I Know Everything Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Miracle!

The internet was the fastest way to express themselves.

Weibo was already bubbling with activity during the award ceremony.

The biggest thing that night was the final of ‘Godly Singer’.

Although everyone knew that it would definitely be Comeback that would win the championship, everyone wanted to know how they would do it and what kind of song they would perform.

‘Curved Moon’ was amazing and made people feel warm to the bone.

But the second song ‘Tears in Heaven’ was completely different and made people sad when hearing it. it was inconsistent with the atmosphere set at the beginning.

But Comeback just sang it like that.

With what was said by Shui Qingshan at the beginning and their expression during their performance, people started to wonder what was going on.

It was the great Weibo Blogger I’m The King of Karaoke that posted the most eye catching post.

“I knew there was something going on! What song did they sing during their qualifiers for the top 32? ‘For Everyone Who Knows My Name’! when they sang this song, Li Xinyi even cried  and I felt something was wrong at that time.”

“Then I recalled that there were 4 members in Chariots of Flame previously. In addition to three middle aged men, there should have been a guitarist named Lei Daxuan, whose spot was the one Little Sis Shui was occupying.”

“However, why did the other three members banded back together but not Lei Daxuan? Did their relationship break down so they didn’t want to play with Lei Daxuan? It was very unlikely! According to my source, they had always been very good friends and met every year!”

“I thought about it for a bit and wondered if something happened to Lei Daxuan? But as soon as I heard ‘Tears in Heaven’, all my doubts went away! Lei Daxuan must have encountered a tragedy, he either had very serious injury or a very serious condition! That is why everyone was so emotional!”

“I definitely didn’t mean to probe or stir anything and I never thought that Comeback would use this to gain more support, they completely don’t need to do that.”

“I just wished people would understand more about the background of ‘For Everyone Who Knows My Name’ and ‘Tears in Heaven’ and understand the creative process behind Teacher Lu, that’s all.”

This post by I’m The King of Karaoke was shared hundreds thousands of times in just under 30 minutes with numerous comments under it.

Of course, other well-known Weibo celebrities also posted something of their own.

“Shui Qingshan gained his fame for singing rock songs but after they came back under the name of Comeback, they sang soft rock, especially the last two songs during the final. It was unimaginable, two complete different genres he never did before but he performed it perfectly! He completely deserved his win in ‘Godly Singer’!”

“A song like ‘Tears in Heaven’ can only be written and sung by people filled with emotions! Ordinary people may not be able to understand it as easily but us in the music industry are already worshipping Teacher Lu’s greatness!”

“Being able to create such a deep emotional song like ‘Tears in Heaven’ and in English on top of that, Teacher Lu isn’t simply stunning and amazing anymore! He’s a genius!”

“I never thought that a person’s creativity could span in so many different types. ‘Curved Moon’ will definitely represent the folk songs and ‘Tears in Heaven’… I’ve been someone who likes western songs for twenty years and I feel like it’s perfect, at the level of those top western songs! Even better!”

“Comeback is so fortunate! No matter what sadness they feel in their heart, they can sing so many songs from Teacher Lu, they are as lucky as Grandpa Zhao Changshou!”

“After ‘Godly Singer’, would the price for Teacher Lu’s song increase again? In fact, the value generated from each of his songs is no less than ten million or even more. Even if he sold it for 5 million, there would still be people rushing to get one! At least I’m willing to buy it at this price since the singers under me needs it!”


While plenty of people commented, Comeback returned to the backstage restroom with the trophy.

Chen Huan was waiting for them there.

He watched them through the TV backstage and didn’t want to go out because of the crazy fans. Yuzhou TV originally planned to have Chen Huan make an appearance but he insisted on staying backstage so they could only relent.

With Chen Huan’s status, no company or TV stations would offend him as long as it was in the music industry.

As the band’s first big victory and probably their last one, Chen Huan obviously had to accompany them.


Shui Qingshan asked with eagerness as soon as he entered the room.

“No calls.” Chen Huan shook his head and his expression was also a bit sad.

The band left their phone in the room when they went to perform as they were worried that no one would be able to answer the phone.

Shui Qingshan asked about if they received a call from Ning Pingping.

There may have been good news if she called.

But no calls were made so obviously no good news.

Li Xinyi clenched his fists and sat down dejectedly.

Zhang Kun punched the wall with an expression of unwillingness.

It was Chen Huan’s idea to participate in ‘Godly Singer’ but they also agreed to try to wake up Lei Daxuan.

After all, all the normal ways failed so they could only try to see if an unorthodox way could work.

But the truth was that it was useless.

“It doesn’t matter!” Shui Qianyu comforted her father and two uncles, “We have now won the championship and our general goal is considered completed. Let’s tidy up and go back to Lin’an tomorrow before going to personally tell this great news to Uncle Xuan, maybe this will work?”

That was what she said and although everyone didn’t believe in miracles, they could nod their head since there was no other way.

“Okay.” Shui Qingshan took a look at the time and said, “Let’s leave, it’s almost 10:30 pm, let’s hurry back to the hotel to rest and fly home tomorrow.”

Most of their things were at the hotel and the things here were only things that could be taken on their body.

After picking up their things for a few minutes, everyone carried their cases and prepared to leave.

Although they won the championship as they wished and received 10 million, they still felt down and their steps were inevitably heavier.

Then a phone suddenly rang at that moment.

The muddle headed Shui Qingshan didn’t notice but Chen Huan heard it first.

“Uncle Shui, you’ve got a call!” Chen Huan stopped his steps.

Shui Qingshan was taken aback as he threw the things in his hands and fumbled to take out his phone.

He looked at the caller’s name.

It was Ning Pingping!!!

Shui Qingshan shook a little bit.

“Come one, dad!” Shui Qianyu leaned in with a hint of excitement as she said, “Aunty Ping called, something good must have happened!”

“Right, Brother Shan, hurry up!” Zhang Kun’s fat face also leaned in.

Li Xinyi didn’t say anything, his eyes were more eager than Zhang Kun’s.

Shui Qingshan took a deep breath and pressed the answer button with a trembling finger, “Sister-in-law…”

“Brother Shui! Brother Shui!” Ning Pingping yelled over the phone with a tearful, happy and hoarse voice, “Daxuan woke up, he woke up! He woke up!”


Shui Qingshan’s phone fell to the ground and cracked in half.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host finally achieved complete domination in ‘Godly Singer’ and although the host chose his songs randomly and without consistency and failed to obtain the best result, the benevolent system will still give out the rewards in accordance to the agreement.”

“Rewarding the host with 2 songs recall and 1 guzheng song recall.”

“Ding Dong!”

“With the unrelenting efforts of Comeback, Lei Daxuan finally miraculously regained consciousness and the system appreciated this kind of action very much.”

“Because of the host’s very little contribution, the system will bestow the host with mental spells.”

“Rewarding host with 1 ‘Truth Talisman’ and 2 ‘I Don’t Know why I’m Crying Talisman’.”

“The host received a great harvest this time due to his dogshit luck. The system hopes that the host continues to trigger more missions and receive more rewards.”



Chen Huan was overjoyed.

The miser Good Lord was actually willing to reward him twice for a total of six rewards!?

This was unprecedented!

He hadn’t thought about getting reward for Lei Daxuan waking up so it was unexpected.

Although he had plenty of spells in his hands and he didn’t know where to use them, who would complain having more treasure in their hands?

Not to mention that the rewards this time for ‘Godly Singer’ was three songs.

He gained one more song in total and had another guzheng song saved for Shui Qianyu, his gains were really good!

And one must not forget that Comeback would soon produce and release their album.

If it was comparable to ‘Life’s Only Love’, the reward he would receive shouldn’t be taken lightly.

But there was a little problem.

There were only six songs.

‘For Those Who Knows My Name’, ‘Ordinary Man’, ‘Fake Monk’, ‘Across the Ocean to See You’, ‘Curved Moon’ and ‘Tears in Heaven’.

Usually the appropriate amount for an album was 12 songs.

An album must at least have 10 songs just like in ‘Life’s Only Love’.

At least four more songs were required if a new album had to be made but Comeback didn’t have as much hype as Zhao Changshou so it was necessary to give two more songs to show more sincerity.

But it was unrealistic for the six songs to be written by Chen Huan.

They must get songs from other sources!

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