I Know Everything Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Hachiko.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ wasn’t a classic among classics but it suited very well the oriental delicate and tender feelings.

This story suited best the East but it had also certain power on the West.

Movies like this that were filled with contrast between both warmth and sadness were rare in the Asian film industry.

It was really lucky that the first book Chen Huan chose to write was ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

If it was any ordinary person, it wouldn’t be as easy to find a movie that was similar to it.

But who was Chen Huan?

He was luck’s favorite child!

How could someone that transmigrated with a system be stumped by that?

When the condition permitted it, girls generally liked to watch movies.

Chen Huan had watched many movies with his girlfriend.

He couldn’t remember most of them but those classics would definitely not be forgotten.

Even if he forgot most of the plots, those unforgettable parts still left a deep impression on him.

He finally selected a Japanese movie that was inspired by real events, ‘Hachi: a dog’s tale’

Chen Huan also went to verify it and found that this world’s Japan had no similar story of this.

At the entrance of Shibuya Station, there was no status of Hachiko and his story was completely non-existent.

The story was very simple.

A university professor adopted a stray Akita dog and named it ‘Eight’. (Hachi is eight in Japanese.)

After being adopted, Hachiko accompanied the professor to work every day and at 5pm, he would faithfully wait at the station gate on time for the professor to come back from work.

Those happy days passed for a few years and on the day when Hachiko learned how to pick up the ball, the professor died suddenly of a heart attack.

Since then, the professor would never appear again but Hachiko would still insist on waiting for the professor at the station every day at 5pm no matter the weather before leaving this world nine years later.

If one wanted Chen Huan to recount the story, he definitely could.

But the kind of sincere and simple emotions between an animal and human as well as how to set conflict in the plot to achieve the best type of emotion rousing effect, that needed professional work.

This was different from ‘Miracle In Cell No.7’ as it was interaction and emotions between people and Chen Huan had watched it many times so he could tell it decently.

‘Hachi: a dog’s tale’ needed more subtle emotions but language wasn’t that important. Chen Huan was only 17 years old and didn’t have much experience so it was impossible for him to write it that skillfully.

But with the movie recall given by the Good Lord, Chen Huan could watch the movie repeatedly to watch the characters’ acting and what the director did with Hachiko’s mood and expression.

That would be really some bullshit if he still couldn’t write it well with that.

After watching it five times, he picked up the pen nearby.

“Professor Xu Ming of Zhejiang University was a very gentle and kind person. One morning, when he took the subway from Shahu subway station to go to his work as usual, he found a pitiful and dirty little puppy at the subway station entrance…”

Chen Huan on one side while recalling the movie in his mind on the other side. Soon, he wrote a chapter of it.

But he was unhappy with it after reading it, he revised it twice before he could feel the captivating warmth from it.


Chen Huan wasn’t that stupid since he was copying the basic plot of Hachiko and the background of Richard Gere of the American version, the best option was obviously to write the event in China.

Hachiko written by Chen Huan wasn’t an Akita dog but an authentic Chinese Tugou that was renowned in the Chinese countryside.

(China’s obviously doesn’t call hachiko, hachiko but little eight/ Xiao Ba, but in the translation I’ll keep it Hachiko instead of the other alternative which is Little Eight or Xiao Ba)

Everyone had different preferences, and Chen Huan felt like the best and most loyal was Tugou that was born and bred in China.

(Tugou kinda look like an Akita)

After trying to write three chapters that were about 10k words, Chen Huan stopped.

Although writing a new book would stimulate him and make him want to write more, it wouldn’t be good for the structure of the plot if he wrote it all in one sitting.

So Chen Huan planned to spend a month writing and polishing it.

After all, Chen Huan attached great importance to the story he planned to name ‘Hachiko’s Tale’ and hoped it became the second godly tear jerker book.

So the next morning, Chen Huan didn’t hold back and called Zhang Xinde.

“Hello, editor Zhang?”

“Teacher Chu!” The busy Zhang Xinde was in great spirits, “Since you called, you must have a new work, right?”

Chen Huan was stunned.

He was that starved?

The teen wasn’t someone from the Qiantang Evening News so he obviously didn’t know what Chu Liuxiang meant to their newspaper.

The serializations of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ started in October last year and it was the best moment for Qiantang Evening News for its 15 years of history.

Not only Qiantang Evening News’ subscription steadily increased and exceeded 5 million copies printed, but it was also sent to other places via courier and the advertiser came rushing with enthusiasm as if they were gifting money.

It was a publishing house under Zhejiang Newspaper Group that was responsible for the publishing of the book and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was wildly sold across the country, it had exceeded 10 million copies sold so far. It made Zhejiang Newspaper Group a lot of money.

But it was just past glory.

Since the end of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ during the Spring Festival, Qiantang Evening News cooled down again.

Although those subscribers took a one year plan, they probably wouldn’t renew it after October this year if there wasn’t another shocking masterpiece.

They also felt anxious when they thought of returning back to the 500k printed copies or a bit better with 800k copies.

Zhang Xinde was a cultured man and it was impossible for him to pursue it and seek it like would Ning Wu, Wei Xi and others would for a song.

He just said hello to Chen Huan during New Year’s holiday and asked if there was any new work.

Teacher Chu replied each time that he didn’t.

This depressed Zhang Xinde a bit.

However, Chen Huan took the initiative to call for the first time this year!

Even when it concerned the payout of the royalties, it was Zhang Xinde who called Chen Huan as Chen Huan didn’t care about it.

Then there must have been something since he called.

Zhang Xinde’s heart sank when there was no response on the other side of the phone, “Teacher Chu?”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Chen Huan came back to his sense, “You guessed it, I’m writing a new book and when I’m done, I’ll also publish it in your newspaper.”

“Of course you can! That’s great!” Zhang Xinde shot up, “Your book is the most welcome!”

This made a group of editors, who walked over to eavesdrop, to wave around their fists in joy.

Qiantang Evening News had very good days in the past year and their ‘Urban Story’ section had gained many benefits.

Each of them received at least 200k Yuan in bonus for the New Year bonus and Zhang Xinde received an extra 50k for discovering Teacher Chu.

Everyone knew that this money wasn’t only a bonus but also a confidentiality fee.

Many of them had been sought by others to reveal the identity of Teacher Chu and they would receive a fee as high as 100k Yuan.

However, compared to their guaranteed income and secure job, the 100k would at most make them feel excited a bit but that was it.

After all, the top brass of Zhejiang Newspaper Group issued a notice that whoever dared to reveal the identity of Teacher Chu, they would never be able to work in an organization.

After getting used to the life in an organization and the various benefits that came with it, they wouldn’t feel comfortable outside of it even if they made more money.

So they all said they didn’t know so the mysterious identity of Teacher Chu was preserved.

When they saw the 200k Yuan end of the year bonus, they were obviously happy that their loyalty was rewarded.

It didn’t stop there as after the good results of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ with the book publication, they each received 100k Yuan in bonus, which made them smile ear to ear.

So they showed a lot of concern about Teacher Chu’s new work like Zhang Xinde.

Everyone stopped their work and gathered around nervously when they heard him shout ‘Teacher Chu!’

Now they heard Zhang Xinde happily exclaim about a new book, they felt like a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders and it was comfortable now.

The editor in chief Shao Dong was also nearby and quickly wrote something on a note and handed it Zhang Xinde after hearing that.

“Oh, Teacher Chu, did you start writing already?” Zhang Xinde asked.

“Yes, there’s a beginning.” Chen Huan replied.

“Then how about I come to your house and take a look at the beginning?” Zhang Xindd pleaded.

“Hmm…” Chen Huan thought about it before he agreed, “Okay, I’ll be at home today.”

Shao Dong smiled and nodded to him.

If Teacher Chu agreed, it meant he really wrote.

Since Teacher Chu started to write, it wouldn’t be a problem even if they had to wait for a little longer.

When Zhang Xindy put down the phone, Shao Dong said, “When you go in the afternoon, ask more about Teacher Chu’s plot structure and word count…we want him to write as much as possible, got it?”

“I understand.” Zhang Xinde said, “But we don’t have any right to demand him to write more.”

“You’re not forcing him, but pleading him, you get it?” Shao Dong advised him, “Our well-being, the well-being of the entirety of ‘Qiantang Evening News’ are in your hands!”

Zhang Xinde suddenly became nervous as he said, “Chief, don’t put so much pressure in me.”

“Why are you getting stressed?” Shao Dong patted on his shoulder and turned to the staff around, “When Old Zhang comes back later, we’ll have a meeting. Then we’ll try to get this great news to the superiors! It’s September soon and the advertisement scheduled for next year should also be near, this book from Teacher Chu really has great timing!”

Everyone laughed loudly.

As long as they stated that Teacher Chu’s new work would be published soon, why wouldn’t those people continue to subscribe?

The basic operation of Qiantang Evening News was considered safe now!

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