I Know Everything Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Undisputable!

After the song was done, Lu Zhen staggered to the podium.

After walking at the stage front, she clapped while saying, “Is everyone stunned? I was stunned too and wouldn’t be willing to wake up if the director didn’t wake me up.”

Lu Zhen was very pretty to begin with and everyone couldn’t help but laugh when she made such a witty remark.

Comeback was standing nearby and was ready to interact with her while the piano was being removed.

“Little Sis Shui, you play the piano so well. This sister had long wanted to ask, does Teacher Lu make you play it first when he writes a song?” Lu Zhen questioned Shui Qianyu first.

Shui Qianyu had already been in the Gala before so this little stage was nothing.

“Chen Huan writes songs by himself but will show it to me first.” Shui Qianyu said, “For example this song, he said that playing and singing it like that would have the best effect… Looking at everyone’s reactions, it seems that he was right!”

“It turned out to be arranged by Teacher Lu!” The music Teacher Yu repeatedly praised, “A pianist and a singer, this combination is simple and full of soft sentiments. Teacher Lu’s artistic conception of this song really reaches very deep!”


Compared to those complicated numbers of instruments, a simple piano was the best to bring out the characteristic of ‘Curved Moon’.

Some people in fact didn’t feel it and didn’t close their eyes to listen to the song but they watched Shui Qianyu and Shui Qingshan perform on the stage. The pair matched really well and it was very beautiful.

The few people talked and laughed, soon five minutes passed.

After being prompted by the director backstage, Lu Zhen finished up things here and said, “Alright, the voting had been updated, lets us see the results!”

With her call, everyone looked at the screen.

First place: 1.8 million votes for Comeback.

Second place: Liu Chengen with 630k votes.

Third place: Fang Xigao with 570k votes.

Fourth place: Zhou Xuan with 560k votes.

Everyone was stunned when they saw that.

But then immediately felt it was normal.

With the popularity of Comeback and the greatness of ‘Curved Moon’, the vote skyrocketed by 1 million in ten minutes, what was so weird about that?

It was said that Teacher Lu had 6 billion fans!

So what was a mere 1 million happy fans giving their votes?

However, not everyone admired it or was happy to see that number of votes.

The expression on Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen obviously changed.

This affected them when they performed their second song as their quality wasn’t as good.

It wasn’t that the quality of songs weren’t good as Zhou Xuan’s ‘Fancied Her’ and Liu Chengen’s ‘A Man’s Firework’ were both top level works and were quite catchy even if it wasn’t as good as ‘Curved Moon’.

However, their mood wasn’t there and that thought of never being able to catch up affected their performance.

On the contrary, Fang Xigao had sung with a relaxed mindset so he sang ‘Never Deep in Love’ beautifully and won thundering applause.

At that moment, Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen couldn’t hold it anymore as they winked at their assistants sneakily to do the things.

They also admitted their loss to Comeback today.

But if even Fang Xigao was in front of them, they would lose all of their faces, much less releasing an album.

Even if it cost them more money, they must win against him.

In fact, not many people cared about their embarrassing situation.

Everyone’s attention was on Comeback’s second performance.

Usually according to the competition precedent, the last to perform in each round had a big disadvantage.

Because they had the shortest voting time.

Basically, the voting time would end five or six minutes after the last song.

Everyone could still vote when someone was still singing a song but the last contestant couldn’t.

But this completely didn’t matter to Comeback.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that unless the three had a master like Teacher Lu writings two songs for them or unless Comeback made a huge mistake, it would be very unlikely that they would be able to surpass the king of popularity that was Comeback.

The performance of Comeback was very stable and the probability of them making a mistake was very small.

Besides, the fans didn’t care about whether they made mistakes or not as long as they liked it when they were voting.

They weren’t as thorough as the judges.

But ‘Godly Singer’ was ultimately geared for the audience as allowing more people to participate was an important reason for their increase in rating.

Back to the stage.

The three instrumentalists were ready. Shui Qingshan also took his guitar and Shui Qingshan didn’t stand like he usually did but sat on a high stool along with Shui Qianyu.

It seemed he would be singing while playing.

While looking at the audience that held their breath and eager to enjoy the visual and audio feast, Shui Qingshan’s face didn’t smile.

It wasn’t only him as Shui Qianyu, Li Xinyi and Zhang Kun all had a serious expression.

“This is a song I asked Little Huan to make, it’s for a friend of ours, a good brother…” Shui Qingshan said with a lowered tone, “However, Little Huan seemed to have made it a bit too sad… but regardless, we all sincerely wish and are eager to his speedy recovery!”

“It’s for you all, ‘Tears in Heaven’.”

(It’s from Eric Clapton and made in 1992)

After Shui Qingshan spoke, the details of the song appeared on the screen behind.

Song: Tears in Heaven.

Singers: Comeback.

Lyrics and composition: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.

Shui Qingshan gently plucked the guitar’s string together with Shui Qianyu sitting next to him. The rhythm of the father daughter duo was on the same line and very in sync.

Zhang Kun gently shook the sand hammers nearby and Li Xinyi’s bass also flowed along with the melody.

After a moment, Shui Qingshan started to sing with his slightly hoarse voice.

“Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? Would you be the same if I saw you in heaven?”

“I must be strong and carry on, ‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven.”

“Would you hold my hand If I saw you in heaven? Would you help me stand If I saw you in heaven?”

“I’ll find my way through night and day, ‘Cause I know I just can’t stay here in heaven.”

“Time can bring you down, Time can bend your knees, Time can break your heart, Have you begging please, begging please.”


“’Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven.”

This time, Comeback had already given the lyrics of the song to the ‘Godly Singer’ program team so they immediately put the lyrics on the screen in English and Chinese.

The song ‘Tear in Heaven’, just by hearing the name the people know that it was a song in remembrance of loved ones.

A lot of people listen to English songs but most obviously didn’t understand it.

However, the melody is universal.

From the beginning, the simple and sad melody along with the sad voice, it all made their way to the people’s heart.

The members of Comeback didn’t have a hint of a smile on their face and they were also filled with longing for their relatives when they were performing.

People thought that Comeback would use a passionate song to push themselves to the crown of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

But hearing what Shui Qingshan said and hearing this song, the people finally knew what the members of Comeback felt.

They obviously didn’t know that Shui Qingshan and the rest would go visit Lei Daxuan at the hospital whenever they were free.

Ning Pinping also said that she would turn up the volume every time they competed so Lei Daxuan could hear them sing.

But Lei Daxuan didn’t show any sign of waking up at all.

The doctors also warned them that the longer he didn’t wake up, the less likely he would do so.

They didn’t elaborate on the later statement but it was definitely not some good indication.

Shui Qingshan felt extremely depressed every time he thought that Lei Daxuan would spend his life unconscious on a hospital bed.

Shui Qingshan asked Chen Huan to write a song that matched their mood at that moment.

Shui Qingshan’s previous songs came from their own mission but this one came from Chen Huan’s own reserve.

Chen Huan chose ‘Tears in Heaven’ without hesitation.

This super classic by Clapton, the god of guitar, was very suitable for what mood Comeback was.

Although Clapton wrote this song for his close friend and son that passed away in an accident, it was slightly different since Lei Daxuan was still in this world but the feelings of despair and grief were exactly the same.

Those powerful melodies were unsuitable for this kind of feelings of grief and despair and Chinese songs were lacking to express this kind of pain.

So ‘Tears in Heaven’ was the best.

And it seemed the effect was as expected.

Many of the judges that listened to it with their eyes closed shed tears.

They all thought of the relative that left them and couldn’t help but feel sad.

The ordinary audience didn’t feel music as deep as that so it was a bit confusing.

They just looked at the Chinese and English lyrics on the screen while thinking this wasn’t the passionate song they thought but they felt it was pretty good.

Most of the viewers at home also had the same mindset.

But this didn’t prevent the fans from voting.

They didn’t care about that much.

They would give it because it was Sister Xiaofeng’ song!

They would give it because it was Little Sis Shui performing!

They would give it because it was Comeback performing it!

(′ ⊙ ω ⊙ ` ) !

Looking at the voting status again, the number of votes for Comeback already surpassed 5 million votes!

5 million votes?

Oh my god!

The second place was Zhou Xuan with 1.03 million votes.

Even if there was ten minutes before the voting closed, how could he catch up with a gap of 4 million?

The viewers all over the countries would definitely denounce it if he caught up as it was definitely brought!

If the championship was robbed just like that in such a big competition, no viewers would acknowledge it and ‘Godly Singer’ would always be dubbed as rigged competition and they would never be able to recover from it.

In fact, this situation never happened.

With Comeback’s popularity and the huge gap of more than 5.5 million votes, Comeback won the competition and was crowned champion of ‘Godly Singer’.

The 10 million in prize money had therefore fallen to their pocket!

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