I Know Everything Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Ready to launch.

‘Godly Singer’ program team was sure sleazy.

After the qualifiers for the top 4, they unexpectedly announced a week of rest.

Like that, the finals wouldn’t be held until early September.

‘Godly Singer’ felt some regret and thought why not extend the show further?

Just by relying on Comeback’s great popularity, extending it by one month with the average rating of 2.4% would definitely make Yuzhou TV a lot of bread.

Amid this years’ big variety show, ‘Godly Singer’ averaged more than 2% rating apart from the top 32 qualifiers and dominated the variety shows rating.

‘I Sing My Song’ didn’t have any flashy newcomers so their episodes this year were about 1%, which was quite shocking.

So Director Hua called Chen Huan and complained, saying that Comeback should have participated in their show.


You’re saying that the ‘Godly Singer’ winning bonus is 10 million?

We can also give you that sum later!

You said that ‘Godly Singer’ has greater influence and is more suitable to a singer at Shui Qingshan’s age?


Director Hua had nothing to say against that.

‘I Sing My Song’ was mainly made with young and newcomers and it wasn’t suitable for an established singer like Shui Qingshan to come.

After announcing the finals, Yuzhou TV quickly began a bidding war.

They sold the advertising spots separately on the next episodes of the show.

Of course, ‘Godly Singer’ wasn’t only Comeback.

There were a few good singers this year and they all entered the top 4.

For example, Fang Xigao, an independent singer with a popularity of 20 million followers at Weibo, started as a ballad singer in his second year in university and released his songs on the three big music websites.

The set price for a single was usually 1-2 yuan.

However, Fang Xigao was quite interesting.

He said he was a poor student that had no money so he would be happy if he could just earn enough to feed himself.

So he set the price at 1 cent for his single, which dumbfounded the music websites.

Fang Xigao was just some catchy songs at the beginning but it had developed since then and now it  had a very ancient style that was very comfortable to listen to.

Because he didn’t sign with any record company, he had to rely on himself to write the songs and upload them but he received many college student fans.

Fang Xigao had now graduated for more than a year now and had not only 20 million followers but had revenue of thirty or fifty of thousands from his songs downloads.

He was even very happy when he talked about this, saying that he could make songs like he wanted without any restriction.

As for why he came to the show, it was because he recently wrote a dozen songs so he came to challenge ‘Godly Singer’ to test his level.

The two other top 4 participants were called Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen.

Both of them were in their thirties and were serious singers with albums and such.

Zhou Xuan released 5 albums from Phoenix Record while Liu Chengen released 3.

The two weren’t first-tier singers but they were among the best on the second-tier.

If they were measured from economic value, they would get 300k if they did a commercial performance so they could easily earn money.

The two of them came to participate in ‘Godly Singer’ because they were about to release an album so they wanted to gain some hype.

The strength between the two wasn’t much different and they regarded only each other as opponents at the beginning.

The two major companies also secretly competed with each other in trying to attract the audience toward them so in that case, even if there was a difference between the champion and the runner-up, it wouldn’t be much.

If Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen became first rate singers because of the exposure from ‘Godly Singer’ and caught up with the small emperors, then all their efforts would be worth it.

It was a pity that they planned everything but didn’t expect that Comeback would suddenly participate in the competition.

You came out of nowhere and even brought Teacher Lu’s song over, it really made people feel despair.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that most of Teacher Lu’s songs were better than any songs from other songwriters.

Even if there was better work than Teacher Lu’s, it was impossible for it to appear on this stage and let them perform it.

In order to advance, Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen already used at least 5 songs from their new albums and this trend continued, they would release all their songs before the album was out.

Although there was nothing bad about the exposure, they were still reluctant to do that since it would affect future sales.

But after reaching this step and especially in the finals, they had to do it even if they didn’t want to.

Zhou Xuan and Liu Chengen could be considered lucky as there wasn’t much pressure on them.

The most stressed were Phoenix Record and Yanhuang Music.

If Comeback wasn’t there, they would be pretty safe even if they didn’t buy any votes.

It would be alright if the difference wasn’t too big but if the difference was big, they had to buy votes for honor’s sake even if it wasn’t to win.

They didn’t have a choice.

Otherwise people would say, “Uh, Zhou Xuan/Liu Chengen? It wasn’t that singer that was so far behind he couldn’t even see Comeback’s trail?”

How embarrassing would that be?

It could also be easily used by an opponent and they couldn’t retort against it either, it would be a real embarrassment!

Even if it was just to save face, it would be worth it.

But what if there wasn’t much difference with Comeback? Should they continue to buy votes?

Once they started to chase after, they couldn’t stop.

At that moment, it wouldn’t be just a question of ten million but thirty or maybe fifty million.

For a single singer, it was really not worth it to spend so much energy, manpower and money.

It would be fine if it was Su Mo, Tang Yuan or Zhu Shengyu.

After all, they could easily get those millions back in half a year with their ability to earn money.

So when the finals approached, it wasn’t the four contestants that were the most nervous but the top executive at Phoenix Record and Yanhuang Music.

During that period of time, those people held many meetings trying to form a strategy to adopt.

After all, time waiting for no one.

Godly Singer’s Program Team felt quite cheerful.

They negotiated with the advertisers on one side while releasing great clips of the top 4 contestants, which greatly roused the audience’s interests.

The netizens that supported those 4 candidates even talked intensively about it.

In general, Comeback held the advantage.

After all, with Shui Qingshan and Shui Qianyu there, how could Teacher Lu do nothing?

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