I Know Everything Chapter 321

Chapter 321: I can’t hold it!

“Ding Dong!”

“The omnipotent and never backing down system discovered the unforgivable thoughts weak chicken host! How could such a weak mentality be worthy of this great system?!”

“The angry system will issue the following mission, those three known villains that stole the secret recipe of this system for their profit must be punished!”

“The greater the punishment, the greater the rewards the system will give!”

Chen Huan: “…”

    (?? ⊙ ω ⊙ `) !

Let me sort out my feelings first.

What the fuck!

I absolutely can’t let it go!

As the saying goes, stealing the secret recipe was akin to cutting one’s wealth and cutting one’s wealth was king to killing one’s parents, this was a grave sin!

Even his broad heart couldn’t bear with it!

Don’t worry, Good Lord, I’ll definitely fulfill it!

It happened that he learned ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’ so I’ll go trash those three bastard!

Chen Huan definitely dared to do it.

So when he left the Shui family house, Chen Huan didn’t return to his house but instead went to Jingxing Street, which was 3 kilometers away.

The three thieves definitely wouldn’t be too close to the small noodle shop as the closest among them was the Return Noodle Shop at Jingxing Street.

The chef in Return Noodle Shop was a man that worked in the small noodle shop for a while, however Chen Huan forgot his name but his bald head left quite an impression.

He didn’t know if he opened the Return Noodle Shop by himself as there was another woman in her thirties in the shop. He was responsible for the cooking while the woman was responsible for serving and as a cashier.

They seemed to be a couple.

Chen Huan wore a hat with the brim covering a part of his face. At 8pm, there were still a lot of people that came to eat noodles after their work so the busy bald chef didn’t have time to greet the customers, let alone recognize Chen Huan, just like in the morning.

Chen Huan ordered a bowl of noodle and sat near the corner.

At this time, there were seven or eight customers in the shop and they seemed to enjoy their meal with relish.

Chen Huan ate the noodles and had the same feeling he had in the morning, that it had 60% to 70% of the secret recipe.

No wonder the business was so good.

Good Master’s stuff was always good.

Although a young couple opening a shop together was very inspirational, they committed theft and alerted the Good Master so Chen Huan couldn’t let them go.

But it was impossible for Chen Huan to directly trash that bald chef just as Chen Huan’s thought.

Then he would just punish him a bit.

Chen Huan lowered his head to eat the noodle while he began to slightly tap the ground with his feet.

The calibrated the strength of ‘Hitting a Bull Across The Mountain’ and calculated the path of it toward the bald chef who was working.

But because the distance was around six to seven meters away and the power of the move would be reduced due to the travel, the power that would hit the bald chef would only be one-tenth of Chen Huan’s full power.

One-tenth of ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’ was obviously not enough.

Just as Chen Huan was pondering if he should wait for the bald chef to get closer, the bald chef finished all his order and walked away from his steaming stoves.

He put his sweat towel on him and walked to the entrance.

There was a breeze at the entrance, which could refresh him a bit.

It also happened that Chen Huan was sitting three meters away from him.

Heaven was helping him!

Chen Huan retracted his gaze and lowered his gaze. He pretended that his chopsticks fell on the ground and was about to pick it up but he took the opportunity to hit the floor tiles.


The bald chef was smoking a cigarette but suddenly felt a force coming under his feet as he started to convulse as if he had been electrocuted.


While screaming, the bald chef fell softly toward the ground.

The woman at the counter looked out when she heard the noise and her heart dropped.


She ran up to him quickly and helped the bald chef.

But the bald chef already lost consciousness at that moment while his body kept trembling, it was quite a frightening sight.

“Lady Boss, quickly dial 120!”

Another guest reminded her, “I think this is a sudden illness onset, you shouldn’t touch him!”

“Oh… oh…”

The woman tearfully took out her phone and started to dial.

Chen Huan turned his head to watch the scene like everyone else.

The young man couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Why did this happen?

Would you be punished if you didn’t steal my thing?

In the past, you would have broken limbs!

I made you feel like you got electrocuted and you can recover after half a month or so, this can be considered as merciful.

I don’t know if the Good Lord would be satisfied.

But I can’t do it harder than this!

It wasn’t that he was sympathizing with him but in this society, this little punishment was enough unless the target was someone that committed a heinous crime.

On that day, three different hospitals in Lin’an admitted three different patients.

The first one was the boss that was at the entrance and got electrocuted out of nowhere.

The second one inexplicably hit his head on the chopping board while he was working in his kitchen and lost consciousness.

The third one was crossing a red line with his wife after closing his shop but a tree suddenly fell on him.

It wasn’t for the fact that the tree was only as thick as his arm, it wouldn’t be only a bit of his shoulder bone that would be cracked but half of his body would be crippled.

The three of them had only one thing in common which was that they all opened noodle shops.

But other than that, nothing else was the same.

The hospitals wrote it on their log but didn’t pay any attention to it.

Even their family thought this was an accident and had no intention to look further into it.

After getting positive answers from the hospital and knew there were no major problems, the families relaxed.

Their only thought was for their family members to quickly recover and continue to work hard to better their life.

Chen Huan returned home after completing his task and also received Good Lord’s reward.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host was too soft-hearted. You clearly said you wanted to beat them to death but you didn’t do anything like that! You didn’t even break a hand or leg, how can you traumatize those shameless thieves?”

“If the mission was rated on a score of 100 points, the weak host would have  barely scored a passing score, which is a great disappointment to the system.”

“The system had originally prepared some rewards to give after completing the mission and it was at least ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain (intermediate)’ and another skill!”

“But the host was too soft so the system can only reward you with ‘I Also Don’t Want to do this’ talisman.”

Chen Huan: “…”

Good Lord…

How about I go to the hospital?

Do you want a left hand or a right hand? A left foot or a right foot?”

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