I Know Everything Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Approaching success.

The small noodle shop popularity was popular beyond belief.

The 18 aunties’ schedule of working for half a day only couldn’t be done anymore as they were extremely busy.

There were only two choices left for the small noodle shop. The first was to increase the working hours and the second was to hire more workers.

Xia He chose the second choice without hesitation.

When it came to their family, money wasn’t that important as long as the business was good and that everyone was happy and lively.

It just happened there were aunties in Mingde Alley that had a lot of free time in their home. They usually envied the aunties that worked and even received 5k a month.

Generally for the elderly, what they feared the most was having nothing to do during their free times. They took care of the little kids plenty enough and it would even make their children feel that they couldn’t do anything else.

 For these aunties, working for half a day and rest for half day while changing their shift if they had something to do. Their housework wouldn’t be delayed either while receiving a fat check that they could spend as they wanted and no one would dare to nag at them so how great was that?

So when Xia He held another round of hire, the six places were quickly filled and they could start working the next day.

A small noodle shop needing 24 servers to work was indeed a weird thing.

Even the world’s best stand like restaurants didn’t have that many people working.

But work was more meticulous and easier when there were more people working.

For example, they would wash the vegetable cleaner so less dirt and mud on it.

And when making the noodles, the heat would be perfect, the soup enough and the taste great.

Another example was if they wanted to call for a server during rush hours, they wouldn’t need to cry like a banshee.

People from Lin’an lived their life in a meticulous and refined manner so they liked a restaurant like the small noodle shop.

People from other cities liked it even more.

As they said, there was no noodle restaurant with such careful and great service.

For example in Shuchuan, if they didn’t add a few vicious words during their greeting, they wouldn’t be hot headed Shuchuan people.

As for Chen Huan, he expected the small noodle shop’s business to grow and his reputation to increase.

Then the Good Lord would find his conscience and give him a reward when 100 million came to eat.

    O( ╥ ﹏ ╥ )O

Good Lord, did you see my dissatisfaction?

The business is so good and it’s the world’s best noodle shop but still no reward?

Complain beget complains, and one should do what one should do.

Chen Huan had been angered by the mathematician these days and lashed out.

Lashed out was definitely an exaggeration. But when those mathematicians were stuck on ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’, at least one third of the mathematicians questioned whether ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ was a conjecture without any logic rather than something that could be debated.

Chen Huan couldn’t hold it anymore.

You guys are the one who are bad and you still dare to say in my system owner’s face that ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ is rubbish? Isn’t this like insulting all the researchers from his previous world?

Chen Huan first told them that a mathematician’s conjecture wasn’t necessarily logical or right.

In the past hundreds years, hadn’t many conjectures been proven wrong?

In that case, why couldn’t he put forward a conjecture?

Besides, it was obvious you guys took the wrong path and didn’t have any idea to progress, and yet you vented on me, aren’t you guys just bullying me due to my young age?

This mail from Chen Huan circulated among the mathematicians and they were stunned.

Those mathematicians, who were mostly in their forties or fifties, felt indeed a bit in the wrong for arguing with Chen Huan after seeing him say those unreasonable words.

They thought that Chen Huan didn’t want to let go.

After all, he was just 17 years old and he made a sizable contribution to ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ with ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ and that was already a great achievement.

He would be an extraordinary mathematician even if he didn’t make any achievement afterward.

But nobody thought that on the third day after Chen Huan argued with them, Chen Huan put forward a new theory for ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’.

“The p-adic L-functions defined in two different methods (modular theory/interpolation) should be equal, as long as they are clearly defined.”

Chen Huan believed that if this theory was proved, there would be strong support for ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ to prove ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’.

The mathematician community was shocked the moment ‘Chen Huan’s Theory came out’.

Then they fell silent.

Chen Huan knew it wasn’t because they were convinced but because they began to actively research this theory and explored the meaning behind it as well as the connection between ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’.

“Chen Huan, the theory you just put forward is very interesting.” Cowell said in his mail, “We are all very enthusiastic about this new theory and if it could be proved, then the proof on the elliptic curves would be like a new path!”

Chen Huan humbly said this was just a new theory he came up with when he tried to use ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ to prove ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’.

Whether it worked or not would depend on everyone’ research and proof process.

Actually, Chen Huan was quite excited.

He now pushed forward the last step ‘Iwasaki Theory’.

In theory now, proving ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ would only be a matter of time.

As long as that was proven, then ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ could be proven.

They all interlocked and they would be on the last few steps.

How could Chen Huan not feel proud when he saw he was about to take the last and most important step?

Even if someone proved ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’ before Chen Huan published it, he still wouldn’t sweat over it.

He was able to use ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’ right away and have it work with ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ to prove ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ within three days.

Like that, no one could be one step ahead of Chen Huan.

After so much effort, ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ must be proven by Chen Huan and even if the credit would be divided among many people, Chen Huan must receive the biggest credit!

Just like Professor Wiles as he stepped on the shoulders of many great people. Many theories had been used by him and in the end, his name was the one written as the person who proved ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

This was a feat that would be written in the annals of history and it was exclusive to one person!

Now that he thought about it, studying about the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ brought a lot of things to him.

Even if he didn’t receive any rewards from the Good Lord, Chen Huan would feel pride as long as he completed ‘Fermat’s Theorem’!

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