I Know Everything Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Don’t worry.

As for the fact that Han Dong’er was two years older than Chen Huan, it wasn’t a problem.

Han Dong’er had always been very innocent and Chen Huan had always been someone with a high EQ no matter what people had said.

Facing against such a sister -like wife with a simple and non-scheming mind while being a rare great beauty, how could Chen Huan not like her?

Thinking of this point, Qiu Qing said to Chen Huan, “Little Huan, you can come here often…just take here as your home. You live alone and don’t have anybody to take care of you, come to auntie’s house, it won’t be as lonely.”

“Alright, aunty, I’ll come here often.” Chen Huan promised honestly.

“What are you saying? Chen Huan is still a high school student and has to go to class. How can he run to here all the time?” Han Feiyun was pressed earlier so he took this opportunity to retort back.

However, he didn’t realize the meaning behind Qiu Qing’s words.

She completely ignored the Shui family that had always been with Chen Huan and skipped them over as she said that nobody took care of Chen Huan.

Chen Huan knew of this but didn’t argue with her.

Only a fool would argue with their mother-in-law about this issue.

But he still observed Qiu Qing while he talked to her.

Chen Huan wasn’t a doctor but had the strengthening muscle and bones decoction, which was a super potion that could strengthen the body.

The decoction would greatly benefit the body if it was weak.

But after a moment, Chen Huan let go of that idea.

Because it was obviously Qiu Qing’s internal organs that were weak and her body state was also weak, it wasn’t merely not being fit enough.

The decoction was a very fierce and violent medicine and it wouldn’t be enough even if Chen Huan diluted it ten times.

It may be bad for the contrary.

There was a saying ‘too asthenia to nourish’.

That was what Qiu Qing was now.

However, it wasn’t that Qiu Qing hadn’t been recuperating as she took Chinese medicine but she didn’t know why it wasn’t very effective as it could only stop her further weakening at most.

Chen Huan, who couldn’t come up with anything after a bit, started to earn the ‘Lunar Ointment’ promised by the Good Lord.

Just by looking at the name, it looked like it was for women.

He hoped that the real Lunar Ointment curative effect would be good.

Presently, Chen Huan already found the Lunar Grass and planted twenty of them in his garden as he carefully took care of them.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to travel far recently otherwise it would be hard for him to take care of the plants.

In fact, the best solution was for the Good Lord to issue a mission that gave a reward that could treat Qiu Qing so Chen Huan didn’t have to worry about it.

As time passed, Han Feiyun and Qiu Qing went upstairs to take a nap and gave the kids some time alone.

Chen Huan looked at Sun Yan who was lying on the couch while playing with her phone before simply inviting Han Dong’er for a stroll.

The afternoon during summer was quite hot but the air quality was great with the rivers and mountains surrounding them. There were many green areas and trees everywhere so it wasn’t that hot.

Twenty meters out of the villa zone was a straight avenue that connected to the highway.

On the opposite side was a village with around a hundred houses.

Transportation nowadays was simplified and many people from the city would come here to relax on the weekends, it made rural tourism quite popular so almost every household was doing it.

It wasn’t only this village as the surrounding one was also doing it.

If the mountain wasn’t prohibited for business ventures, it would probably be very lively too.

Han Dong’er took Chen Huan out of her house and after walking for 20 to 30 meters, they embarked on a trail toward the hill.

Without any light bulb around, Chen Huan was quite bold and directly went to hold the little empress’ hand.

Han Dong’er’s hand was a little cold while Chen Huan’s hand was a little warm so it was very comfortable to hold hands.

“Dong’er, you mentioned last time that Yanhuang Music wanted you to have a concert? What are your thoughts on it?” Chen Huan asked as they walked.

“What do you think?” Han Dong’er asked back.

It could be heard from her tone that the matter hadn’t been settled yet.

“I don’t think it’s the time yet.” Chen Huan frankly responded.

“Oh?” Han Dong’er glanced at Chen Huan, “You’re the first person to say this to me. They are all saying it’s time for me to give back to my fans and that I never did a concert after so many years.”

“A bunch of nonsense!” Chen Huan said, “Having a concert now, would be the real disappointment to the fans!”


“Think about it, you only have two albums and 22 songs in total.” Chen Huan said, “If you have a concert, you should sing at least 30 songs, right? In fact, a young singer like you should prepare at least 40 songs and three hours of the concert for it to be enough. That means you have to sing 20 other people’s songs! Isn’t this like an insult to a small empress? You are having a concert and the result was you sing other people’s songs for half of it?”

Han Dong’er started to brighten up.

“So at least, we should only consider the concert after you release an album with Yanhuang Music.” Chen Huan said, “But it will still suggest that you do this album as soon as possible and possibly next year! Yanhuang Music has plenty of resources and you shouldn’t waste them! Secondly, the fans indeed waited for a long time and you shouldn’t let them down.”


Han Dong’er seriously said, “Chen Huan, we have the same thought.”

“So don’t worry, I’ll give you a few more songs.” Chen Huan said, “Lest they say that I’ve given plenty of songs to strangers and not much to you.”

“I don’t about that.” Han Dong’er shook her head, “Songs that suits me isn’t easy to write.”

Han Dong’er really never thought about that.

What she liked the most about Chen Huan wasn’t his unparalleled handsomeness or his unparalleled talent in music but Chen Huan’s realness.

That’s right.

Han Dong’er liked that Chen Huan realness in everything he did.

If the song wasn’t suitable for that person, Chen Huan would never give it.

Even if Tang Yuan begged and several old-time singers came out, Chen Huan insisted on not giving ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

Han Dong’er knew that the two songs she received, ‘Red Bean’ and ‘The Sound of Falling Snow’, were perfectly suited to her voice so she could sing them comfortably.

How could this kind of song be done if it wasn’t inspired after understanding her and carefully crafted?

If it was some casual songs that ignored her points, Chen Huan could write a hundred of them!

But he didn’t do this and gave as much as he could write.

So how could Han Dong’er blame him under that circumstance? It would be too much and not know how to cherish the thing she received.

Moreover, a singer couldn’t rely on a single songwriter to make an album.

In the past few months after Han Dong’er arrived at Yanhuang Music, apart from practicing her singing skills, maintaining her voice, and doing some advertising contracts, she started to select songs.

Yanhuang Music was a big company in the industry and couldn’t be compared to Yongren Studio as just the thousands of songs in their library and portfolio was enough to scare people.

Those were all bought for so anybody could use them.

The first-class songwriters that made songs for Yanhuang Music included almost all the songwriters in China but also some from Japan, Korea and even the US.

If Han Dong’er wanted to make a song, it wouldn’t be a problem for Yanhuang Music to get some foreign songwriters to do it as long as Han Dong’er gave the genre.

With great conditions like that, Han Dong’er got more ambitious for her next album.

She didn’t ask to become an empress. She would be happy as long as she could make the music she and fans liked.

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