I Know Everything Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Meeting the parents.

Han Dong’er wouldn’t talk to Chen Huan about the matter of her home.

But when Sun Yan was interacting with Chen Huan, she would sometimes talk about the things around Han Dong’er.

She was the person that wanted to bring Han Dong’er and Chen Huan together the most. Everything would be easier if Han Dong’er became Chen Huan’s wife.

Not to mention that with Teacher Lu’s songs, it would be enough for Han Dong’er to sing for the rest of her life and make her happy so Chen Huan was a very good match.

Chen Huan didn’t only have unparalleled beauty and kind hearted but also unparalleled talents.

For example, his status as a mathematician was much respected and rich people wouldn’t be able to look down on Chen Huan and even respectfully call him Teacher Chen.

In terms of earning prowess, Sun Yan had heard that Shanhai Streaming had a very good relation with Chen Huan and that the princess valued Chen Huan greatly. The money given to Chen Huan to shoot a TV series was definitely sky high.

Chen Huan definitely could live the rest of his life in comfort by just shooting two series.

He had money, satisfying interest, both love each other and he even had great societal status…how could he not be a good partner and son-in-law candidate?

So Sun Yan was like a little spy and told Chen Huan about Han Dong’er.

Of course, it wasn’t some very private thing.

Chen Huan also knew from her that Han Dong’er’s mother hadn’t been well recently and was resting at home so Chen Huan asked to visit her home while they were at the concert.

Han Dong’er didn’t have a scheming mind but wasn’t stupid.

She would usually interact with other people in a very plain way and mostly kept it professional.

Her former boss Wei Xi who she had worked with for three years had never gone to her home while her neighbor did. It was a very normal thing and there was nothing wrong with it.

But Wei Xi never had this opportunity which also led to them not developing any sort of personal connection.

It was one of the reasons why Han Dong’er so easily changed studios when her contract ran out.

Chen Huan was different.

Chen Huan was someone she liked.

It wasn’t about his talents, she just liked him.

Liking him gave him many rights.

Therefore, Han Dong’er was willing to share many things with Chen Huan such as letting him visit her house.

Sun Yan felt bitter after hearing about it.

She thought, I’m your assistant and agent, spend all my time with you, and yet I could only enter your house after one year but this brat can just casually enter your home!

The assistant was filled with bitterness but she went to pick up Chen Huan early the next morning.

In the past few years at the Hongren Studio, Han Dong’er didn’t make much money as she didn’t do any commercial performance or held any concerts but she still made a few millions.

She basically only used that money to buy a villa at the foot of a mountain in the suburb.

The air was fresh and the environment was good, very suitable for nurturing health.

They were going toward that villa.

On the way there, Sun Yan told Chen Huan about Han Dong’er’s parents.

Han Dong’er’s mother, Qiu Qing, originally worked at the city’s Supply and Marketing Cooperatives but was laid off after the restructuring, and received a monthly retirement subsidy.

Qiu Qing’s body had always been weak and would get ill out of nowhere. She basically never stopped taking medicine since Han Dong’er went to junior high school.

Han Dong’er’s father, Han Feiyun, was originally a university professor but passed out during a class due to fatigue five years ago and almost got a cerebral hemorrhage.

With his wife’s health that was inherently poor, he just retired altogether and focused on recuperating their health together at home.

After Han Dong’er made some money and bought them a villa, they would go on a walk around the foot of the mountain when the weather was good and stay at home to read, write or watch TV when the weather was bad.

Han Feiyun found a hobby out of it as in addition to making a list of books, he prepared to write a book about ancient culture. He found that his life had a meaning now unlike when he tired himself in his work to earn livelihood.

But Qiu Qing was at best only a bit less sick and was still weak, she was especially in bad shape during autumn and winter.

When Han Dong’er recently got her 10 million signing fee, she thought of buying a house for her parents at the southernmost island to live in fall and have them come back during spring.

Han Feiyun didn’t mind but Qiu Qing didn’t want to leave her hometown so delayed it all the time.

In the last month, Qiu Qing wasn’t feeling well again so Han Dong’er rushed back to Lin’an to accompany her.

They actually had two or three relatives that came from the countryside who were responsible to cook and take care of Han Feiyun and Qiu Qing. They were the people that usually accompanied them in their walk or chatted with them.

But Han Dong’er felt more at ease if she was there even if Qiu Qing told her to not worry many times.

The car almost reached the foot of the mountain when Sun Yan finished retelling those information.

Lin’an was a city with a cultured style since the past so it definitely didn’t lack any mountains or rivers.

Without the mountains and rivers, how could it become a historical and cultural city?

It would be impossible!

So many mountains were around there.

Han Dong’er’s villa at the foot of a mountain was about 30 km from the city. With the smooth and many roads constructed, there was no traffic jam at all and it would take a 50 minute drive from the city to arrive.

It could be regarded as a good area for villas as there were around 50 villas small or big in the area. Although they were located between some farmers villages, there was a hint of worldliness to it, otherwise if it was only filled with villas, wouldn’t they be a bit afraid during night?

Because there were so many villas, the land attributed to each villa wasn’t very big and was only two or three mu. (2mu=0,13hectare)

There was a small hill 200 meters from that area and two villages 100 meters from it. It was easy to see the mountainous landscape when they went out on a walk and passed through the farm’s wheat fields. It wasn’t like in the city where they had to close the door for some quiet and look inside the villa to see some green.

The car drove to Han Dong’er’s villa’s gate and there were already two people around 40s and 50s waiting at the courtyard with Han Dong’er.

“Oh, uncle and aunty are waiting for you, pretty nice treatment!” Sun Yan said with a smile as she parked the car.

Chen Huan didn’t want to waste words with her as he quickly got out of the car when it stopped.

“Uncle, Aunty, hello!” Chen Huan greeted them warmly.

Actually, he wasn’t used to being so friendly toward strangers but they were Dong’er’s parents so how could he take Dong’er home if he didn’t act in a satisfying way?

“Hey, hello!” Han Feiyun looked at Chen Huan and gave a slight smile.

“Haha, you came so early, have you had breakfast yet?” Qiu Qing glanced at Chen Huan and said with a weak voice but she was in a very good mood.

Sun Yan told Chen Huan that the couple had a good image of him.

Hei Feiyun knew that Chen Huan could write songs and was a literati that spoke the same language as him.

In addition, Chen Huan was also a renowned mathematician and people from the scientific side were what professors like him liked.

Qiu Qing liked that Chen Huan was handsome and was good to Han Dong’er.

In addition, Chen Huan helped Zhao Changshou so much and donated more than 50 million Yuan to the children in the mountainous area, kindness like that was obviously appreciated by women.

As for Chen Huan’s playing around, it was an issue to them at all.

They were allowed to marry multiple people anyway so what if a good man was playing a bit?

As long as their daughter was the main wife.

The three of them talked with faces full of smiles as they made their way into the house. Sun Yan, who just got out of the car, saw Han Dong’er pull out her tongue unexpectedly.

What is this cute expression of Han Dong’er that I’ve never seen before!?

It seemed that she was quite worried and was even more nervous than Chen Huan.

It was mainly Hei Feiyun that talked as they sat in the living room, “I heard that you led your team to win the IMO recently?”

“Yes.” Chen Huan nodded, “I’m useless by myself so it takes everyone effort to succeed.”

“Hmm, being humble is true nature of a literari.” Han Feiyun said, “But you were acting in something recently, right? Isn’t that a waste of your talent? You have to know that I’ve heard of your contribution toward the mathematical world even if I’m in this rural place! If you study seriously, maybe China will have another Mr. Hua, Mr. Chen or Mr. Su!”

The three people he mentioned were all great mathematicians in China.

Chen Huan showed his devotion without saying too much, “You don’t have to worry Uncle, those are just my past time when I’m studying or researching mathematics. As for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, I already have a general direction to work toward and I believe it won’t be long.”

If it was someone else who said this, Hei Feiyun would have reprimanded him for not knowing how high the sky was.

But it was Chen Huan who said that and Chen Huan had proved ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ while ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ was being researched and pushed forward so he must have really the confidence to walk forward when he said that.

Hei Feiyun gave a small smile, “It’s good to be confident but you can’t be careless…”

“Alright, alright.” Qiu Qing interrupted in impatience.

Her health wasn’t very good but she still had a temper, “It’s Xiao Huan’s first visit in our home and you already started to reprimand him…why don’t you think for a bit, apart from being older, what way are you better than him?”

Han Feiyun had a pretty good temper as he just smiled and didn’t say anything.

The reason was also because Qiu Qing didn’t say anything wrong. Chen Huan’s achievements in all walks of life were really not comparable to some ordinary people after all, even if Han feiyun was a university professor.

Qiu Qing looked at Chen Huan with increasingly pleased eyes.

Her daughter was a good girl but she was too cold and wouldn’t try to be friendly to other people at all. She used to be worried that her daughter would get bullied in a marriage.

Chen Huan wasn’t only good for her but he also didn’t have a family so after Han Dong’er got married to him, she wouldn’t have to deal with some mother-in-law fury, which was great.

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