I Know Everything Chapter 312

Chapter 312: That’s weird!

In the next few days, while Chen Huan was busy, the people around him were also extremely busy.

Kobe and Iverson continued their camp in China.

Nike and Reebok took the opportunity to have Kobe and Iverson to lead a group of professional players to play in a 48 minutes friendly match at Yuezhou Stadium.

The Lakers were so scared that they might cry.

Boss, Kobe just recovered from his injury, don’t do this, if he gets injured again, we will really cry!

Kobe’s big salaries for three years was a trivial matter and the key point was this season was done if he got injured again, it would be a big loss, boss!

Compared to the Lakers, Nike was indeed a Boss among bosses so the Lakers had to be polite to Nike.

Kobe had to reassure his boss that he was just trying to get into shape and that was just a friendly match. Would they even play rough or even dirty in that situation?

The Lakers agreed as the boss believed in the bushy eyebrows and big eyes Kobe.

After playing the game, there was no such thing as getting into shape as Kobe said.

On the live broadcast by Shanhai Streaming, Kobe and Iverson went full power as they dribbled past people, double team, dunking, blocking shots as if they were an omnipotent force…If it weren’t for those professional players from China being too weak, everyone would have thought they were seeing peak Sixers and Lakers battling in the playoffs.

The two played for more than 40 minutes and it was a great game that the audience loudly cheered and clapped.

At the end, Kobe had 50 points, 7 assists, 13 rebounds and 5 blocks by himself.

Iverson had 43 points, 11 assists, 9 rebounds and 6 blocks.

Shanhai Streaming quickly got the rights of the game by using  Chen Huan as a contact.

Nike and Reebok weren’t very willing at first but Kobe and Iverson insisted so Shanhai Streaming spent 5 million Yuan for the live broadcast right for the next five friendly games they would play.

Many people couldn’t spare the time to watch the live broadcast on Huaxia TV but used their mobile phone to watch Shanhai Streaming.

At the beginning, many people didn’t pay much attention to such friendly games but at half time, countless fans swarmed to the broadcast after hearing the news and watched the second half with relish.

But for many people…

It was unfortunate.

Shanhai Streaming charged people if they wanted to watch the second half and only the first half was free to watch unless they were already subscribed to the service.

And starting for the next game, only the subscribers would be able to watch it.


There are still four games!

Countless basketball fans cursed while quickly subscribing for a year of service, Shanhai Streaming only gave this choice.

It couldn’t be helped, Shanhai Streaming had their own broadcast.

The live recording gave a different feeling than from Huaxia TV. It was very enthusiastic and not as grandiose, it felt better to watch and better commentary.

With just those games, Shanhai Streaming added another 100k VIP subscribers to their services.

If Kobe and Iverson continued to play like that, at least another 500k subscribers could be added, which was a good deal for them.

And only a small part of the people scolded Shanhai Streaming.

Most people were marveling at the condition of Kobe and Iverson.

“No way, Kobe was seriously injured but he still recovered from it? Holy shit, he’s even fiercer than those hunks! There’s just no way to fight against it!”

“Kobe is like this but Iverson is also like this!? Bin and Old Small couldn’t stop them even when they pulled him!”

“What a god! As a Kobe fan for 15 years, this isn’t Kobe from the last two years at all! But Kobe from 2012! He’s even stronger by a bit!”

“You’re right, Kobe did everything to recover like this since the next season might be his last! The next NBA season going to be a great watch!”

“What a coincidence, I’ve been Iverson’s diehard fan for 13 years and I don’t think he looks like a 40 years old man that has been retired for 2 years! His state looks like even better than when he returned to the Sixers!”

“Exactly! In my opinion, Iverson shouldn’t retire when he’s like this! Come to our CBA, it’ll be like a playground, did you guys see how the Yuedong team looks like a bunch of little kids in front of him?”

“That’s weird! What happened to these two! It’s totally different from a normal human!”


Shanhai Streaming was watched throughout the world.

Many netizens came to watch after receiving the news, especially Americans.

Many didn’t have an account and could only use the VIP account of their Chinese friend so they could watch it all.

Most people gathered in groups to watch it and after looking at it, they held the same opinion as the Chinese ball fans.

“Damn, look at that, Old Kobe is too strong! When the season starts, my Lakers definitely will trash everyone and at least reach the playoffs!”

“I was previously worried that Kobe wouldn’t recover well enough but it seems that the treatment has been very effective.”

“The Chinese teams are weak but only our Iron King can trash them so badly! He shot more than 40 times right? He really went all out!”

“You guys said that Kobe’s recovery is normal but how do you explain Iverson’s! He had been retired for two years! But look at him, he did everything he wanted on the court!”

“I also saw it, with Iverson’s current condition and his lightning quick speed, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to come back and play as the main guy out of the bench or even the second threat of the team!”

“Right! As long as Iverson can play, even if it’s 20 minutes, it would be a great help!”

“It’s said that Iverson is still a free agent now! How about we the Thunder sign him? Giving him 3 million for a year should be enough, right?”

“Fuck Off! Iverson belongs in the Sixers!”

“Come on! Didn’t you guys kick Allen out? From what I can see, Kobe and Iverson are good friends as they even went to China together to do their promotion and it obviously working together! Just come to the Lakers for a year!”


They were joking around when they talked about Iverson going back to play.

Kobe was easy to say since he was someone stubborn and wouldn’t leave the court until he fulfilled his promise.

But Iverson…

Forget about it!

With his weird personality, many injuries, bad fitness, why would he come back for!?

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