I Know Everything Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Rock is back!

The program team of ‘Godly Singer’ guessed that Teacher Lu would write songs for Comeback and the band would become extremely popular.

So they arranged for Comeback to play at the end every time.

They had been scolded for an unknown amount of time but what followed after was the continuous increase in rating.

Comeback also performed in that order during the qualifiers for the quarter finals.

The audience felt a bit impatient for waiting such a long time to see them but they still clapped loudly when they saw the four members.

 Comeback was the most mysterious contestant in ‘Godly Singer’.

Because their band covered all the instruments, they didn’t need to have outsiders participate in the rehearsal of the song.

It was different from Grandpa Zhao Changshou. Back then, various rumors were spread from time to time, which was obviously leaked by some insiders.

No one else knew how or what Comeback rehearsed.

This added to the mystery.

The program director from Yuzhou TV just decided to let them be mysterious and made them as mysterious as possible in order to increase the audience’s eagerness toward them.

The result was that the audience eagerness had increased but they also were about to be scolded to death.

The other contestant had leakers and some news made it to the public but what about them?

No news at all!

Did it have to be that exaggerated?

But the audience had no choice but to wait for the competition to start to check them out.

This forced them to watch it live on TV otherwise their desire to uncover it would eat at them.

At the start of the elimination round, the first song that Comeback sang was ‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’, which had a slightly sad tone that showed a middle aged man’s depression.

The second song was simpler. It was the popular ‘Ordinary Man’. The lyrics were simple, the melody was simple and everyone could hum a few words.

This was also a song especially selected by Chen Huan.

There were many skills involved in a singing competition.

For example, you could get through by changing style alone but the more important the moment was, the more important it was to maintain your strength rather than blindly challenge yourself and do something new.

What if challenging yourself failed? What if the innovating failed?

They had great advantage and strength at the beginning but failed in the end without a second chance.

For example, the choice of the song.

You couldn’t always sing the same type of song.

Just like the first song Comeback sang, ‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’, the song was a bit heavy in emotion with a slight touch of sadness.

People thought it was good at first but if the second song continued to be this kind of song, people may get tired of it and may not mean they would appreciate the singer even if their emotion was stirred up again.

So Chen Huan chose ‘Ordinary Man’ as the second song that told life in a relaxed and mocking tone.

The third song would be used in the qualifiers for the top 8.

The song Chen Huan chose was ‘Fake Monk’.

That’s right.

It was the version sung by the richest guy Wang Jianlin. (The richest guy in China)

The bald lover Qian’er Bro also loved this version. (Some renowned guy in TV)

Although it was indeed a bit old, the obstinate and unruly, the rock and roll feeling from it was very vitalizing.

When the music started to play, people thought it was some sentimental song.

But people’s eyes brightened up when Shui Qingshan put his hand behind his back and started to sing.

“I want to go from south to north, I want to go from white to black, I want everybody to watch me, but not know who I am.”

“If you see me looking a little tired, then please pour me a bowl of water. If you’ve fallen in love with me, then please kiss my mouth.”

“I have these feet and legs. I have so many mountains and rivers. I want this everything but not hate and regret.”

“If you want to love me, don’t worry about regretting it, because eventually I always leave everything behind. I never stay in one place, and never want anyone to follow me.”


The mustache judges nodded repeatedly as he said, “As I said! They were a rock band so how could Teacher Lu not make a rock song for them?”

“Yes, it’s good and very charming.” A female judge said after him, “And Brother Qingshan is so handsome…”

The female judges beside her nodded in agreement as their eyes lit up at the same time.

Shui Qingshan with his hands behind his back and with an expression that seemed to put everyone below him, this posture was indeed cool in the eyes of the women.

Many girls in their younger ages liked this type of bad boy.

“I only want to see you blossoming, but don’t want to know about your suffering. I wish to attain the waters of heaven, but not your tears.”

“I have no wish to believe in demons, and no wish to oppose anybody. Don’t try to figure who I really am, and don’t try to see through my façade.”

The song entered an interlude after he sang that.

Shui Qingshan closed his eyes and shook his head, not looking at anybody.

His actions attracted the attention of the females even more.

Especially women in their twenties and thirties.

Their eyes glowed more and more.

Even Chen Huan diehard fans, I Like Mantis Shrimp, found Uncle Shui particularly handsome today.

A male judge with a hat poked on his nearby friend and asked, “Hey, do you feel the lyrics written by Teacher Lu are satirizing these easily infatuated girls? The guy couldn’t be clearer in what he said but they still rushed toward it like the moth toward the flame.”

“Who isn’t like that?” His friend let out a sigh, “Who told them to like that? Right? Always get hurt but still like it.”

This judge with a hat was trying to mock some women in reality but after seeing his friend’s expression, he remembered that his friend’s first love seemed to have run away with a man like that.

He immediately shut up and said nothing.

Then when the rhythm of the melody changed, Shui Qingshan suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the microphone with both of his hands before he roared with a sad tone.


From singing lazily to suddenly yelling tearfully, it was a very sudden change.

But this sudden elevation of the tone let the people hear the piercing pain in the protagonist’s heart.

Although he didn’t care on the surface, there was an unspeakable pain in his heart at each separation.

Shui Qingshan suddenly raised the tone of his voice by two octaves.

This version was not the original one but the one sung by Miss Tan.

She changed the ‘Lei, lei, lei, lei’ to ‘la, la, la, la’ and Chen Huan felt it was more impactful.

It seemed that the people in the studio also felt so.

The judges and the audience couldn’t help but wave their hands to echo the fervent atmosphere generated on the stage.

Then Shui Qingshan started to sing again.

This time he kept using the tearful voice.

The same lyrics sounded completely different and the judges couldn’t help but look at each other.

Oh my god!

It turned out there was still this kind of emotion in the song that could affect them!

The bad boy was on the surface with the tired and sad man in the inside!

The female audiences and female judges couldn’t help but have reddened eyes and some of them even shed tears.

When Shui Qingshan sang the last paragraph, it was with a soft and dreamy voice.

“I want to go from south to north, I want to go from white to black, I want everybody to watch me, but not know who I am.”

The judges were satisfied now.

The audience may not have noticed it but this was the third emotion.

They felt that the protagonist of the song had been yearning for something lost for many years, yearning his youth, yearning her who had appeared during his youth…

The audience cheered and applauded loudly but the judges were calm and quiet.

The host Lu Zhen was puzzled by it and looked at the director beside the camera to ask what to do. What to do if she asked them and they responded with some embarrassing stuff?

The director couldn’t help but glare at her and thought, bruh, you still can’t realize it? These bunch of big shots were obviously shocked by the song, what kind of bad thing can they say?

When Lu Zhen saw this look, she could only go for it as she smiled and said, “Hehehe, it looks like our judges have been greatly affected…Then let us follow the usual practice and ask Teacher Yu to comment first!”

Teacher Yu was the university professor that was very frank.

He didn’t refuse but pondered on his words before he spoke, “I personally like this song a lot! It’s different that what’s currently popular and it feels like it’s from 20 to 30 years ago when music just started to be mainstream…maybe the audience can also feel that this type of rough love doesn’t exist anymore, right?”

The younger audience laughed.

They just felt it was good to listen to and interesting but couldn’t get the charm behind it.

“To make it short, this song is the same as the previous two and it is very suitable to Comeback style and suit the taste of the people above thirty.” Teacher Yu said, “There’s no need to further comment about Teacher Lu’s composition skills! He’s amazing to be able to write such a song! Brilliant!”

He exclaimed loudly twice and that showed he really liked ‘Fake Monk’.

With such a well-spoken review given by Teacher Yu, the rest of the comments by the following professional paled in comparison.

Fortunately, there was still Chen Huan number one fan, I Like Mantis Shrimp.

“I’m still young so I can’t feel the type of feelings Teacher Yu is talking about.” I Like Mantis Shrimp said, “But I especially liked Uncle Shui today, he was very cool! This is what real rock and musician is to me!”

“This isn’t the type of rock that wears edgy clothes with a bunch of tattoos on their body that make them look terrifying. I think that type is going too far.”

“I prefer Uncle Shui’s type where the music is refreshing and makes us want to shout and dance with the rock beat!”

“This song is a match made in heaven for Uncle Shui, so was ‘Ordinary Man’ and ‘For Everyone That Knows My Name’… however, the style of the three songs is a bit different but the three style suited Uncle Shui, Teacher Lu is really the best songwriter!”

The judges nearby laughed and shook their heads as they thought that I Like Mantis Shrimp really did anything she could for her idol.

But they actually had the same thought as her in their mind.

With such a high evaluation, ‘Fake Monk’ certainly didn’t suffer during the voting process.

It received a total of 45 votes, which was the same as ‘Ordinary Man’, and successfully qualified for the next round.

This decision relieved the singers whose fate had still yet to be determined.

Who would dare to fight Comeback in an elimination round?

It was a guarantee lost!

There was still a room to fight if it was someone else!

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