I Know Everything Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Teacher Chen.

Chen Huan had several identities.

One was Chu Liuxiang who wrote books.

The other was Lu Xiaofeng who wrote songs and other entertainment ideas.

There was also Chen Huan the great mathematician and Chen Huan the basketball prince.

But as school was about to start, he had another identity.

Year 3 tutoring class Teacher Chen.

That’s right.

Starting from March this year and for nearly three months, he gave two School Flowers Li Miao and Di Xiaoling tutoring lessons. It was mainly math and English and the two of them scored 638 points and 655 points in the college entrance exams in the end, which caused a sensation in the school.

Now that the two girls were admitted into the schools they wanted, Chen Huan who still remained at school obviously received great attention.

During summer vacation, Zhu Xiaoxi actively contacted Chen Huan several times in hope that he could tutor the third year on these two subjects.

He didn’t ask much, only one class of English and math to them on average every week.

Chen Huan immediately refused.

That stinky old man was too evil and dared to deceive this grand mathematician like I didn’t know how to count!?

There were currently 9 classes in year 3 and he would have to give 18 classes per week if it was 2 classes!

Under normal circumstances, which teacher had 18 classes in one week?

Moreover, he was still a student and still had to take the college entrance exams.

But Zhu Xiaoxi didn’t give up as he clearly knew how could someone like Chen Huan take the college entrance exams?

No to mention the world class proposition of ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’, with just the fact that he led the Chinese Team to win IMO with a perfect score of 42 points would let him walk into any math department of any university.

Even if he started playing around from now, his mathematical attainment was already higher than a university lecturer.

So it didn’t matter whether Chen Huan attended class or not this year.

But Virtuous Middle School was different.

If Chen Huan could tutor everyone, he wouldn’t dare claim that Chen Huan would be able to improve their results by 50 to 60 points like with the two School Flowers but it would be a huge help if he improved each subject by ten or five points!

On the hard path of the college entrance exam, one single point could eliminate thousands of people, let alone 10 or 20 points, this wasn’t a joke!

Zhu Xiaoxi’s ambition wasn’t that big as Virtuous Middle School would already be very impressive if 60% of their students could get into first-tier universities.

Except the three most prestigious high schools in Lin’an, many top schools in Zhejiang had a very high rate of getting into first-tier University in a few key classes. On the whole, 60% was enough to be ranked among the first-class schools.

Zhu Xiaoxi felt that his wish for the school to become a first-class school from a second-class wasn’t too much, right?

Zhu Xiaoxi didn’t give up even if he was refused multiple times.

“Student Chen!” Zhu Xiaoxi tried to reason with him and touch his emotion, “Look, you’ve been in this high school for two years and the school has treated you well, right? For example, the big fight when you just started school, many students clamored to punish you, didn’t I, the principal, shouldered the pressure and let you scot free?”

Chen Huan looked at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Honestly, it wasn’t because he was unwilling to but because the School Flowers’ family influence were greater than those who were beaten so the matter was suppressed.

Zhu Xiaoxi continued, “You see, Virtuous Middle School is also your alma mater and the current year 3 students are also your classmates, everyone should feel some camaraderie, right? Just help them out, if they achieve something in the future, wouldn’t it be also due to your contribution? They would be grateful for you for the rest of their life!”

After a pause, he spoke again, “As you know Student Chen, I’ve taken over as the principal of Virtuous Middle School for more than ten years and I’ve always wanted to improve the school! Luckily you appeared out of nowhere and brought change to the school as well as a lot of attention!”

“But this isn’t enough! To make a school better and stronger, there must be a large number of students having great results! The college entrance exams are a cornerstone and it’s nine months away! I know how good you are and I believe you can help them, right?”

“Ding Dong!”

“The system is aware of the hope of Principal Zhu and the students of Virtuous Middle School to increase their score in the college entrance exams, if the host can send those second or third rate students into renowned school, it would be a sensational miracle!”

“Therefore, the system will specially issue a mission. If the host can greatly improve the students’ overall scores and depending how their final results on the college entrance exams, the system will give out the more rewards, the more people whose score improved.”

Chen Huan thought that everything went as he expected after hearing the Good Lord’s voice.

He knew that the Good Lord liked creating miracles and a system that wanted the attention of the entire society certainly wouldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Chen Huan no longer had to be reserved now that the mission was issued.

Just like Zhu Xiaoxi thought, Chen Huan didn’t need to attend classes and prepare for the college entrance exams during his last year of high school.

But he usually had to go to school during class times so it was okay to use that time to tutor the students.

He already decided to tutor the remaining 6 School Flowers anyway but it would make them outliers among students, which wasn’t something good.

However, some conditions still needed to be given.

“Alright, stop saying those empty words.” Chen Huan waved his hands, “I can tutor them and you can set up the schedule but you have to agree to some conditions.”

“Say it!” Zhu Xiaoxi thought his perseverance finally paid and couldn’t help but feel invigorated, “I’ll agree to anything!”

“First, Principal, you know I’ve been busy lately, if there’s something cropping up and I can’t come to school, you have to be considerate.” Chen Huan said.

“Alright!” Zhu Xiaoxi didn’t hesitate and said, “You can tell me in advance. I will adjust your classes and move it to when you come back!”

    ⊙ 0 ⊙

Principal, you really do not take a loss.

Chen Huan didn’t argue with his narrow mindedness.

Zhu Xiaoxi in fact did this entirely for the students’ results so he didn’t mind a bit of narrow mindedness.

But if he was playing sly in front of Chen Huan for his own desire and pursuit, Chen Huan obviously wouldn’t cater to this fool.

“Second, I need time and a place to tutor the 6 girls I’m getting along with. The time would be after classes in the afternoon and I need to borrow a classroom, this should be okay, right?” Chen Huan said.

“Okay!” Zhu Xiaoxi still agreed.

“Then third, Principal, you know that I’m young. If someone makes a fuss in the classroom or deliberately makes trouble, shouldn’t I have the right to expel them from the class?” Chen Huan asked again.

“Uh…” Zhu Xiaoxi hesitated, “How about I have two teachers from the academic affairs accompany you? They can sit in the classroom and help you maintain order?”

“Okay but I need the power to kill the chicken to frighten the monkey, otherwise how could  I make them respect me and listen to me?” Chen Huan insisted, “If you don’t agree to this Principal, then everything we discussed previously will be invalidated.”

Not to mention that Chen Huan was a student, he had seen teachers without any presence that got played around by the students so how could he make them listen to him?


Zhu Xiaoxi finally relented, “When you’re disciplining them, I’ll have the two teachers execute it.”

A school would have always thorns with people that didn’t want to learn or wanted other people to succeed.

He couldn’t delay the other student tutoring for these people.

Zhu Xiaoxi felt that those concessions were worth it when he thought about the college entrance exams of Di Xiaoling and Li Miao!

So just like that, Chen Huan  became Teacher Chen just before school started.

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