I Know Everything Chapter 310

Chapter 310: He’s going crazy!

There was actually a police booth not far away.

However, the two cops went to patrol earlier but heard the teacher scream when they passed nearby so quickly rushed over.

Their heads started to hurt when they saw a bunch of students surrounding a car. They had their hands on their waist, ready to draw out their weapons.

They finally relaxed when they went up to it and saw that nobody was injured and that the car didn’t crash on anybody.

The officers also started to feel strange when the shocked teacher recounted the strange tale.

How could someone suddenly start jumping in their car and even knock himself out?

Because the man was still inside without moving or reacting when they tapped on the window, the cops got worried so took out their iron rod since they couldn’t open the door and smashed the car’s window.

But the man was still unconscious and didn’t react when they shook him.

The officers tested him a bit and found out he was still breathing.

After they quickly dialed the emergency number, they took a look at the roof and saw it was dented.

“Tsk, he really jumped!” The younger cop couldn’t help but shake his head as he laughed.

The older cop said with a light cough, “Alright, don’t speak rubbish and wait for the ambulance. Quickly give them a call and ask them… what they can see at the west exit of xx street from 14:30 to 14:50 at monitor 3378.”

The younger cop went to make a call.

The ambulance quickly came and took the unconscious man away.

The Teacher came over and asked, “Officers, can we leave now?”


The older cop wasn’t sure, “Teacher, you and the students still have to wait for a bit, we have to look at the camera feed before we know what happened.”

“What do you mean by that.” The teacher wasn’t stupid as she raised her eyebrows and said, “Are you suspecting us to have hurt him?”

“No, no!” The older cop definitely wouldn’t affirm it like that, “The door was locked so it was definitely not you!… but we have to know how the conflict occurred. Let’s discuss it further when he wakes up!”

“The real situation is that man’s character is poor and deliberately made things difficult for my students before he went crazy.” The teacher declared without hesitation, “Right, we’re from Lin’an Senior High School, if he still has the face to come for trouble, tell him to come!”

“Oh, you’re students and teachers from Lin’an Senior High!” The older cop quickly gave some compliments.

Senior High was one of the three greatest schools in Lin’an.

There were many government officers in Lin’an and at least one-fifth of their children were from that school so that was why the teacher was so headstrong.

Come if you want to cause some trouble, we are not afraid!

If she couldn’t even protect her students when they were wronged, what was the point for her to be a teacher? What would be the point of studying in your school?

At that moment, the younger cop came back and whispered something to the older cop.

The older cop was shocked for a moment before he nodded and he politely asked the teacher’s number and let the students leave.

With such a thing happening, the teacher sent the children back to home first so they wouldn’t keep thinking of this bad experience.

She still reported it to the principal after going back, lest they weren’t prepared for it.

So unlucky!

Such an unlucky thing to meet such a disrespectful person and it was a crazy one on top of that, while causing troubles!

Chen Huan didn’t say anything during that time and when the teacher said that everyone could go home, Chen Huan finally stepped out and took the students to a nearby dessert shop.

Students cheered up with desserts soothing them and soon forgot all the unpleasant events that happened.

During that terrifying event, it was also the teacher who had the best view. The other students were either in the front or at the back and couldn’t see anything through the tinted window.

Chen Huan also guessed that the camera wouldn’t be able to see anything either.

Because it was dozens of meters away and about 3 meters high. With that distance, it was sure it wouldn’t be too clear.

Besides, there were many students with their hands on the car at that moment so how could they know what happened?

The most powerful thing about ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’ was that the ‘Mountain’ wouldn’t be hurt at all and would only serve as a transmitter.

Chen Huan’s strike went through the car and hit the man’s feet.

Did it sound very fantasist?

Chen Huan also felt like that.

When he went back to tidy his home at noon, Chen Huan tried the moves a few time and almost didn’t want to leave home anymore.

But it was the first time that Chen Huan experienced such a difficult move.

So the first few times was to try the power and direction, then adjust the power of it a few more times before he could execute it as he wanted!

Of course, although ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’ was a long lost martial art skill, Chen Huan comprehension of it was only at the elementary level so that was the most he could do with it.

Chen Huan felt when he reached the mastery of the skill, he would be able to make all his enemies fall with just the stamp of his foot.

It was even more amazing than in the movies.

The two cops went to watch the camera recording but didn’t see anything wrong.

They only saw the man messing with the few students before quarrelling with them. then a bunch of people surrounded the car, then he pushed down a student, then the teacher came and he closed his window.

Then he started to act up by bumping a few times before he knocked himself out.

Nothing much could be seen on the recording and it was certain that nobody touched the man.

As for the students pressing their hands on the car and Chen Huan trying to persuade them to let go, that wasn’t taken in consideration by anyone that investigated it.

Since nobody touched him, then it must be the man’s craziness acting up and hurting himself.

Moreover, according to the investigation of some detectives, if he didn’t jump on the seat, then an invisible person had to lift him up and throw him on the car’s roof to obtain this result.

And it must be two people with invisibility!

It was sheer nonsense!

The two police officers copied the video and made a report of what they saw before signing on to say that the description was correct.

All that was left to do was to wait for the man to wake up and see if he remembered anything. Anyways, he couldn’t pin it on those cute children and teacher.

Otherwise, did he think they were soft?

They completely didn’t want to deal with people like this man who lacked public decency so they would be deliberately tougher with him.

It was how they should deal with people like him in order to protect the innocent and kind people!

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