I Know Everything Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Breaking news.

After the start of school, Teacher Chen officially took the post.

He taught mathematics to 9 classes twice a week to increase everyone’s proficiency in math for the incoming college entrance exams.

As the people said, the methods used may vary, but the principle is the same. For mathematics, one didn’t have to worry under normal circumstances if they had a thorough grasp on the knowledge of math.

Even if the questions were changed by the teachers and they put difficult ones, you wouldn’t be the only one having a hard time so you could still make a gap.

What Chen Huan needed to do wasn’t to increase those good students’ score of 140 points to 148 points but to increase the score of ordinary students who could usually only score 100 and 110 points to 130 points.

This was called making up for their weakness so they could close the gap in points.

In the third year of high school, it was basically keep memorizing the materials and solve problems.

The students’ minds were already at the college entrance exams so they were more receptive.

Whether they could change their destiny depended on this year’s hard work so they would all try harder unless it was those people who already gave up and tried to make it worse.

So Chen Huan taught them math and didn’t try to make trouble at all as they stared at him as if they were afraid to miss anything.

No shit.

He was a grand mathematician that led his team to win in the IMO and also scored a perfect score so could such a genius be compared to them?

Who would play around with their own future?

A genius like that coming here to impart his knowledge and insight to then, it was something they couldn’t get even if they begged!

For this reason, Zhu Xiaoxi who was able to convince Chen Huan gained high prestige.

Chen Huan explained to all the students that there were 18 classes in one week.

Third year high school didn’t have many holidays as they would be in school on Saturday too so it was only on Sunday that they could take a break.

So Chen Huan only gave three classes per day on average.

But Chen Huan had more responsibility than just those.

Every evening during self-study time, as long as Chen Huan nothing else to do, he would be at school to tutor the six School Flowers.

Although Tang Manman and Gu Xue were only in their second years, they would benefit greatly if they attended the classes now.

After all, Chen Huan would go to a university next year and wouldn’t be able to help them even if he wanted to.

The six School Flowers were girls and girls were generally better in liberal arts so they chose liberal arts.

So Chen Huan didn’t only teach them math but also English since he was proficient in it.

With the level of ‘Advanced English (Intermediate)’, and Chen Huan wasn’t bragging but he could go teach English to the kids in America, so teaching Chinese kids would be easy like stretching a hand to grab something.


Why did the last bit sound weird?

( ︶ ω ︶ )

Giving special treatment was obviously more exclusive.

The six School Flowers stand out not only because of their appearance and family but they also weren’t stupid.

Although they didn’t understand many things Chen Huan said, they gradually made progress under Chen Huan’s patient tutoring.

After all, someone who was able to make progress during their second or third year would be more confident during the college entrance exams.

Those girls would have a full year of tutoring compared to Di Xiaoling and Li Miao so their progress was really something to look forward to.

Chen Huan didn’t just give them more lessons.

Studying nonstop without knowing how to take it easy wasn’t helpful toward learning.

For two hours, in addition to the normal tutoring, he also encouraged the girls to talk to him in English.

He would use grammar and vocabulary commonly used in the college entrance exams to get their used to it.

The amount of words known was very important for the English exam so practicing by speaking English often would improve their proficiency rapidly.

Of course, they weren’t only studying as they would also talk about the daily news and current events.

But today, he heard some unexpected news.

“Chen Huan, you know Zhang Yaya, right?” Long Yuqing asked him, “It’s a girl that had been dubbed Lin’an Junior High Twin Goddess along with the girl from your family.”

“I know her.”

Chen Huan recalled that little girl with an air of arrogance.

Although Zhang Yaya acted high and mighty, it wasn’t that annoying honestly.

Her confidence came from her own capability so it definitely wasn’t some false pretense.

“Her family’s business is having a hard time recently.” Long Yuqing said, “Because the rise of online, it became more and more difficult for physical shops to do business and even if her family’s business operated for twenty years and was pretty large, they couldn’t do it anymore now!”

“What’s the problem?” Chen Huan asked, “It is because the rent increased? Or the labor cost increase? Or they can’t keep up with all the types of services?”

“Rent is the largest expenditure and with the increase in cost of many things, so it became their main spending since most of their 37 supermarkets were leased.” Xu Qiao knew some about it, “The people also got more lazy and were unwilling to walk around the supermarket so the turnover has decreased sharply. When the business isn’t that good, the suppliers also get more and more strict. They won’t allow the three months delay in payment and basically wanted to get paid upfront so this is also a very important point.”

“It was estimated that Yongxing Supermarket may have their first loss in 20 years!” Long Yuqing continued, “A temporary loss was nothing but the problem was that everyone feels it was just the beginning. In the future it would become more and more difficult for physical supermarkets when online shopping gets even more developed.”

“Even if the Zhang family’s assets are as high as 30 billion Yuan, how many years can they last if they lose money every year?” Xu Qiao said, “So people have been discussing if they would stop the losses in time or whether they would close down most of their supermarket and keep the core ones, or expand into a new industry.”

“The impact of online shopping is very great~~~” Tang Manman also spoke up at this moment, “It isn’t to operate a physical shop nowadays and the Zhang family isn’t the first company to encounter difficulties. Thinking of all those big companies that declined one by one, it really makes people feel that nothing is impervious to time.”

The six School Flowers’ family had all two or three billion Yuan in assets and their family dealt in the real economy business. They accumulated the wealth they had after a dozen years.

However, their business was small compared to behemoths like the Zhang Family so the impact they received wasn’t big.

After all, no matter what era it was, it was impossible to have only online shops.

Didn’t the various products online come from the real economy?

It was impossible for them to produce their product and the real economy still was the one  supporting online commerce.

But after seeing Zhang Family, they started to worry about their own family’s business.

It wasn’t they were worried about becoming homeless in the future but they felt a sense of family responsibility.

The few of them chatted about trending social news as per Chen Huan requests but they were still young so they didn’t know how to deal with matters like that.

Chen Huan also didn’t take that matter seriously.

No matter how bad Zhang Family had it, they still owned several supermarket buildings so there was no rental cost for those at all.

In other words, even if they abandoned all those leased supermarkets, they could live a comfortable and rich lifestyle by relying on these commercial buildings to do their supermarket business and rent it.

A starving camel is still bigger than a horse.

That was the current Zhang Family!

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