I Know Everything Chapter 325

Chapter 325: About to get more money, boy!


I sure enough made you come out as soon as I tried!

Good Lord!


Chen Huan flickered two of his fingers at this broken system that helped others instead of him.

This Lord worked so hard all day long as if he was a firefighter during a rescue and yet you are indifferent but Guan Yili has a wish, it’s enough for you to give you big rewards?

    ( ◣ _ ◢ )

Chen Huan’s mind was very expressive but his expression on the outside remained unchanged.

“Your ambition is really big.” Chen Huan said with a shrug, “The title of ‘Prince of Love Song’ isn’t so easy to obtain.”

“That’s what he dreamed of.” Ning Wu said with a smile, “He will be content enough as long as Teacher Lu gave him a song per year.”

“Giving a song each year is no good.” Chen Huan shook his head.

“Teacher Lu…” Ning Wu got nervous.

“Hear me out.” Chen Huan interrupted him, “I’m a person that appreciates kind people so one song a year is not enough!”

Ning Wu let out a sigh of relief and felt ecstatic.

Guan Yili was so shocked that he was numb.

He couldn’t believe it.

“Prepare yourself!” Chen Huan said grandly, “Try harder in finding songs! Don’t be afraid of spending money! Within three months, I’ll prepare three songs for him so the others can’t be bad!”


Ning Wu agreed with determination.

His breath was short.

Teacher Lu was planning to make an album for him!

Even Han Dong’er received only two songs for her album but Guan Yili would receive three?

Fortune came too suddenly!

“Teacher Lu!”

Guan Yi stood up quickly and bowed deeply to Shen Huan, his voice trembled slightly as he spoke, “During my past singing career, apart from Brother Ning didn’t mock or treat me differently, only you could draw out the strength in my voice and let me sing songs that I want to sing…I already can’t pay the kindness you showed at the beginning but now you’re even taking care of me…I, I definitely be a good person in the future and won’t disappoint you!”

Ning Wu felt like crying.

What the fuck!

It’s Teacher Lu who gave you hope but why are you talking about you becoming a good guy!?

This isn’t a joke!

“Teacher Lu, although I know you don’t care about the money, we have to make a decision.” It couldn’t be helped, Ning Wu had to save the situation, “If you use three songs for the album, we can’t calculate it based on 2 million a song. We should calculate it based on the profit shares.”

Although he knew Ning Wu was trying to please him, Chen Huan still felt pleased.

He wasn’t like Wei Xi.

Chen Huan gave Han Dong’er two super classic songs but Wei Xi still gave him two millions for a song.

He knew exactly how important Chen Huan’s two songs to the album was but he was still so stingy. The reason was he knew Han Dong’er would leave and knew she would no longer be able to make him any money in the future so he wanted to make one last big check.

Chen Huan didn’t care about it.

He really didn’t care.

If he really cared about money, he wouldn’t have donated the tens of million from ‘Life’s Only Love’ and the 100 million from ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

But the attitude was wrong.

He didn’t want anything from Wei Xi but he couldn’t act in such an indifferent and clear-cut way.

So Chen Huan had long since stopped responding to his call or answer to his text messages.

Anyway, if Han Dong’er wanted to sing her previous songs, she wouldn’t have to pay a very high share of the profit to Wei Xi so she just had to follow the agreement in future and didn’t need to deal with that person.

Ning Wu did things beautifully from the beginning.

It was true for now too.

Chen Huan didn’t say anything and he took the initiative to include Chen Huan in the profit share instead of giving the six millions and leaving.

The teenager was about to refuse but remembered that wouldn’t he get more reward if his album earned him 100 million for Good Lord?

Chen Huan happily agreed when he thought of that and sent away the two excited people.

Because there was Chen Huan’s assurance, Ning Wu personally went to look for some songs this time and particularly the top ones.

The songs still had to be worthy of being with Teacher Lu’s songs even if they were expansive, otherwise wouldn’t they destroy their own brand if the quality of songs in the album were too different?

When he was alone, Chen Huan reflected on the sudden idea he had just now.

What did the Good Lord liked the most?

Apart from hating people showing off in front of it, it liked Chen Huan to donate to charity.

Only God knew why this system that had no emotion wanted Chen Huan to accumulate virtuous deeds.

Chen Huan wasn’t saying he didn’t like to help people but he had little savings and the Good Lord was coveting it.

This time for the 10 million Yuan he received from the princess, Chen Huan was on the tip of his toes when he used them as he was afraid that the Good Lord would release a mission for him to donate the money at any moment.

It wanted him to be a grand and world renowned celebrity, everyone also thought he was very rich but he actually led a poor life, so sad.

But as people said, life goes on no matter what, right?

What Chen Huan lacked the most right now was songs and the option of remembering songs was a reward from the Good Lord but due to the lack of information, he didn’t know what was the condition for the Good Lord to give songs.

But Chen Huan figured a bit after so many missions.

He wasn’t sure for anything else but for music, it should be a mission related with literature and art.

Including writing a book, writing a song, variety shows, movies etc…

Chen Huan still has a mission that would give him songs.

For example, the ongoing mission about ‘Godly Singer’. If they won the championship, it would at least reward one song.

There was a great chance for another one when they do the album later.

There was also the movie adaptation of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, there was a possibility of getting another one from there if they won a prize in Italy.

Then there was the official release and if it had the intended effect, Good Lord wouldn’t be stingy and should give him a song, right?

If the number of songs given by  the Good Lord wasn’t enough, Chen Huan had no choice but donate the shares he would receive from ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and he should secure at least two songs from it.

But if he thought about it, beside the three songs for Guan Yili, he had to prepare for Han Dong’er next album as well as the next single of Meteor Girls… which one them didn’t need a specialize song?

Even Shui Qianyu’s guzheng song was also in the music category.

So giving Chen Huan 10 songs wouldn’t necessarily be enough.

Chen Huan had to continue to get richer!

What was the next step?

In addition to the bunch of talisman and skills he received, Chen Huan also got two movies and a TV series call back.

If he made good use of them and made another work similar to ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it could be a huge asset.

Just looking at ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ from books to movies, how much benefit had it brought to him?

Becoming rich by just writing, they weren’t lying they say that!

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