I Know Everything Chapter 324

Chapter 324: People’s with dreams.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng wrote a lot of songs.

It would definitely be hard to say which of them was the best.

Because people with different ages and different life experiences would love different songs.

But if it was which song was the most popular, it was without a doubt ‘Burn My Calories’.

Whether it was in a big city or in a small fifth-tier city, they could hear the song in the street and alley.

What was more terrifying was the square dance aunties also extended their demonic hands on it as the popular pop song was played in a deafening sound during night as a square dance and the addition of that popular song had caused many residents to complain.

In terms of economic profit, ‘Burn My Calories’ was even more remarkable.

Could you imagine that in two weeks, such a simple song that was like girls messing around was actually downloaded more than 30 million times?

According to the three big music websites, the final number for the song may reach 50 million or even 60 million.

Oh God!

60 million online sales was 60 million Yuan!

Cutting by half was 30 million!

How much Shanhai Streaming gave Lu Xiaofeng for the song?

2 million!

People used to say that Teacher Lu had no distinction as every song was 2 million    .

People now felt that Sister Xiaofeng was indeed unparalleled as the benefit brought by each of his songs far exceeded four or five times!

Let’s take the first few songs as an example.

Guan Yili’s ‘Tolerance’ had been released for almost a year and he performed shows and places. He should have earned at least 50 million and even if they removed all the labor and other costs, they earned 20 million thanks to Sister Xiaofeng, wasn’t that right?

‘Chinese Kung Fu’ was bought by Chen Hao and he went to eight countries in the last year. He sang while punching for a total of 15 times and gained countless fans, even his popularity in those countries soared so how could that be comparable to the 2 million spent for the song?

There was no need to say much about ‘Laughter From the Sea’ as the song put Zhao Changshou into the Gala and made ‘Life’s Only Love’ earn 200-300 million Yuan.

If people already knew of this point… 2 million Yuan? They would buy it even if it was 20 million Yuan! 

Oh, right, 20 million would be still useless as the song still had to find the suitable person.

‘Burn My Calories’ was even fiercer as one month didn’t pass yet but a single already made so much money to Shanhai Streaming. With its current popularity, if Meteor Girls used the song to plenty of commercial performance in the next year, it should be possible for them to earn 100 million, right?

A girl band that nobody regarded highly unexpectedly made such a loud bang for their debut.

Shanhai Streaming would have made a lot of money out of them even if they fell off a year or half a year later.

With so much promotion, so much commercial performance and even some top tier brands that rushed forward to sign with them, Shanhai Streaming gained back all the money they spent.

Not to mention that Meteor Girls brought a large number of VIP users to Shanhai Streaming, especially those young fans that used all their pocket money to renew their subscription in order to watch the selection process of Meteor Girls.

Many of those that followed Meteor Girls would have access to their photo album at Shanhai Streaming as it was exclusive to the subscribers.

As Meteor Girls became more and more famous, people that wanted to see it would be more and more and the core business of Shanhai Streaming would increase.

This was where the real money was made!

For Shanhai Streaming, one or two billion Yuan was nothing.

But if they increased their subscribers by 3 or 5 million, that was amazing!

The industry had raised their expectation for Shanhai Streaming future because of Meteor Girls so they increased their valuation by 10 billion.

Chen Huan was even more impressed with Zheng Rongrong after seeing that.

Look at that?

Isn’t that what’s called giving up the little money to make big money?

No wonder she’s the princess!

It was because they were willing to spend 200 million in advertisement for Chen Huan’s ‘Love Letter’ so Chen Huan owed them a debt and he paid it with ‘Burn My Calories’.

Because of the princess 10 million Yuan bonus for him, Chen Huan asked Kobe and Iverson to participate in Meteor Girls debut celebration party and that gave them the opportunity for their popularity to spread and blew through the roof.

Even if she was a little less bold, Meteor Girls wouldn’t develop so smoothly.

Moreover, Chen Huan knew that Meteor Girls wasn’t some shooting star that would fade away across the sky and instead would become a true idol group that countless people loved after taking root on ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’.

A star band like that would bring Shanhai Streaming more than 10 billion in benefit.

30 billion Yuan wouldn’t be weird!

Chen Huan felt happy when he thought of the reward he would receive from the princess in the future.

A person to another person… no, a person and a system, there was quite a gap.

Would the stingy Good Lord be so generous if it was him?

Good Lord, you should strive to learn something!

The princess should become your role model!

Hmm. The Good Lord pretended to be dead as usual.

Chen Huan didn’t care about it since he was used to it and wouldn’t change the system.

While in a good mood, Chen Huan received Ning Wu and Guan Yili with a smiling face.

Ning Wu was quite excited by this and felt he would definitely get something this time.

Since the release of ‘Tolerance’ last year, Ning Wu made a lot of money and turned it over but he grew more nervous by the day.

Because Chen Huan only gave Guan Yili a single song.

It wasn’t that Ning Wu never gave the opportunity for Guan Yili to make his own album and stabilize his position.

But when they selected songs with ‘Tolerance’ as the standard, Ning Wu thought they were all subpar, let alone Guan Yili.

What are these songs!?

They are all trash!


So during the year, Ning Wu called Chen Huan at least once a week.

Chen Huan didn’t answer the phone most of the time.

The few times the call was answered, he would just greet Chen Huan or talk about Chen Huan achievements and didn’t talk about asking for a song at all but he believed Chen Huan understood him.

But the problem was Chen Huan never mentioned it.

It was almost September now and a year had passed but Guan Yili the promising ‘The Prince of Love Songs’ only had one song and didn’t release a second after some time and this was impossible to justify.

Actually, many people in the industry as well as casuals started to laugh at Guan Yili.

‘One hit wonder’ was a description for those singers in the past but there were less and less of those singers in the pop era as most of them were out of fashion.

If Guan Yili really started to get dubbed by them as a one hit wonder, it would be the biggest blow to Guan Yili’s confidence that he tried so hard to build up.

Ning Wu could only bite the bullet and come back to find Chen Huan.

He knew that only Chen Huan could create songs that matched the singer’s trait as pleased.

Ning Wu didn’t think so at first but when he saw the songs Chen Huan wrote for Zhao Changshou, Tang Yuan, Chen Hao, Zhuo Xiaofen, Han Dong’er etc…he discovered after closer examination that Chen Huan was just that godly.

Each song he wrote for people matched their voice and style.

This could also explain why Chen Huan didn’t want to give ‘Laughter From the Sea’ to others.

Because he couldn’t find anyone else that could interpret the song like Zhao Changshou.

“Teacher Lu…” Ning Wu started to speak after he thought about it, “You know that Little Guan debuted a year ago. In the past year, I couldn’t find a song suitable to him no matter how much I searched so I can only come to you for your help!”

Chen Huan didn’t answer him as he looked at Guan Yili.

Guan Yili had become famous and although not many people acknowledged his title of ‘The Prince of Love Songs’, his love song was indeed great in the heart of many music fans.

But Guan Yili now wasn’t much different than him one year ago.

He looked a bit shy.

“I heard you used the money that you earned to open a bar and recruited many street singers to perform there, right?” Chen Huan asked him.

“Yes.” Guan Yili confirmed.

“Is it profitable?”

“We made a loss of 1 million up until now.” Guan Yili said embarrassingly.

“Then why are you doing it?” Chen Huan laughed.

“I want to provide them a platform where they can sing freely and a place for people who like music to come so both parties can get their spiritual satisfaction, this is enough for me.” Guan Yili raised his head and said with his eyes gleaming.

“Look at that.” Chen Huan laughed again and then looked at Ning Wu, “You found a fool! I guess that he already lost most of his part of the money, right?”

“He would have nothing left if I didn’t force him to buy a house first.” Ning Wu mercilessly agreed, “He’s really a fool. He not only gives a lot of money to those wandering singers, he also charges people very cheaply in the bar! What he said was truth, many people benefitted from it but he, the boss, is being ridiculed as a fool.”

“A fool isn’t bad.” Chen Huan had a slight smile, “I’m a very smart person and don’t like to take loss. But facing such a fool, I still quite like him. Especially his persistence even after losing money for 8 months,  it must be his dreams that kept him going.”

After a little pause, Chen Huan asked, “Apart from this dream, do you have other dreams?”


Guan Yili suddenly got some courage as he said, “I want to be famous! I want to sing! I want to be a true ‘Prince of Love Song’! I don’t want to fail to live up to my dreams and prime!”

“Ding Dong!”

“Guan Yili in front of the host has a meek personality and his voice is like a woman but he has a pure heart! The system appreciates people like that and especially issued a mission.”

“If the host helps Guan Yili achieve his dreams and the majority of the music fans acknowledge him as the ‘Prince of Love Song’, the system will do a big giveaway! It won’t be only one reward!”

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