I Know Everything Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Concert.

The fifty judges in ‘Godly Singer’ weren’t regular people. They all had their own opinion on music.

 So their reviews of ‘Fake Monk’ were very pertinent.

The next day on Weibo, many older big names recommended this song.

Young people didn’t like it that much.

They just found it interesting but couldn’t feel the deeper meaning of it.

One of Teacher Lu’s admirers, the emperor Tang Yuan immediately uploaded a version of ‘Fake Monk’ sung by him.

His voice was powerful and he sang it well but he himself said that ‘Fake Monk’ suited Shui Qingshan’s hoarse voice better as it had more charm to it.

So several music websites called ‘Godly Singer’ program team again to ask them to quickly have Comeback do an official release of the song.

And as usual, the program team could only apologize and said that Comeback didn’t have plans to do so now, which rendered them helpless.

Shui Qingshan felt quite proud when he talked about this to Chen Huan.

His performance last night was indeed great.

This wasn’t something Chen Huan taught him but came due to his understanding of the song.

In fact, what was more popular than ‘Fake Monk’ in today’s comments was Shui Qingshan performance during the song.

“This kind of performance can completely immerse people in it and drag people into the singing world.”

“If you close your eyes and listen to ‘Fake Monk’, you may only score 80 points but if you watch Shui Qingshan live performance, you’ll have to apologize to him if you don’t give him at least 90 points.”

“You can feel the song’s free spiritedness and perseverance from Shui Qingshan’s performance! This is a perfect combination of singing and acting! Shui Qingshan is indeed a veteran singer and is ever more mature than a decade ago!”

“So cool! So handsome! I only have this thought now! This type of fat uncle are my favorite now~~~”

“If it wasn’t for Little Sis Shui playing the guitar for Uncle Shui,  I almost felt that I could chase after this uncle! He’s the bad boy of my dream!”

“Uncle Shui is a good person and I’ve liked him since he was in the small noodle shop, but shamefully! I was born twelve years later than his wife~~~”


Shui Qianyu expressed her unhappiness when she saw those comments.

But what made her even more unhappy was Han Dong’er sitting next to Chen Huan.

At this moment, they sat together in the Lin’an City Stadium, which was originally a venue used for football matches, but it was used for Su Mo’s concert tonight.

52k tickets had long been sold out clean and when they came, they heard that the cheapest seat that was 380 Yuan, shot up to 1080 Yuan, it was really crazy!

It couldn’t be helped.

This was the first concert in Lin’an by Su Mo in the past two years. The people didn’t know how much they had to wait if they wanted to hear Su Mo live again.

Su Mo, who claimed to have 800 million fans across the country, had very high appeal as the tickets for all his concerts had been sold out in an instant and people would buy it even if it was expansive.

Chen Huan’s three tickets weren’t bought but given by Su Mo.

The tickets were all VIP front tickets and there weren’t only three of them. The remaining ones were given to Xia He and her friends as they had been fans of Su Mo for more than 20 years.

Chen Huan planned at the beginning to watch the concert with Han Dong’er and Sun Yan but he didn’t expect Shui Qianyu and the other to return from Yuzhou. So Little Sis Shui heard of this, she kicked Sun Yan out and took the ticket.

Honestly, sitting between two girls and even if they were only 34 years old added together, Chen Huan felt fidgety due to the tension.

So Chen Huan kept his mouth shut.

Han Dong’er was someone that loved  music and Shui Qianyu could also be counted as one of them so they had a common interest to talk about.

However, Shui Qianyu had the probing enemy mindset while Han Dong’er didn’t have that thought at all.

It was already densely packed when the concert officially began at 8pm.

The sound quality, lightning, accompaniment, dancers etc… of Su Mo’s concert were among the best in the country and such things would cost Totem Music around 50 million Yuan.

Although it could be reused for every concert and that it could also be used by another artist concert, this big move showed the importance they put in Su Mo’s concert.

From another perspective, this was a flex from Totem Music toward the music industry.

You bunch of scrubs, take a look! This China number one star, the only one!

Su Mo’s singing and dancing was indeed amazing and didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

There was nothing to reproach in the three hours concert and the guest appearance all gave a wonderful performance.

Even Shui Qianyu forget about finding Han Dong’er weakness as she fully cheered and applauded.

Han Dong’er didn’t act as excited as her but she still smiled faintly and hummed along from time to time.

Chen Huan didn’t say much but he turned gentler when he looked at Su Mo.

He remembered that in his past there was a star that was similar to Su Mo but didn’t have such a good life like Su Mo.

Amidst the deafening ‘Encore’ by the crowd, Su Mo returned.

Su Mo wore brightly colored clothes with a very refreshing style and with his sleeve rolled up. It accentuated his charm as a mature man.

He sat on a round stool as he talked to the crowd with a smile, “I remember the time when I went on the stage to sing for the first time at 16 years old, I kept stuttering as I sang and people threw things at me but I managed to persist. When I went back to the backstage, I swore that this would never happen again.”

Celebrities couldn’t hold many secrets.

Many people knew of Su Mo’s brief setback during his debut.

Everyone laughed good-naturedly.

“At that time, I knew that if I wanted to be like that, my appearance alone wouldn’t be enough and I also didn’t think much of my appearance.” Su Mo said in a light tone.

“No… Momo, you’re the most handsome!”

The crowd united to say this in a deafening manner.

“Hey, aren’t you guys crazy about the ‘teenager with unparalleled beauty’? Didn’t I expire?” Su Mo joked.


The crowd laughed again.

“From the beginning, I thought the best way to impress people was to seriously learn how to sing and show them great songs after another.” Su Mo continued, “Luckily, I’ve sung many good songs. But these last few years, I didn’t have as much work and that distressed me a lot.”

“But it just happened that a great songwriter appeared in our country’s music scene in the past two years and he is also my favorite songwriter as I love every song he made! But the sad thing is that he hadn’t written any songs for me after such a long time! Tang Yuan had already got two songs!”

“I was thinking that if I have the chance to meet him in the future, I would definitely fill his drinks to the brinks! Let him know how strong I am! Then ask a few songs from him while he was drunk!”

The fans obviously knew who Su Mo was talking about.

They didn’t think it was Su Mo venting his dissatisfaction toward Chen Huan because it was known that the person Su Mo admired the most was Teacher Lu and some time ago, Su Mo scolded people even if it was unlike him because they slandered Chen Huan.

One had to know that Su Mo was a well-known respectful and modest person and would never curse under normal circumstances.

That showed how much Su Mo valued Chen Huan.

The next moment, Su Mo laughed as he said, “That brat never ceded to my nagging…but when he heard that I was coming to Lin’an for a concert, he suddenly gave me a song.”



The fans cried in joy when they heard that.

The cooperation between Lu Xiaofeng and Su Mo was something that every music lover wished for.

One was the best songwriter while the other was the best emperor, people got excited by just thinking of how great their cooperation would be.

“I personally like this song very, very ,very, very much! They originally suggested to release it first as a single but I didn’t want to, I want to sing it for you here.” Su Mo raised his hand and pointed forward, “Little Huan, come check out the result of effort these past days.”

He didn’t know where exactly Chen Huan was but the tickets he gave was at the most inner front area so he wasn’t wrong to point at that area.

The camera crew played a big role in the concert and was only second to the audio crew.

They need to be ready to highlight an important part of the concert at any time whether it was on Su Mo or the audience.

It included the celebrities amidst the crow as they had to look for him through their camera.

Like Chen Huan, they already knew of the tickets and already found where he was as early as the beginning of the concert.

It was the same for Han Dong’er and Shui Qianyu near Chen Huan.

They came with a mask and a hat but they removed it when the light darkened. So the camera and lights immediately pointed at the place when Su Mo pointed.

Chen Huan appeared on the four large screens at the top of the stadium.

They dezoomed a bit and Han Dong’er as well as Shui Qianyu could be seen beside him.


“Wow, wow…”

A deafening exclamation was heard in the stadium.

They immediately started to cheer and applaud.

The young man on the screen was the pride of Lin’an and Zhejiang!

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