. friends like this, I would like to have a hundred! Then at night, we would sing about the moon and talk about past and modern China’s affairs, how enjoyable would that be!” – One Meter, Weibo Celebrity that had 20 million followers.

“Our Sister Xiaofeng is so good! He could make people get excited by just writing a letter! I will always support you! I will definitely buy 100 copies of Comeback’s album!” – Chen Huan’s number one fan with 50 million followers on Weibo, I Like Mantis Shrimp.

“I’ve been thinking since last night, I thought before that it was impossible for me to possess Sister Xiaofeng’s talents in music, mathematics and basketball. But now that I’ve read the letter from Teacher Lu, I realized the gap between us was all around! Would the School Flowers back at my high school be mine if I was as cultured and brilliant as him? Pain!” – Lend Me Your Supercar, 12 million followers on Weibo.

Those ordinary netizens were even more straightforward.

“Kneeling! I suddenly feel that Sister Xiaofeng and I aren’t from the same world!”

“Mom, why didn’t you beat the shit out of me when I didn’t study ancient Chinese seriously back at junior high? I feel so much regret!”

“As a graduate with a master in Chinese, I don’t think Teacher Lu’s letter was that refined but to be able to show such elegance by just writing a letter, Teacher Lu’s talent in language is first-class!”

“Don’t be a salty poster upstairs! Even if you have a master, did you ever think of communicating with someone like that? Sister Xiaofeng’s free spirit and elegance couldn’t only be reflected in words!”

“Upstairs you’ve my support, you are very talented too!”

“No need to care about other people, just look at the reaction by the person receiving the letter! I heard that Teacher Wu asked people to frame the letter so he could brag about it in the future!”

“Yeah! Sister Xiaofeng won’t lose to anyone in terms of talent and status but in order to get a song for Uncle Shui, he was indeed too humble in his letter.”


The discussion was mostly positive.

Some time, experts in ancient Chinese language would give their insight in ancient Chinese and poetry but there was a lot of enthusiasm about it.

As for whether it could revive ancient poetry and couplets, it still had yet to be determined.

Chen Huan who got a lot of praise also got into trouble.

The people that wrote songs for him previously such as Wang Zhao, Shang Ya and Bao Song voice their ‘dissatisfaction’.

Is it because we are easy to talk to so you don’t give us calligraphy?

Come, come, come, a couplet for each person!

Chen Huan didn’t dare to agree.

His handwriting was considered ordinary and he barely managed to write a letter after studying for so much.

One had to have a good foundation in writing to be able to write couplets.

How could they do it without three to five years or even six to eight years in training?

He obviously wouldn’t show off his writing!

In fact, it was only Chen Huan that dealt with album’s matter these days.

Except Xiao Shuishui, who went to school joyously after learning Lei Daxuan woke up, the other three spent their time in the ward to accompany Lei Daxuan.

Lei Daxuan didn’t in fact awaken the first time but Ning Pingping cleverly pressed the replay button and looped ‘Tears in Heaven’ for him.

It wasn’t that surprising that TV had the function of live playback after 15 years.

Ning Pingping didn’t know how many times she replayed it but then she suddenly noticed Lei Daxuan’s fingers moving and couldn’t believe it but then saw Lei Daxuan’s eyelids twitch.

What happened next was commonly seen in TV series.

Lei Daxuan opened his eyes and Ning Pinping called the doctor to confirm he indeed regained consciousness before calling Shui Qingshan.

For vegetative states, it was hard to know what to do if he didn’t recover but once he recovered, it was easy to return to normalcy.

Lei Daxuan was in observation now and needed to slowly recuperate. Apart from not being able to speak much and not being able to get out of bed, his mind was very clear. He could express himself by smiling, nodding or shaking his head when Shui Qingshan talked.

In the past few days, he watched the previous episodes of the competition and shed a lot of tears.

Lei Daxuan didn’t his bros along with Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan would do this much for his sake.

Apart from holding their hands tightly, he didn’t know how else he could express himself at this moment.

But one thing Lei Daxuan insisted was to not accept the 10 million prize money.

Because he hadn’t contributed to it and he was also awake now so he didn’t need that living cost money.

Everyone disagreed.

Although Lei Daxuan was awake, his injuries were still severe.

To be blunt, he wouldn’t be able to do any heavy work in the future.

It was also the same for Ning Pinping who had severe spinal injury.

In other words, the couple wouldn’t be able to do any physical work for the second part of their life and could only do less straining work.

In this world, there was basically no easy work that could make a lot of money without putting in any efforts.

So Comeback wanted to give their family a safety net.

Chen Huan didn’t know how they persuaded Lei Daxuan as he accepted the money in the end.

But not the 10 million but the revenue from the album.

After Lei Daxuan got better, he would pick up the guitar again and play as a member of the band.

He could only accept everyone’s kindness in this way.

Shui Qingshan agreed to it and ignored that it would delay the release of the album for at least a month. Regarding Lei Daxuan’s condition, it would be great if they could start recording in November.

How trending ‘Godly Sing’er would be at that time? How many people would still buy the album?

Those were questions.

Chen Huan didn’t think too much about it.

Now that Lei Daxuan woke up, it would be enough if the album just made around a few millions.

For Comeback, making a lot of money was never a requirement.

After they agreed, the 10 million prize money was used to produce and advertise their album.

Several companies already contacted Comeback to buy their hard copies distribution rights.

But it was better to make it themselves as they would have a larger part of the profit.

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