I Know Everything Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Huge Income.

Variety show?

While Chen Huan was excited, he also felt confused.

What was he going to do with a variety show?

Did a variety show still need to be a reward from the Good Lord?

For example, The Voice of China, China’s Got Talent, King of Mask Singer, Where Are We Going, Dad? Etc… he only needed to recall the general content for those variety shows to write a copy!

Did he still need for him to recall it?

Real funny!

But it didn’t matter.

It was a good thing to receive reward from the Good Lord.

He wasn’t so rich that he didn’t want those rewards anymore. He would take them no matter what it was!

It shouldn’t be forgotten that this was only the first step in the journey of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

After the Golden Lion, there was still Busan International Film Festivals, Tokyo International Film Festival and the Golden Globe and Oscar the next year.

The last two were uncertain but would Busan and Tokyo dare not give the reward to them?

It was a guaranteed win without hesitation!

The people all over the countries wouldn’t agree to it if they didn’t give it!

Thinking that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ could still bring him more benefits, Chen Huan thought that writing a book could really feed oneself for a lifetime.

Isn’t it?

For that reason, Chen Huan was looking for the results brought by his next book, ‘The Story of Hachiko’.

Even if it didn’t make as much as ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it should at least make half, right?

If that was the case, it would be easy for it to get seven or eight rewards.



While happy, Chen Huan started to read comments.

The comments on Weibo mentioned Shanhai Streaming but they mostly had the same thought.

They were bragging!

They were praising!

Don’t be stingy with the praise or you don’t deserve to read the book and watch the movie!

After all, the Golden Lion was one of the biggest rewards China could win and only the Golden Bear, Palme d’Or and the Golden Globe could compare.

As for the Oscar, it was a matter of luck.

“Thank you all for the support and recognition of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’! I want to thank all the 10 billion fans of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’”

“Look, I always say that in recent years, our commercial films got better but our artistic film has weakened, then this came! A Golden Lion Award! Only Lord Hao He has that in our country!”

“The most terrifying thing isn’t the Golden Lion or even the Best Actor going to the unknown Guo Hang, it’s the Best Actress! Yang Shu is only 7 years old and actually became the Queen of Venice!?”

“Seeing what you wrote, I really want to watch ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ now! I want to watch the movie, watch everyone’s performance, and also want to hug the cute little Yiyuan!!”

“Director Zhu Mei was wronged! If the organizing committee didn’t try to balance things out, why didn’t they give her the Best Director Award? The best movie was made by her, the best actor and actress was also made by her but such a director actually lost to a Venezuelan Director, isn’t that weird?”

“That’s right! When that was announced, all of us who watched went crazy and started to scold! It was really all over the place!”

“Hehe, the next two film festivals saw this and know who would dare to not give her the Best Director?”

“Director Zhu was indispensable but Teacher Chu is the real genius. Without him, where would the book to make this movie be?”

“Right, right, and the best screenwriter was given to Teacher Chu! It’s a pity he didn’t make an appearance!”

“Yeah, but didn’t Qiantang Evening News let out the news two days ago? It seems that Teacher Chu’s second book is mostly written and it would be serialized soon.”

“Hahahaha, I have to say as someone from Lin’an, I’m blessed and feel proud! I can follow Teacher Chu’s work every day!”

“I want to say something, you really don’t know what you shouldn’t say! Can you understand the feeling of someone living in a remote place? The fucking express delivery takes five days to arrive! Do I have to airlift the newspaper or something!?”


Comments like that were everywhere.

Even the evening news aired the award winning video of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and let everyone in the country know that there was another movie from their country that gained great popularity overseas.

Although Zhu Mei and the casting received a lot of admiration and respect, Yang Shu became the nation’s cute daughter and the phone in her house exploded with calls from advertisers but it was the behind the scene Shanhai Streaming that profited the most.

It was how it was.

Shanhai Streaming really went crazy with their advertisements this time.

Their overwhelming promotion could be seen all over the world.

The positive publicity effect was even better when it was with a good movie like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Then more and more people learned that it was Shanhai Streaming, an emerging internet company, that produced and distributed ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

So far, their viewers from other Asian countries have been steadily increasing.

On the day of the award ceremony and for the first time in his history, Shanhai Streaming surpassed Youyi and became the number one video streaming website in Asia.

Although it was only for a moment and it was less than half a day, this was enough to spook Youyi.

It would be right to assume that more people would know about Shanhai Streaming and that their users would increase after ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ won more awards in the Korean and Japan film festivals.

This put a lot of pressure on Youyi that wanted to further develop.

But on the other hand, it was great news for Shanhai Streaming.

The princess previously spent 200 million Yuan to promote ‘Love Letter’ and some people in Shanhai Streaming grumbled about it in private.

She was even more generous this time with ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ so many people and even some shareholders expressed their concern in private.

But they had nothing to say after seeing the amazing results and could only give their deepest admiration.

Even without the tens of millions users increase, winning awards alone was enough to make Shanhai Streaming feel proud.

The new Golden Lion winner!

The Best Actors and Actress!

There was also the Best Screenplay!

It was four rewards in total, even Hao He wasn’t that impressive back then!

The people in Shanhai Streaming could proudly say that their company was the only one in China movie industry to be able to do that!

With the awards and the increase in the users, the valuation of Shanhai Streaming increased again.

Anyone with discerning eyes knew if Shining Technology didn’t come up with a plan, Shanhai Streaming would completely surpass them in one or two years.

The main business of Shining Technology was Youyi.

And their value was 120 billion USD so how much Shanhai Streaming would be worth if they surpassed them?

Thinking about Shanhai Streaming getting bigger and increasing value, whether it was their shareholders or employees, they couldn’t help but get excited.

Everyone admired the princess who brought them this.

Including Zheng Qian, who always felt reluctant for her daughter to open a video streaming company, he did something rare by asking her to come home for a dinner to explain Shanhai Streaming development.


While mentioning that, it wasn’t Shanhai Streaming and the princess that benefitted the most.

33% of the shares were at the hand of the princess and she was indeed the largest sharesholder but she was working at the company all day long, how tiring was that?

Zheng Qian was the second largest shareholder with 12% and also owned 30% of the shares via Shanhai Group, this was what truly called making money while chilling!

Once Shanhai Streaming initiated their capital increase process or prepared to go public, the assets of the richest man in China would soar again!

When people reached the level of Zheng Qian, money would just be a number to him.

Even if Zheng Qian didn’t have any money tomorrow, he could casually ask billions of funds from his friends and make a comeback by relying on the people under him.

So even if his eldest daughter’s Shanhai Streaming could increase his assets by tens of billions, Zheng Qian wouldn’t be that happy about it.

But he was very happy that his daughter Zheng Rongrong was able to make such a great achievement in such a volatile business.

Zheng Qian couldn’t help but start having that idea when he thought of his daughter’s authority in the company, her leadership with those employees, her great achievements now and how Shanhai Streaming would become the tenth largest private company in China.

It was a thought that was suppressed for a long time.

Perhaps, handing Shanhai Group to her daughter was the best choice?

Although his sons’ work in Shanhai Group weren’t bad, they were at best masters at keeping things steady and didn’t have any eagerness to progress at all.

Only his daughter, known as the princess, was a very sharp knife that could cut through all the obstacles in front of her to achieve her goal.

However, Zheng Qian still didn’t mention this thought.

He wasn’t that old yet and could still work for ten more years so he could take his time and slowly watch his children.

Furthermore, although his sons weren’t top talents, they didn’t have many faults and it wouldn’t be good to rashly cut out their inheritance.

After all in China, no matter how much you like your daughter, the sons were always the first to inherit the family business.

Even Zheng Qian couldn’t avoid the ugliness of it in this regard.

The princess didn’t know that her father had such thoughts.

If she knew, she would tell him, “I’ll get what I want, I’ll never rely on charity!”

The princess was that confident!

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