I Know Everything Chapter 313

Chapter 313: How to stabilize popularity?

The nine girls from Meteor Girls were also amongst the extremely busy people.

Taking advantage of the enthusiasm toward a newly formed group, Shanhai Streaming arranged more than ten events for them but it suddenly increased to more than twenty now.

It meant that they wouldn’t stop from August to at least October.

If they were still trending, maybe they would have a second wave of events until New Year.

However, the girls were filled with energy when they chatted with Chen Huan before they set off.

They were truthful in front of Chen Huan.

“Since we have chosen to be in the entertainment industry, isn’t this kind of debut the best? With a start like this, if we don’t work hard, can we be worthy to all of those who looked forward to our growth? It’s just hard work, we are young, strong and not afraid of hard work!” Among the nine girls, it was Zhu Ludan, the most stylish, that said these words and also represented what the girls thought.

In the past, in the present and even in the future, countless girls yearned for the entertainment industry.

As long as it was a peaceful and prosperous era, countless girls would plunge into this pit every year.

But unfortunately, only one in ten thousand could succeed.

Many people would be swept away at the first step of entering a drama school, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of graduates each year, and it was at most only around a 100 people that successfully joined the industry.

So the nine girls from Meteor Girls knew how lucky they were.

By their own efforts, they were selected into this girl band and then they were favored by Teacher Lu as he gave them a solid starting fan base by making a show but also had basketball superstars come hype them up as well as giving them a godly song that made them popular throughout the country!

The girls would have swept away and lost their chances if they didn’t go forward while standing in such a fortunate wind.

They all had the thought of becoming a celebrity so how could they shy away from it now?

Only by trying their best, they could hope to succeed.

Giving their all may not guarantee them becoming big stars but they certainly would have no chance to become big stars if they didn’t give their best.

When the girls went to work for their future, Chen Huan looked at the events Aunty Cui booked for them.

Singer promotion was the same all over the world.

Basically, it was a fan meeting, variety shows, commercial performance and so on.

Cui Zhong arranged for them to go to a large area of cities on the eastern coast and they would stay in each city for two or three days with the most efficient usage of time to conquer the most fans possible.

At this moment, the most important thing for them was to stabilize their gain and make their fans into hardcore fans so they would actively support them and promote them.

It was of course very important but Chen Huan still felt it was too hasty.

Shanhai Streaming’s intention was very clear. Meteor Girls shallow foundation needed that many promotions and more fans.

But if they wanted to become a stable girl band, it wasn’t by trying their best to please the fans. They wouldn’t become a Empress level band by just focusing on the fans.

In fact, it was the opposite. Those really impressive singers actually made the fans crazily chase after them.

In other words, the fans would naturally come as long as they had enough strength.

A singer’s strength was divided into multiple types such as being skilled like Emperor Fei, Godly Xue, Joy etc…

Their own skills were enough to attract fans so they just had to do a good job.

Another type was relying on their personal charm.

The typical example of it was Andy Lau.

Could you imagine him becoming an Emperor level before the age of 40 with his singing skills?

But he was a heavenly king, which was due to his decades of hard work, seriousness and friendliness.

People approved of him so everything Andy Lau did was successful.

Chen Huan believed that Meteor Girls wasn’t in either of these categories.

Singing skills were innate and personality was work that was accumulated for more than ten years.

What these seventeen-eighteen years old girls accumulated?

None of the above was good enough.

Therefore, they should take the third type, be new and unique.

It happened there were nine of them so they could all show their own best characteristic and rely on nine different colors and rich personalities to slowly stabilize their fans and made them into real hardcore fans.

This was a long-term process and couldn’t be achieved in a short amount of time.

An individual or band that exploded in popularity and quickly garnered fans wouldn’t be able to last long.

They come fast and they leave fast.

After a while, who would know who you are?

So how could Meteor Girls get long-term attention and continue to be liked?

Chen Huan had an idea.

You could say that the youth born in the 80s or 90s in the other world may not have a lot of useful knowledge but they received much knowledge of the many tricks from variety shows, TV series, movies and so on…

Chen Huan also learned quite a bit about how celebrities maintain their popularity.

So he called Aunty Cui.

Cui Zhong was the director of the artists talent department of all of Shanhai Streaming. He was in charge of contract signing, training and other aspects.

But as he brought Meteor Girls with the variety show, his position in Shanhai Streaming improved and people somewhat saw him as the number three of the company.

So he was usually busy and would obviously not follow the Meteor Girls as they went to do some promotion all over the country.

But when Chen Huan summoned him, he still flew over and appeared at Chen Huan’s small courtyard a few hours later.

Cui Zhong felt like he was on a pilgrimage when he saw all the papers with mathematical formulas scattered over the room.

He was also a university graduate and knew what ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was even though he couldn’t understand it but knew how big it was in the mathematics world.

This super difficult problem that had been unsolved for hundreds of years had now hopes of being proven due to Chen Huan’s efforts. It was unimaginable how much that stimulated the Chinese mathematics community.

Everyone was filled with respect for this kind of person that could affect the entire community of mathematicians in the world.

Even if they didn’t make a lot of money and only made 10 to 20 thousand each month, they were 100 times more respected than celebrities in the eyes of the common people.

Perhaps it was for this reason that Teacher Lu refused to become a star!

“I have an idea for a variety show here, you can get someone to start planning for it.” Chen Huan didn’t beat around the bush with him as he directly handed him a pile of papers, “In the next 6 to 12 months, don’t make the girls go into such a high intensity promotion, they should focus on continuing to improve their skills and uniqueness.”

Cui Zhong accepted the plans.

The others didn’t know but he was someone who knew Chen Huan’s genius best.

A few words from him changed Meteor Girls from an ordinary band that needed extensive promotion to a highly anticipated band that debuted from a selection process and brought millions of new users to Shanhai Streaming.

But now Chen Huan wrote special plans, it should be even more valuable than what he did previously, right?

The title was Meteor Girls’ Restaurant.

The variety show called Meteor Girls’ Restaurant was divided into two parts.

The first part was that the nine girls would be divided into two teams of four.

Each episode, the girls would go to a city and find their delicacies.

Including the origins, characteristic of the city, the preferences of the locals and how the chiefs made it.

Then the two groups would learn the dishes they found and go back to the studio to prepare those dishes for some guests.

At the end, the guests would choose the team they liked most and the team that received most votes would win.

Of course, the program wouldn’t be that simple. Apart from the process of filming their exploration of foods and the process of the girls learning to cook, they would also focus on them joking around and etc…

He was sure that the people would enjoy watching beautiful girls learning how to cook.

The remaining members of the band that didn’t join either team would act as the host during their exploration of the city and also during their time in the studio.

Before everyone started cooking, the girls would come out and ask the guests some questions and do some interesting interviews.

The questions would come from the internet so the fans watching could feel some interaction while watching it.

Guests could also use the platform to promote their own stuff.

While the two teams were cooking, her and the guests would visit the two kitchens and interact with them.

Aunt Cui already reproduced the scene in his mind after he read the plans.

Thinking of the rich content, the fun competition and team spirit… Cui Zhong’s hand started to tremble.

This show was brilliant from the beginning to the end!


Everything produced by Teacher Lu was great!

Any TV station would rush over to receive a concept like that!

He stammered, “Teacher Lu, is this show for us? For real?”

“No shit, it’s named Meteor Girls’ Restaurant, who else is it for?” Chen Huan said, “Take it! Get the details, then let me take a look.”

Shanhai Streaming was lucky to be in the internet age.

Variety shows could be only done on the TV station before but video streaming websites could also do it now, which was quite the norm.

Several video streaming websites had good and unique variety shows that contributed to their rise.


Cui Zhong was very excited as he profusely thanked Chen Huan before he left in a hurry.

Then it was until he was on the plane that he forgot to discuss about the price of the concept due to his excitement.

He had forgotten about it.

But did Chen Huan forget about it?

Of course not!

Chen Huan deliberately didn’t talk about money.


Was the princess someone who lacked money?

The more generous and eager you were, the bigger the princess’ reward would be.

Like last time with Meteor Girls selection, Chen Huan didn’t talk about money.

If he talked about money, Cui Zhong probably would have given 3 million, which was already a great price.

But what happened in the end?

The princess just waved her hand and 10 million was there, you’re welcome!

Chen Huan was almost to be completely stunned by that money.

But he immediately understood the meaning behind so much money given to him.

Talking about money after doing the thing and talking about money before doing the job were two different concept and different in nature!

The selection for the band was far less exciting than Meteor Girls’ Restaurant!

Meteor Girls’ Restaurant was something made by Chen Huan by combining two great shows!

The princess was someone that knew what good things were so the rewards given this time should be even more generous!

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