I Know Everything Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Recipe upgrade.

The three knew that Chen Huan wouldn’t call them for no reason.

Something serious must have happened.

Chen Huan didn’t hide anything as he recounted to them what Aunty Luo said to him.

“Oh, she told me this before.” Shui Qingshan said with a nod.

“I’ve heard of it too.” Xia He said, “But your uncle Shui says it’s okay and not to worry about it.”

Shui Qingshan continued, “The fact is no matter how much they take, there will be a day they run out and then what can they do about it? It will go back to the original one. At the same time, our small noodle shop is so popular and sells so much noodle every day not only because it’s delicious but because of the feelings behind it and the habitude!”

Shui Qingshan wasn’t into business but he was a smart man and would think of the key points when got into it.

The best restaurants didn’t only rely on their amazing dishes but also on feelings and habitude.

Feelings could make a place like a tourist attraction and could make the restaurant into a precious memory to remember for.

Habitude was getting used to eating there every day so even if there was something delicious elsewhere, they would return to their usual place after going to try it.

“I went to eat their noodles during the morning.” Chen Huan said, “I ate their plain noodles… guess what they tasted like?”

“About the same?” Shui Qianyu guessed with a frown.

“Hmm, it’s basically 70% the same.” Chen Huan said, “The business from the three shops is pretty good. I think they can easily sell 1k bowls of noodles per day.”

“If they can sell one thousand bowls a day, no amount of spices they stole will be enough.” Xia He suddenly realized something, “Little Huan, you mean that they almost cracked the recipe?”

“Probably.” Chen Huan said, “With the amount of powder they took, they only need to experiment a dozen times, get some combination before comparing so it should be normal for them to get 60 to 70% right.”

“This is stealing!” Shui Qianyu was very unhappy, “They used our recipe to make money, disgraceful! Chen Huan, let’s call the police to get them!”

“You silly girl, how can we arrest them when we didn’t register a patent?” Shui Qingshan laughed, “Imitation in the food industry is just too much and can’t be managed. Those big chain restaurants can’t do it so how can a little shop like ours can?”

Shui Qingshan was telling the truth.

Almost all high-end restaurants would ask their chefs to go to various restaurants and eat their signature dishes every once in a while.

Then they would start to imitate it and make it their own.

Even if they couldn’t copy 100% of it, they could at least do 70% or 80% and add it with their own innovation, wouldn’t that make their establishment prosper for a bit or even longer?”

With such big benefits, how could they stop their imitation theft?

This was how the industry was, how could they stop it?

Moreover, the small noodle shop only relied on the spices powder and the spice powder was just a type of seasoning, could they only be so one using those ingredients but the other couldn’t?

Was there a logic like that?

Even if you said they stole your formula, you had to first take out the evidence by announcing the ratio of the spice recipe and compare it, could you?

Of course not!

“I think we should let it go.” Xia He patted her daughter’s head, “Little Huan said it was only 7-% of ours, it’s not a big deal…they can’t affect our business anyway.”

“But stealing is stealing, it’s wrong!” Shui Qianyu insisted and asked Chen Huan, “Chen Huan, what would you do?”

This little lady wanted to personally punish them.

But Chen Huan didn’t intend to do that, “Xiao Shuishui, we can use another way, which is equally as effective.”


“I recently further studied the recipe again and found it can be improved.” Chen Huan took out a small box and after opening it, it revealed brown powder with a very fragrant smell.

The smell made the three hungry.

“Eh, this one is better than the previous one!” Xia He took a bite and put it on the tip of her nose before smelling it, “Yes, I could smell it and had some Chinese medicine in it before but now I can’t. It smells very fresh and doesn’t irritate the nose now.”

“It’s really not bad.” Shui Qingshan just tasted a bit from it, “Hmm, I don’t feel the powder, very fragrant but not too rich and it indeed gives a very fresh feeling.”

Shui Qianyu didn’t say anything and just left before returning with a plate.

 There were four bowls of plain noodles on the plate.

“Let’s try it!” Shui Qianyu put the noodles on the stone table, “If this improves the taste, we’ll talk about how to prevent it being leaked.”

Chen Huan put some in the bowls before stirring the broth for Shui Qianyu and handed it to her.

It was dinner time and the four of them were hungry so they ate the plain noodles.

Shui Qingshan was the fastest as he ate it in less than 2 minutes.

“I thought the previous spices powder was the best it could ever be but it didn’t expect this to be even better!” Shui Qingshan put down the bowl and exclaimed, “It doesn’t enhance the soup with a rich taste but helps the original aroma of the noodle with various seasonings to achieve a very coordinated taste. it’s very fragrant when eaten. I can’t help but want to eat more.”

“I think so too.” Xia He put down her bowl, “I was dieting but the noodle is too delicious so I want to eat another bowl!”

Shui Qianyu was obviously satisfied too, then she reached out her hand and said, “Chen Huan, I want to see the recipe!”

Chen Huan laughed a bit and handed a piece of paper to her, “Xiao Shuishui, we don’t need to go cause trouble for them anymore, right? We have improved our quality and our gap can crush them alone so why bother with them?”

“But how do you prevent them from stealing the recipe like before to try cracking the recipe?” Shui Qianyu asked while looking at the formula.

“You have also felt that the upgraded version of spice powder has a peculiar effect to merge and stimulate the taste.” Chen Huan said, “I tried it a few days ago and the moment it lacks even one ingredient, it would become the same as the previous version… so unless they have the complete formula, it would be like they were researching the previous version! And they could only get 60 to 70% right from that!”

Shui Qianyu slightly nodded at that.

The taste of the improved version was indeed very different from the previous one.

It was unforgettable the moment they ate and it also gave a satisfying feeling.

The gap between the two could clearly be felt.

It would be very reassuring if it was really hard to imitate as Chen Huan said.

Shui Qianyu took a look at the recipe and saw the recipe must be as precise as one gram ratio, she thought that if they could be cracked and imitated by them, they didn’t need to be human anymore as their nose was even better than dogs!

Shui Qianyu finally gave up the idea of bestow punishment after thinking about it. Shui Qingshan and Xia He quietly gave Chen Huan a thumb up.

In their mind, Chen Huan was sure to be mature and calm.

If they wanted to go fight against a little fly like them, they would have to spend a lot of energy to do so without any possibility to get back the corresponding return so it was completely unnecessary

In fact, Chen Huan didn’t know what to do.

Finding people to make them unable to open their shop?

Threaten them to not work in this industry anymore or they would get their limbs broken?

That was some low-handed approach.

Before a better way to exact revenge came, Chen Huan would rather be patient rather than retaliate like that to vent his anger.

Otherwise it would be an embarrassment of being given a second life.

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