I Know Everything Chapter 333

Chapter 333: All Ready.

The casting of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, who won the Gold Lion in Venice, attended various banquets everywhere the few days after they came back to China.

Zhu Mei couldn’t bear with that anymore and she didn’t like those lively events to begin with so she escaped after attending the most important one with Shanhai Streaming before escaping to Lin’an.

She brought her two assistants Shi Liyou and Ding Lun with her.

After such a long period of success, the two already built resistance toward those parties and wasn’t like before when they enjoyed being flattered.

On the contrary, coming to the small noodle shop and eating the not so delicious dishes cooked by Shui Qingshan while bragging to Chen Huan and Shui Qingshan, that made them happy.

“Little Huan, you really should go to Italy.” Shi Liyou drank his beer while happily saying, “The fans over there are very enthusiastic and many people asked if Teacher Chu were there, they were very disappointed when they heard you weren’t.”

“That’s right.” Ding Lun said filled with joy, “Those beautiful… cough, cough, cough… come, Little Huan, let me toast you!”

The reason for Ding Lun change was obviously the angry stare from Shui Qianyu.

Chen Huan just took a sip of his drink and didn’t say anything.

Unless it was an occasion he had to, he generally didn’t drink alcohol. His body was only 17 years old and it wasn’t good to drink it when too young.

“Ah Mei, after finishing with ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, do you plan to take some time off?” Shui Qingshan changed the subject.

“Yes, I’m going to rest for a while.” Zhu Mei said, “But it’s something that will happen half a year from now.”

She was right.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would next go to Busan International Film Festival in Korea and Tokyo Film Festival after that before coming back to China to release the movie.

Then they also had to participate in the Golden Globe and Oscar in February.

It shouldn’t be a problem for them to win the Golden Globe’s Best Film and the Oscar’s best Foreign Film.

Shanhai Streaming used their public relation’s funds to send this already good movie to the nominee positions.

Taking that into account, the film crew could only take a formal break after the Spring Festival.

Well, the film crew mentioned was just basically Zhu Mei and the staff along with the two protagonists.

As for the other supporting actors, they probably wouldn’t go to the US.

“I thought about it before, if I became famous, I would hang around TV all the time and would walk in the street every day so I’d be surrounded by the people.” Ding Lun said, “But now that I think about it, it really needed a lot of effort to gain it. For me, it’s a torture to go to these film festivals and banquets all the time instead of filming and touching the camera.”

Zhu Mei’s core staff was only a dozen people and it was the group of people Zhu Mei brought when Chen Huan first met her.

Small but complete.

Once a script was found, those dozens of people could quickly extend into a formal film crew and start shooting.

Zhu Mei’s previous works including ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ were all like this.

Speaking of which, Shanhai Streaming was very open handed with Zhu Mei as except a few people that specially came to settle the troubles for them, even the director of finance didn’t send a single guy to the crew and gave Zhu Mei all control.

At that time, many people in Shanhai Streaming grumbled and asked if such indulgence would affect the quality of the movie.

Zheng Rongrong in the end persisted in her own style.

Then Zhu Mei used the four heavy Golden Lion trophies to prove that Zheng Rongrong’s was right.

However, everyone felt tired in this next phase as they had to participate in evening parties and variety shows.

Fortunately, Zhu Mei had some leeway as except a few that she had to go such as with Huaxia TV or Shanhai Streaming, she wouldn’t be there most of the time.

However, Shi Liyou and Ding Lun, who were named as the assistant directors, had to attend those occasions for Zhu Mei. They drank so much these days that they even vomited.

That was why Ding Lun had those emotions.

Shui Qingshan laughed and said, “You are what people call those who don’t know how good they have, can you even think of being this successful before?”

“I really couldn’t imagine it.” Shi Liyou’s eyes shone brightly, “We made a movie but it hadn’t been released yet and the boss already gave us 5 million in pay and bonus. This was enough for me to buy a house and renovate it!… but this is still inferior compared with ‘Love Letter’! Little Huan is really our lucky star! If we only worked for the sake of barely getting by, we would already stop working!”

Because nobody invested in ‘Love Letter’, almost all the main people that worked in the movie such as the main cast and some key staff didn’t take a salary but instead got paid in dividend.

At that time, nobody thought about the dividend they would receive and just wanted to finish the movie, they couldn’t care about anything else.

Unexpectedly, their pure thoughts brought plenty of profit to everybody. Shi Liyou and the others got tens of millions in dividend, let alone Shui Qingshan and Zhu Mei that came out with gold and silver.

After the few people talked, Chen Huan finally asked about the person he was worried about.

“Aunty Mei, how is the little girl Yang Shu doing?”

Zhu Mei said with a smile, “Isn’t she preparing for school? It’s just that because of the movie, her mother didn’t dare to send her to a public school so she could only enroll her at a private school at Huajing. That place was filled with renowned people’s children so she won’t stand out like a panda there.”

Yang Shu was 7 years old and due to the delay when she filmed while she was in first grade, she wasn’t able to choose her public school.

But everything was different after she came back from Venice.

Have you ever seen a 7 years old Queen of Venice?

With such a big glory obtained, she would be stared at all day long if she went to study in the regular world. She wouldn’t be able to study in peace and even her life would be disturbed.

It just so happened that Shanhai Streaming gave Yang Shu a bonus of 10 million Yuan so her mother boldly found her a good private school and had her study there.

In fact, Yang Shu made much more than that since Shanhai Streaming actively tried to sign her into a long term contract as an artist under their label and with her statue as Queen of Venice and so much potential, how could they even discuss if there weren’t at least tens of millions in signing fees?

“But now we talk about it, she’s really stunning.” Zhu Mei had an expression of remembrance, “We were all worried this girl wouldn’t be able to get out of her role but she not only got out of it, she completely went back to her nonchalant and naïve personality. It makes me feel like there’s an adult soul hidden in her body, very weird.”

I also felt it too.

But that type of adult soul was different from this lord.

Yang Shu was a genius born with acting talent and wasn’t relying on her previous life’s memory to do it.

A kid like that would definitely keep the talent and definitely become a Heavenly Queen.


It seemed that they already got a Heavenly Queen.

And she got a Golden Lion from one of the three major European Film Festivals that was only second to the Oscars.

To make it short, Chen Huan felt very optimistic about her future.

If it wasn’t for Chen Huan not being willing to do business, he would have already signed the little girl under him as soon as the start of shooting ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

“I’m writing a new book and if it’s adapted to a movie, I want her to have the role of the protagonist’ daughter.” Chen Huan just frankly said to Zhu Mei.

“Haha.” Zhu Mei laughed, “I thought you weren’t going to say a word about it, so when it’s going to be done?”

“Probably not for a while.” Chen Huan had a ‘didn’t know how to laugh or cry’ expression as he said, “Qiantang Evening News keep crying and begging about extending the word count to 300k for the new book, it’s giving a huge headache!”

Shi Liyou nearby laughed, “They need to serialize it! Think how popular ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was, so think how eager they are about Teacher Chu’s new book! If it wasn’t because it’s impossible, they would ask you to serialize it for the rest of your life!”

Everyone understood it so they all laughed loudly.

But everyone also understood that Qiantang Evening News and even Zhejiang Newspaper Group behind it were Chen Huan’s best supporters and a relationship like that, it wasn’t easy to break it off.

Shui Qianyu also showed a smile at this moment.

Zhejiang Newspaper Group also published ‘Love Letter’ during summer vacation.

The sales had exceeded 1 million in two months’ time.

Chen Huan changed the ending according to what the both of them agreed before.

The male Fang Shu got swept up by an avalanche but didn’t die and instead was rescued by someone living on the mountain and lost his memory, two years have gone by like that.

When he regained his memory, his fiancée already married his good friend.

But he heard his fiancée talk about the exchanges of letters with a woman called Fang Shu. Hearing those bits and pieces, he finally remembered where his true love was so he returned to his hometown to find the female Fang Shu and be with her.

This happy ending was praised by numerous book and movie enthusiasts.

However, many people were also critical, saying that ‘tragedy was the way’ and ‘changing the ending changed the story’ among other things but Chu Liuxiang didn’t respond to them.

Only Shui Qianyu knew this ending was especially for her by Chen Huan.

The ending was written for her alone.

So how could she be in a bad mood?

Everyone chatted and ate while she was in her good mood.

Zhu Mei didn’t even ask about the new book’s name because she knew that Chen Huan would definitely give it to her if it suited her.

With the relationship between them, she had that much confidence.

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