I Know Everything Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Can’t rest even in summer break.

On the way home, Chen Huan was still thinking of ’Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’.

It was indeed a long lost martial art!

When he encountered people he couldn’t blatantly hit in the future, he didn’t have to grab them anymore and just had to use ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’.

The Good Lord stingily kept the good stuff but it finally gave out something useful!

Listen to me, those Nine Yin Manual, Shaolin 72 Arts, War God Scripture, Nine Swords Dugu etc… Just give them to me!

As long as you give me a mission with those good stuff, how could I not give my absolute best to finish it?

In the end, Chen Huan kept talking in his mind but the Good Lord didn’t respond.

Chen Huan wasn’t angry about it either.

What’s so great about being angry with his own system?

We are a family and should face the world together, am I right Good Lord?

Chen Huan should be very free during this period of time.

After finishing the IMO, finishing filming and sending away Kobe and Iverson that came to drink the decoction, there was still around 20 days of summer break, it should be enough for Chen Huan to have a nice vacation.

But his hope of taking Xiao Shuishui and touring the country couldn’t be realized.

Not mentioning Chen Huan, even if Shui Qianyu was in Lin’an, she would be rehearsing with her dad and two uncles.

Fortunately, they were already a band and didn’t need to rehearse and coordinate with the accompanying band of ‘Godly Singer’ otherwise they wouldn’t be able to return to Lin’an.

The race for the championship of ‘Godly Singer’ wouldn’t end until the end of September.

But everyone was motivated.

Although Lei Daxuan was still in a coma, his wife recovered quite well and could move around without problem but she couldn’t do anything straining.

As long as Ning Pingping wasn’t in danger of hurting her spine and be paralyzed, Lei Daxuan and his child would have the best and most dedicated person to take care of them, which was also a form of happiness.

At the same time for ‘Godly Song’ the three songs they sang went to the top of the charts and countless people sang the two new songs in their home.

The music websites panicked and urged them to release the songs for sales so that they could be sold to the particular and business owners.

The main point was there were many people waiting to sing ‘Ordinary Man’ in Karaoke but there wasn’t any official authorization and official recording of the song so they couldn’t let the customers sing it.

Everyone used electronic and connected devices and every device in the shop was connected to the internet. There would be heavy fine if they dared to use pirated versions.

Besides, there was no pirated version since how good can the audio be based on being sung only once on TV?

Delaying it for one day meant losing one day’s worth of money.

The copyrights for Comeback band’s songs were in their hands and had nothing to do with ‘Godly Singer’.

A show at the level ‘Godly Singer’ wouldn’t be like those small programs that had an interest in the singers’ original songs, it would be too unsightly for their image.

But Shui Qingshan and the others decided to directly release an album after winning the competition so there was a better effect on the sales.

They weren’t asking to have the level of Zhao Changshou crazy sales as he had the Spring Festival Gala effect after all but even half of those results would let Lei Daxuan and his family live in comfort for the rest of their life.

At that time, two or three special nurses would be hired to help Lei Daxuan move around and other needs. Then two more maids would be hired to take care of all the home’s chores so Ning Pingping could devote her time to take care of their child and Lei Daxuan.

How could they do that much without enough money?

So in many cases, money was a good thing.

Shui Qingshan even thought of whether to take his two bros to a tour after ‘Godly Singer’ and earn eight or so million for everyone in case of emergency.

Back to the topic.

Shui Qianyu couldn’t go on a trip and Chen Huan also had many things to do.

The most important thing was ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ had reached a critical point.

After Chen Huan proposed ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ a few months ago, the mathematicians’ research on elliptic curves became clearer and closer.

They could feel the solution of ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ beckoning at them the more they researched.

‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’, which was the Euler System, played a key role in the process.

However, for the proof process, the mathematicians that were the first to reach that threshold also encountered a bottleneck again.

And it was a very stubborn dead end that seemed to have no path forward.

Once ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ was proven, most defense of the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ would be broken down and it was even more effective than ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’.

They didn’t sweat over it at the beginning as it was quite normal to encounter these situations when trying to solve a world-class mathematical problem.

Otherwise, why was nobody able to post the proof of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ for more than 300 years?

The problem was after more than fifty days had passed and as more and more people reached that point, more and more people were stuck on the problem and nobody was able to overcome it.

Several professors even wrote an email to Chen Huan to ask him if ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ had some deep conception mistake that blocked people from proving it.

Chen Huan had been waiting for this.

It was when the more people started to doubt and lose hope, he would bring out ‘Iwasawa’s Theory’.

‘Infinite extensions of a number field F with Galois group T isomorphic to the additive group of p-adic integers for some prime p

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to understand it even if they looked at it.

But it was the most important point to solve ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’.

Once ‘Iwasawa Theory’ had been solved, then using ‘Chen Huan Algorithm’ to solve ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’ would be only a matter of time.

So Chen Huan had been carefully planning this matter recently.

As long as more than half of the mathematicians started to struggle and couldn’t go further, Chen Huan would come up with this ‘Iwasaki Theory’…no , it would be ‘Chen Huan Theory’.

Looking at the situation now, it still lacked a bit of time on the fire.

So Chen Huan had been practicing some meditation and also made a more detailed description of ‘Chen Huan Theory’ in order to put those mathematicians on track.

With no other matter bothering him, he would be able to immerse in the ocean of mathematical knowledge completely and this was also a form of joy for Chen Huan.

At this moment, he understood why Einstein loved research so much and often stayed day and night without moving.

The sense of clarity brought by high speed thoughts and understanding of knowledge gave a sense of accomplishment that soothed one’s spirit.

It wasn’t for the fact that Chen Huan still hadn’t secured his retirement and family as well as accomplished the system’s dream of him being on the top, Chen Huan wouldn’t mind spending half of his time on mathematics.

‘Advanced Mathematics (Advanced)’ wasn’t the end of the road but it had given Chen Huan inspiration on the mathematical side as well as understanding of countless mathematical concepts and knowledge, which gave Chen Huan’s more research option and chance.

He thought of his past scrub students self and that his complete performance after coming to this world, he thought that the ‘Nobody is Better Than Me’ system wasn’t that bad after all.

Am I right, Good Lord?

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