I Know Everything Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Another classic.

Su Mo looked at the excited crowd.

He turned his head toward the screen and saw Chen Huan on it.

“Hi, Little Huan, I’ll start singing now!” Su Mo waved and said with a smile.

Chen Huan folded his hands and responded with a smile.

Information on the song was now displayed on the screen.

Song: When Love Became the Past.

Singer: Su Mo

Songwriter: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.

With the end of Su Mo’s speech, what started wasn’t music but the loud gong of typical Huajin Opera.

“Ai~ya, Yigu think today is the day where you and I part…”

This loud shrill singing came out of nowhere.

But the music that followed immersed the people in Su Mo’s singing.

“Don’t bring up the past, life is already tough enough. Although memories won’t go away, love and hate are kept in heart.”

“Cut ourselves from the past, let’s move on to a better tomorrow. Please don’t try to search for me anymore.”

“Love is a big puzzle, it makes us lose our directions. I might forget the pain, but I can’t forget about you.”

“You have never left me, you are always in my heart. I’m still in love with you, I can’t do anything about it.”

Su Mo didn’t stand up as he continuously sang in a low and shallow tone the four parts that made the audience hold their breath and listen to it closely.

At that moment, the melody was a bit emotional while only a bit of lightning shined on his head while the surrounding was dark.

The lyrics from the four parts sung by Su Mo were very simple but the love-hate parting and remembrance feelings already touched the people’s hearts.

Sure enough, it was closely related to the song’s title, When Love Became the Past!

“It’s good~~~”

Everyone felt the same at that moment.

You couldn’t say it was earth shattering good like ‘Laughter From The Sea’ that made people hype even if they didn’t want to.

But ‘When Love Became the Past’ sneakily made people feel very pleasant to hear it, like a stream of clear water flowing through their mind.

“Because I still have dreams, I still have you in my heart. I’m always moved by the past, my heart is always broken for you.”

“Don’t mind my inadvertent tenderness over the years. Don’t ask me whether we will meet again, don’t mind if I’m not telling the truth.”

“Why you don’t just understand, where there is love there is pain. Someday you will realize that life won’t be any different without me.”

“Life is too short, I’m so afraid to be tearful all the time. Forget me then your pain will go away, let the past drift in the wind.”


Su Mo just sat there and sang it from the beginning another time.

The singing was soft and seemed to come from the mouth instead of the throat.

But the audience was silent when he sang.

This kind of soft singing went directly to their ears and they couldn’t help but hum along with it in their minds.

The music stopped.

There was a round of applause after a moment.

But there was no whistling amidst the applause this time.

Because the people were still immersed in the atmosphere of the song and there were no such abrupt and passionate emotions.

This was in line with the emotions the song wanted to express.

Su Mo stood up and couldn’t help but laugh happily when he saw the crowd.

As a singer, he was obviously happy that the fans got what he tried to convey in his song. Fans screaming all the time wasn’t the type of appreciation he liked.

Sun Yan was the one that drove them home from the concert.

Sun Yan was brooding about the fact that Shui Qianyu stole her ticket from her.

However, she smartly didn’t make it a big matter in front of Chen Huan otherwise it would badly reflect on Han Dong’er.

But she was still a bit unhappy.

After sending Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu to Mingde Alley, while they were on the way to Han Dong’er’s houst, Sun Yan said, “Dong’er, do you feel that Chen Huan is a bit distant recently?”

“Huh?” Han Dong’er was confused.

“You were releasing an album and he only gave you two songs but Comeback gets a song each round of the competition and then it was those Meteor Girls or something, now Su Mo also got one!” Sun Yan said, “I’m not saying we have to get those two songs but he gave you two more songs, maybe you’ll reach the Empress status with this album?”

“It’s not the same.” Han Dong’er said, “The songs he wrote for me are songs that suit me the best. I listened to the rest and I wouldn’t sing it as well as them.”

She was being truthful.

She was very proficient toward the matter of music.

Among all the songs written by Chen Huan, Han Dong’er felt that only ‘Red Bean’ and ‘The Sound of Falling Snow’ were suitable for her.

The other songs weren’t bad but they were of different types and it was a bit awkward for her to sing them.

Even ‘Fable’ sung by Zhao Xiaofen wasn’t suitable for her with the high and bright voice.

Let alone ‘Burn My Calories’ sung by the girl band!

She also knew that if Chen Huan had a song for her, he would definitely give it to her and wouldn’t hide away.

She trusted him.

Just like how she knew that no matter how many girls were around Chen Huan, she wouldn’t lose her spot.

Seeing that Sun Yan wanted to say something again, Han Dong’er said with a sigh, “He’ll come to my house tomorrow, don’t be rude.”


Sun Yan was stunned, “Is this meeting the parents?”

Han Dong’er didn’t reply to her.

In fact, Sun Yan’s accusation on Chen Huan had really wronged him.

‘Burn My Calories’ was already given to Shanhai Streaming after the Spring Festival.

Comeback basically got one song for each song given.

Su Mo’s ‘When Love Become Past’ was only given to him by Chen Huan because he completed the mission to make Meteor Girls popular and he had more songs under his quota.

Chen Huan only felt at ease when he had at least two songs under his hand.

The song was given to Su Mo mainly to thank Su Mo for speaking for him and defending him.

Besides, Su Mo had been mentioning writing a song for him for a long time so Chen Huan definitely would pay his debt now that there was an opportunity.

Su Mo’s voice was similar to the Emperor that sung the song in his past life with an elegant voice with a hint of magnetic.

However, that emperor voice became more and more deep as he aged while Su Mo’s voice was well kept.

Chen Huan gave him this song and he perfectly adopted it and didn’t shame the song.

Even if it was a bit, Chen Huan saw a bit of his previous life’s emperor from him.

So now, only Zhu Shengyu didn’t have a song from Chen Huan among the three emperors.

Zhu Shengyu’s singing skills were very good but he was very reclusive and had no friendship with Chen Huan so Chen Huan naturally wouldn’t write a song for him.

He didn’t have many songs to begin with so he obviously would give it to his friends.

Just look at Meng Wusheng, he only got ‘Good Man’ and not only helped with the recording of the album ‘Life’s Only Love’ but also came out and started to scold people when Chen Huan was in a bad spot.

Chen Huan would definitely help out friends like that.

In the future, Chen Huan may give him another song if he had plenty of songs in his hands.

In fact, if Su Mo didn’t speak in front of the media that he admired Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, loved Teacher Lu’s songs and had always spoken for Teacher Lu, that song may not be given to him.

Chen Huan knew he wasn’t some selfless and perfect guy, he would prioritize people he was close to.

And he also had an example to follow after… Good Lord!

Good Lord was such an omnipotent system and wouldn’t be happy if there were people better than Chen Huan so what was the big deal if Chen Huan helped his friends along the way?

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