I Know Everything Chapter 335

Chapter 335: There is painting in his poetry, and poetry in his painting.

Yuzhou TV sure did a lot of work for ‘Godly Singer’ final.

They didn’t hesitate to postpone the final for a week and not only the interest didn’t dwindle, people from all walk of life got hyped for it.

Needless to say, Comeback got a huge support from the internet.

Without mentioning their excellence performance, just the fact they were singing a song written by Teacher Lu would be enough to make Sister Xiaofeng’s 6 billion fans support them.

Moreover, Shui Qingshan and Shui Qianyu were characters in  ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ so they had many passing fans.

Nothing happened most of the time but they would definitely give their support after seeing them make into the finals.

The high popularity of Comeback actually hurt Phoenix Records and Yanhuang Music.

Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen were both singers in their thirties. If they didn’t give their all now, they would forever remain at this.

The two companies spent a lot of effort on the show in order to boost their artists up.

Now that there was Comeback who spoiled their plans, they had to double the effort so they didn’t get left in  the dust by Comeback and that the competition ended before it started.

One had to know that to be crowned the champion of ‘Godly Singer’ depended on the online voting.

10 Yuan per vote and one vote per phone eliminated most of the cheating.

Unless they were some super figure like Qi Yiwen from ten years ago who casually threw one or two billion to buy votes like it was nothing.

However, Qi Yiwen was 39 years old now and had since lost his reckless tendencies.

He was in charge of Yanhuang Film and he still liked to use money to slap people, Yanhuang Music wasn’t big enough for him to do so even though it was also under him.

With the a week times as a buffer, the two companies obviously fully gave their support to the two singers when it wasn’t time for a vote yet so they didn’t fall too far behind.

Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen were also unwilling to give up.

Even if they were facing the super popular Comeback that had the great God Lu Xiaofeng behind them, they would fight for their future.

They had been in the music industry for more than ten years and had many albums, commercial endorsement etc.. so they were very wealthy.

So while their companies worked hard, they also spent money to get some hype on them so they were also very popular and many people supported them on the surface.

Only Fang Xigao, the ballad singer, didn’t care about advertising as his promotion was handled by the program.

After all, he only had a monthly income of 30 to 50k Yuan so he didn’t have any money to do so.

But precisely because Fang Xigao was fighting alone and that he accumulated many fans in the past few years so those fans would automatically help promote him.

However, it couldn’t be compared to the three other contestants.

Amid such a gap in strength, the final of ‘Godly Singer’ started.

Fang Xigao performed first.

As the last contestant to enter the top 4, Fan Xigao wore a T-shirt and jeans, satisfying everyone’s image of him as a student singer.

He sang a song that he wrote himself called ‘Youth Dormitory’.

“Leaving the campus, I suddenly recalled my time at the dormitory…”

Those campus songs had a specific pattern as the feeling of up and down wasn’t enough since it also needed the beautiful feeling of school life so it should be gentle as if they were murmuring.

Fang Xigao played the guitar and sang like that.

Although the tune wasn’t very deep, the lyrics were beautiful and it reminded many people of their school days.

That was why Fang Xigao could receive appreciation from the people in their 20s.

That was why the 15 singles he released on the internet could bring him 30 to 50k a month.

After the song, the judges couldn’t help but clap along with the audience.

Today, they were like the audience as they didn’t have the right to vote so they would just enjoy the music.

They didn’t have to judge it and only appreciate it so they really didn’t have to think much and just had to sit and listen.

The voting started since the start of the show.

After Fang Xigao sang, the super host of ‘Godly Singer’ invited the fans to interact with the musicians.

This was also a must for the show otherwise the contestants would sing at most ten or so in total and the show would last less than 2 hours.

For the sake of high ratings and earning a lot of money, this kind of delay strategy was widely used in major variety shows.

Everyone shook their heads and smiled when they saw the voting status displayed on the screen.

First place: 750,000 votes for Comeback.

Second place: Zhou Xuan with 330,000 votes.

Third place: Fang Xigao with 270,000 votes.

Fourth place: Liu Chengen with 220,000 votes.

Fang Xigao just sang a song and should be at peak point of popularity but he inexpertly came third.

But the gap between him and Zhou Xuan wasn’t big just as the gap between him and Liu Chengen wasn’t.

However, the first place Comeback left them into the dust.

They obtained 750k votes before they even performed.

People wondered how much they would receive when they performed.

It was how it was.

When it was finally their turn to perform, the gap between them and the other contestants widened.

Comeback received 1.83 million votes while the second place was Liu Chengen with 560k votes and the third place was Fang Xigao with 530k votes.

Zhou Xuan, a veteran singer with 5 albums, fell to the last place with 510k votes.

This result made Zhou Xuan frown when he returned to the lounge.

With the current situation, it was impossible to catch up and overtake Comeback but being last place was really humiliating.

Thinking of this, Zhou Xuan, who was under watch by the camera in the room, winked at his assistant who left shortly after that.

Of course, everyone’s attention was focused on Comeback who was getting on stage.

The strange thing was that both the drummer Zhang Kun and the bassist Li Xinyi just sat on the bench and didn’t intend on following after them.

There was only a piano in the middle with Little Sis Shui sitting in front of it while wearing a black and white dress.

Among all the contestants, Shui Qianyu was obviously the person that got the most attention.

Children and young people liked and older people also liked her due to her participation in the Gala with ‘Laughter From the Sea’ so Little Sis Shui could be a magnet for all ages.

Shui Qingshan just leaned next to the piano as he held the microphone and said to everyone, “The first song we bring you today is called ‘Curved Moon’. I personally like it a lot and I hope everyone will also like it.”

He didn’t seem to be in a competition but acted like it was a regular performance.

The titles immediately appeared on the big screen behind.

Song: Curved Moon.

Singer: Comeback.

Lyricist: Lu Xiaofeng.

Compositor: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.

“In the distant night sky, there was a curved moon. There was the curved bridge under the curved moon.”

“There was a curved boat next to the small bridge. The crooked boat was passing and Ah Jiao from my childhood was there.”


Shui Qingshan closed his eyes and hummed softly as Shui Qianyu played the piano.

This kind of soft and soothing music along with the singing could make people know if it was good or bad by just listening.

The judges’ eyes lit up and their heads waved.

“Ah Jiaowas sailing the boat and sang the ancient song. The song floated by the wind to touch my face.”

“The tears on my face were like the curved river. The curved river was flowing and flowing into my heart.”


“Tsk, if this isn’t from a master, what is a master then?” The judge with a moustache exclaimed, “It’s really  a song that could soothe one’s heart and lung! The soft humming in the song is so wonderful!”

“The most beautiful painting was drawn by using simple lyrics, so beautiful~~” The female judge that wanted to bed Teacher Lu had an intoxicated expression on her face.

“Enough!” Teacher Yu closed his eyes and said, “Don’t talk, you should close your eyes to savor this type of song and enter the atmosphere of this song…”

I Like Mantis Shrimp didn’t speak and did as Teacher Yu said as she closed her eyes.

“My heart is full of sorrow, it isn’t because of that curved moon. It is because today’s village still sings the songs of the past.”

“Oh~~~~The moon of my hometown, your curved sadness penetrated my heart~~~~”


At that moment, it wasn’t only judges that closed their eyes to feel and listen to it.

Many people in the audience were immersed into Shui Qingshan’s singing.

Although his voice wasn’t strong and was slightly hoarse, people liked it when he sang like that.

In front of almost everyone, a curved moon, a curved river, a curved boat and a little girl standing in the shaking boat appeared.


Such a view was so beautiful that people were reluctant to speak.

Hearing Shui Qingshan sing it back from the beginning, everyone felt they hadn’t had enough of it and subconsciously expected him to sing it again.

It wasn’t until the piano stopped and Shui Qingshan stopped singing along one minute of silence before the applause was heard.


From a bit of clapping to a thunderous applause.

Tang Yuan, who was sitting at home watching the TV, also came back to his senses.

He slapped his thigh and said in a vexed tone, “Brother Kai!! This should have been my song!!! My Song!!”

Lan Kai, who was watching with him, couldn’t help but smile.

He was a golden producer so he obviously could hear it that this song would be even more sweet and beautiful if this song was sung with a powerful voice.

But nothing could be done.

Teacher Lu composed this song and completely didn’t contact Tang Yuan. He obviously took care of his own people first.

Tang Yuan was definitely regarded as Chen Huan’s good friend but he was still a bit inferior compared Chen Huan’s elder like Shui Qingshan.

Now he thought about it, Teacher Lu was really amazing.

This song combined classic style, folk style and pop style but it worked perfectly together without any conflict.

It was almost like a poem and also painting.

There is painting in his poetry, and poetry in his painting.

Absolutely amazing!

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