I Know Everything Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Marching hand in hand.

Chen Huan was still paying attention to ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ film crew at Venice.

Regrettably, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ wasn’t a match for the Italian local film ‘For You’ and missed out on the honor of being the opening film.

But it didn’t matter.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was famous all over the world.

Shanhai Streaming had never been stingy with their advertisement funds.

What was money?

Just papers!

The streets and alleys of Venice were covered with posters of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in Chinese, English and Italian.

The hot air balloon hung posters of it while floating in the sky of Venice every day to ensure everyone could see it.

The princess was just that generous!

So after the opening ceremony, numerous people flooded into the large cinema that the organizing committee assigned to ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

From the first sitting, the large cinema with 130 seats was filled and even people were crowded to seat on the further back seats with bad visibility.


They obviously cried after going in.

Especially girls as they cried as if they were full on sobbing. Many people needed help from other to leave the cinema.

The creative staff guarding the entrance was in ‘sorry’ state.

They were given hugs by the emotional movie watchers.

The five main supporting actors and the Director Zhu Mei enjoyed the warm embrace from at least two to three hundred people per day.

The most ‘tragic’ were the main protagonist Guo Hang and Yang Shu who played little Yiyuan.

Those two received the most hugs.

Especially Yang Shu, it was too awkward for the men to hug her but they still squatted down to say a few words to her.

It was different for the women as they just gave her a big hug while kissing her while shouting darling with tear filled eyes.

Zhu Mei even started to fear them after that so Yang Shu only appeared the first séance of the morning and afternoon. She would rest at the hotel the rest of the day so she didn’t have to worry about Yang Shu.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ changed from being shown in one room to two and it was full every day.

There were even viewers that came far away such as Switzerland, Spain etc…

A survey made by a rating agency showed that the average rating for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was 9.8, which was very, very high.

It was much higher than the masterpieces made by Hao He and Hao He’s movie won the Golden Lion!

Based on such great feedback, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ had a high probability to win a grand prize and even win the esteemed Golden Lion Award.

Otherwise, the many viewers wouldn’t be happy.

The wealthy Shanhai Streaming didn’t only aggressively advertise in Venice but they also filmed the crew as they participated in Venice Film Festival and posted it on Shanhai Streaming.

Wasn’t the internet the platform that was the closest to the general populace?

They could put anything on it as long as it didn’t break the rule.

The environment of the film festival, the main crew exploration and the daily routine of the film crew…it would be already amazing if three or five days of content was compiled to a three minutes video.

But Shanhai Streaming was different as they released hundreds of videos every day and let the people watch as many as they wanted.

There were a lot of people that liked this kind of international film festival. There were even more people who liked ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and looked toward the release of the movie.

They watched the videos and shared it on their social media, which brought a lot of popularity.

In particular, many people watched the videos where the main cast were crazily praised and hugged. A bunch of jokesters on the internet started to make jokes at that.

“Let go of my Little Yiyuan, I’ll be the one hugging!”

“Ptuh, you weird aunty! We should be hugging those big and handsome guys instead! Tsk, they are really too eye-catching!”

“Right, right! They’re so handsome, handsome through the roof!”

“God, why did they go participate in a film festival? Couldn’t they do it here? I want to be the first to watch it!”

“It doesn’t matter, it will be released soon after they are done there, then we’ll be able to watch it!”

“In your dream! Shanhai Streaming next step for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was to participate in Busan International Film Festival and then Tokyo International Film Festival, it would be only released in October!”

“What the fuck! We have to wait so long? Hold on, let me go curse at Shanhai Streaming first!”

Compared to ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ where the fans were excited about, the close quarter finals of ‘Godly Singer’ also attracted a lot of attention.

Everyone was trying to guess what kind of song Teacher Lu would write for Comeback.

Was some bitter love song like before or a light and cheerful song?

But they didn’t expect Shui Qingshan to sing the song ‘Across the Ocean to See You’.

The lyrics and melody were all first class and 47 seven judges gave their votes when it was sung.

But it still stirred up a huge controversy.


Because ‘Across the Ocean to See You’ was written from the perspective of a woman so it was obviously more suitable for a woman to sing it but it was Shui Qingshan that sang it.

Looking at a big man like Shui Qingshan standing gently in front of the microphone as he sang, “For you, I’ve spent half a year saving to cross the ocean to see you.” and “In the day, when sand was blown all over the sky, I stood seeing you off, I couldn’t help but feel so miserably sad.” 

Those lyrics gave people goosebumps.

But when Shui Qingshan sang that part a second time, his pitch was lower and the range dropped by level. Everyone felt that they were taken into the emotion of the song.

It was like their loves were in another city while they stood there and because of distance, they would have to sadly say goodbye to the relationship.

In life, who didn’t have a love that couldn’t be?

How many people didn’t have a failed relationship?

‘Across the Ocean to See You’ was about this type of love.

Even the judge forgot that this should have been sung by a woman.

They warmly applauded the song and Shui Qingshan’s interpretation.

So ‘Across The Ocean to See You’ received two more votes than ‘Ordinary Man’ and ‘Fake Monk’ so Comeback was directly promoted to the top 4.

Comeback was also the only contestant to enter the top 4 without going into an elimination round.

Yuzhou TV was still a bit worried whether Comeback entering the top 4 so smoothly would affect the rating of the competition or not.

However, the rating came out the next day and showed them what was called classic power with a rating as high as 2,55%.

The music industry also got excited.

As the two Empress Zhou Jing and Xu Ping both released a post on their Weibo about ‘Across the Ocean To See You’.

“Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, although I really liked Teacher Shui Qingshan’s version of ‘Across the Ocean To See You’, don’t you think that my voice is very suited for this song?” – Empress Zhou Jing wrote.

Xu Ping was a little more subtle as she wrote, “There are bitter loves in life and there is past buried in the heart. I repeatedly listened to ‘Across the Ocean to See You’ ten times last night before finally falling asleep! Teacher Lu, how can you fill them with so much emotion? Every sentence of the lyrics would pierce into the heart of the listener, it’s so painful that you can’t breathe and are sad beyond belief?”

Su Mo was more direct.

He excitedly called Chen Huan to buy the right to sing this song in his next concert.

Chen Huan said he didn’t want the money at the beginning but Su Mo told him it was a rule. It would hurt their friendship if the matter about money wasn’t clear.

However, he also knew Chen Huan wasn’t someone greedy so the sum of 100k Yuan was a token sum.

Regarding Su Mo’s announcement of it on his Weibo, the fans that would assist his next concert spammed that God Su was mighty, Momo was the best and they really loved him!

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