I Know Everything Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Golden Lion.

Entering the beginning of September, far away in Venice, Italy, one of the three most prestigious film festivals in Europe entered into the final phase, the award ceremony.

The Venice Film Festival had always an awkward place among the three major film festivals.

Especially in the new century as Venice Film Festival became more and more conservative as there must be an Italian work or actor in almost every major award, which aroused the dissatisfaction of many filmmakers.

Looking at how open-minded Cannes was as the more novel they were, the more love they garnered. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t a French work.

Berlin Film Festival was the same and it was even inclined toward oriental films, which made the growing oriental films pay more intention toward them.

So Venice Film Festival made many changes in the past two years in order to stop its decline.

For example, they had greatly increased their advertisement, hired more international judges and introduced the audience to participate in the selection process.

Particularly this time.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was a book that attracted worldwide attention. It had sold more than 50 million copies globally and had many fans in Italy.

Seeing the movie adaptation of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ participating in the film festival, the organizing committee took this opportunity to use this brand for publicity.

But inevitably, as the host, the opening movie spot was still snatched by the Italian movie ‘For You’.

This caused the dissatisfaction of many movie enthusiasts.

After Shanhai Streaming launched overwhelming advertisements all over Venice, even Italy’s movie fans felt a bit embarrassed, let alone the tourists from abroad.

The most impressive things came after watching the movie.

From the 130 seats cinema for them to the 500 seats and 3 rooms for them on the third day, to the five rooms with 700 seats on the day before the rewards were given with every session filled with people and needing to queue for two hours to watch it.

With so many people in line, they would watch groups of people come out of the room in tears and experience it themselves later.

“Touching! Touching! Touching!”

“I want to applaud the writers, actors and director! They are all the best!”

“Although they were a bunch of orientals, I still watched it earnestly and it touched me without any doubt! I cried along with my boyfriend! He usually never cries!”

“I was a fan of Teacher Chu to begin with and bought two copy of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7′. This adaptation didn’t disappoint me! Great watch! Tear jerker!”

“These are bad writers! Bad actors! Bad director! It made me cry and laugh, just like someone crazy!”

“I queued for three days in a row, watched it three times, I still want to watch it again! What I want to say is just release it! I won’t only just go watch it but also buy the CD!”


The professionals also gave very, very high reviews.

“This is a group of great people! Although I can find some shortcomings in the lightwork, the setting and even the shooting structure, but in general, you wouldn’t pay attention to those points at all when watching and instead would be touched by the story and characters in the movie! This the first movie that brought  me to tears this year.” – A German film critic, Schwein.

“Haha, as a French movie enthusiast, I knew that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would be great but I still went to watch ‘For You’ first because I felt I wouldn’t be able to watch the Italian movie if I went to watch ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ first, turned out I was right. I don’t want to smear ‘For You’ but ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ is definitely the top movie! I love everyone in the casting!” –Pierre, a famous French film critic.

“The director’s style is very different from our British movies. She pays a lot more attention to details and after giving people some laughs and hope during the tough times, she ended up giving people a sad and hard to accept end. Overall, this is a tragedy but I couldn’t help but go buy the book after watching the movie. I couldn’t sleep for a few nights after reading it, I could see the characters the moment I closed my eyes, perhaps this the charm of the movie!”—British director John Nottingham.

“Oh, God! God! How can the writers and director be so cruel? It’s impossible for our Italian movies to do this! But the most people who queued were Italians! As a director, I was very dazed after watching the movie and couldn’t help but think about human nature. I also loved that little girl! Right, I  couldn’t but give her a hug after watching the movie even though this made many women roll their eyes at me! But otherwise, I couldn’t know how to express my love for her and this movie!” – Famous Italian Director Dino Tali.

“I think we Americans will like this movie too! Especially after I learned it would make its appearance in the Golden Globe and the Oscars, I’m even more excited! Because it will definitely get its due glory! This is a movie treasure for the whole world! Thank you people from China, you’ve created a classic!” – Tom Raymond, General Manager of the European Department of Paramount Pictures.


The overall audience rating was still at 9.8 and didn’t drop at all.

While the media rated it at 8.5 and with their usually harsh attitude toward art movies, this score was already very high.

The media gave 7.7 to Hao He’s movie that won the Golden Lion Award at Venice Film Festival.

It was so touching, it was so popular, if Venice Film Festival didn’t want to trash their reputation, they naturally knew what to do.

The award ceremony was beautifully lit and filled with people.

And the casting of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was the one who attracted the most attention.

In order for them to appear in front of the media and people around the world in their best appearance, Shanhai Streaming hired professional makeup artists to do their makeup and prepare clothes as well as jewelries for them. They were indeed dazzling after everything was applied.

The local audiences’, Japanese and Korean’s audience had all their eyes lit up.

That’s right.

It was a live broadcast by Shanhai Streaming.

It was said to be a global live broadcast but it was mostly in Asian and specifically the countries around China.

Shanhai Streaming had made visible progress.

At least the number of viewers of Shanhai Streaming from Japan and Korea increased significantly and even reached 20 million at the peak tonight!

How many people were there in Korea and Japan?

Added together was just around 200 million, one in ten came to watch the ceremony with the casting of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, how exaggerated was that number?

After Shanhai Streaming told everyone about this via their official Weibo account, Shining Technology almost peed in their pants!

What the fuck!

They would surpass them at this rhythm!

The three richest countries in Asia, one was China and the other two was Japan and Korea, the latter two had 200 million people added together so what kind of big market was that?

Once Shanhai Streaming gained a foothold there, how could their Youyi move anything?

The distress of Shining Technology apart, the beautiful hostess of Shanhai Streaming there took the opportunity to interview Zhu Mei before the ceremony began.

“Director Zhu, we all know that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ is the most popular movie in this edition of Venice Film Festival, what are your thoughts as the director?” The hostess loudly asked amidst the noisy surrounding.

“I’m very happy and I want to thank everyone for their support.” Zhu Mei calmly said.

The results weren’t announced yet so they couldn’t be acting arrogant.

Otherwise how could they get it back if the Italian displeased?

The hostess didn’t care about that as she was already hyped up and asked a lot of questions excitedly, which was to the satisfaction of the audience behind their screens.

The real time translation of Shanhai Streaming was really good and live was delayed by one minute to Japan and Korea so the subtitles were a very impressive thing.

At the end, the hostess asked one more big question.

“Director Zhu, would Teacher Chu come?” The hostess asked, “It is rumored that he is very, very likely to win the Best Screenwriter!”

She looked around as she looked around in hope to spot the legendary person.

As long as Chu Liuxiang showed up tonight, Shanhai Streaming would be nutty as fuck. They would break the viewership count of Shining Technology in a minute.

The viewers also held on their breath and hoped for a positive answer.

Sadly, Zhu Mei said with a small smile, “Him? He should be sleeping right now, it’s almost 2 am in China.”

The hostess couldn’t help but feel disappointed, “He’s really care-free! This is a Golden Lion!”

“To him, this is just a single of his work and is nothing particularly important.” Zhu Mei laughed and said, “Moreover, he has a job in China and can’t spare time.”

“Is that so~~~~” The hostess was very disappointed.

She wasn’t a fan of Chu Liuxiang but she still paid a lot of attention toward such a mysterious and talented writer.

If she could get some contact with him and interview him, it would help her career.

Zhu Mei also learned of Chen Huan being forced to tutor the students.

Of course, the main reason Chen Huan didn’t come was he didn’t want to be bothered.

He had already plenty of limelight on him already and he didn’t need more attention.

It was how it was.

He still wasn’t completely awake when he suddenly received a call at 3am.

He only heard a burst of cheers and loud noises with Zhu Mei loudly exclaiming, “Teacher Chu! We won the prize! We won the prize!”

He didn’t hear clearly what Zhu Mei said until the next day where he got up and read the news on his phone. It was only then he learned what ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ received in Venice.

72nd Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award (Best Picture): Miracle in Cell No.7

Best Screenplay Award: Chu Liuxiang (Miracle in Cell No.7)

Best Actor Award: Guo Hang (Miracle in Cell No.7)

Best Actress Award: Yang Shu (Miracle in Cell No.7)

People’s Choice: Miracle in Cell No.7

Critics’ Choice: Miracle in Cell No.7

Except for the Best Director Award, which was the Silver Lion, which was not given to Zhu Mei, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ almost pocketed all the rewards!

“Ding Dong!”

“The host already took the first step for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ to be known all over the world, the great system decided to give out a small reward.”

“Rewarding the host with a detailed recall of a variety show, the system hope that the host continues persist and get more rewards!”

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