I Know Everything Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Incident.

The news today was pretty chill except the one in the morning, there wasn’t any mention of what was happening at Weibo.

Even the trending on Meteor Girls was affected as they fell to the seventh place.

But everyone in Shanhai Streaming was more or less relieved about it.


Because the people from above gave out a warning, people could criticize and provoke as they want but they couldn’t try to touch someone they liked otherwise the next person to appear on the morning news might be one of them.

Who could go against it?

They all relied on their mouth to earn money and they were all trying to be sensational so who wanted to go eat free meals for five days?

(FYI: Prison’s meals are free)

Just Do It wasn’t only going to eat 5 days’ worth of free meals, all his things on Weibo were done for. All the hard work he did for multiple was gone.

Who would dare to mess with Teacher Lu after seeing his fate?


Who was the teacher of the Meteor Girls?

Wasn’t it Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?

It didn’t matter if they did their usual trash talk but if they go too far, they had to consider whether it would involve Teacher Lu or not.

Those online big figures made noise all day long on the internet but which one of them was actually squeaky clean?

How could they take such a big risk and cause some trouble?

So there would definitely not have those large scale attacks anymore and it was guaranteed that Meteor Girls wouldn’t have rumors spread about them.

Their various activities and promotion would go smoothly in the future and there was no need to worry about any trouble.

So how could they not be happy about it?

After Chen Huan sent away Kobe and Iverson, he went to brag to Shui Qianyu.

“I’m not trying to brag but Xiao Shuishui, those outsiders just can’t figure out why I don’t want to play basketball. How great playing basketball is? In the US, it was at least several millions or up to several tens of millions a year, which was around fifty to sixty million yuan at least! Then there are endorsements and a total of 100 million per year wouldn’t be a surprise!”

“But what about it? What other benefit does it have beside making money?  Nothing! The influence of sports is good but they are absolutely not taken care of! Otherwise why did Big Yao’s incident happen?”

“But it’s different if I’m a mathematician! I’m a national treasure! It is proof that we are no worse than the people from any country! Seeing me continuing to make achievements after achievements, do you think the people above will let people insult or hurt me so I fall and fail prematurely? No way!”

Shui Qianyu felt relieved when she saw Chen Huan talk so excitedly.

Chen Huan would probably be in tears now if it was the past him.

Fortunately, he received a gift from god after he got drunk last summer and was reborn as an outstanding man.

However, there was a con to Chen Huan now. He attracted too many women.

Not mentioning those far away, she could tell that the nine girls from Meteor Girls were succubus just from one glance and would rush up to Chen Huan the moment she didn’t pay attention.

Shui Qianyu’s eyes immediately became hostile when she thought about that.

“Chen Huan, don’t stay at home all the time! The school asked us to sweep the streets as charity work so you’ll come with me!” Shui Qianyu commanded.

“Aren’t we on holidays?” Chen Huan asked in bewilderment.

“Can’t you do some charity work during holidays!?” Shui Qianyu rolled her eyes at him, “Are you going or not?”

“I’m coming!”

Chen Huan agreed without hesitation.

He didn’t know why Shui Qianyu suddenly turned so fierce, but girls always had mood swings.

He had been really busy with filming recently and didn’t spend much time with Xiao Shuishui, maybe she wanted to spend more time with him.

Shui Qianyu just graduated from Junior High this year.

She was the top five student in her school and the top 20 in Lin’an. She was also the school’s mascot so she obviously upgraded from Lin’an Junior High School to Lin’an Senior High School.

By the beginning of August, the division of classes was already released.

In order to promote the students’ social interactions and give them some class cohesion, it wasn’t weird for them to ask the students to participate in street cleaning as social activity.

In fact, many elementary and junior high schools did this every year, just like in his previous world.

When Chen Huan took two brooms, some trash bags and other tools before following Shui Qianyu to a pedestrian street that was around 2 km from the West Lake, there were already many students there.

It wasn’t only one class of students but at least two or three classes.

“Big Sister Boss!”

“Big Sister Boss!”

“Huh!? Sister Xiaofeng!?”

Several girls came up to them and their attitude toward Shui Qianyu was completely different from toward Chen Huan.

Some of them met Chen Huan when he participated in a math competition at Senior High and were familiar with him.

Most students from Junior High would directly be promoted to Senior High.

Compared to other schools, Senior High had a lot of trust in the students they taught in Junior High.

There were more than fifty people present and the reason the other didn’t come wasn’t because they didn’t like Shui Qianyu but because they hadn’t yet integrated into Shui Qianyu’s inner circle.

They could only distantly greet her with a smile and glance at Chen Huan while they were at it.

Which girl didn’t like the extremely handsome male Fang Shu?

Which boy didn’t admire the Basketball Prince and Mathematician Chen Huan?

Jealousy was something that every human had.

When a person was so good that it went beyond their imagination, jealousy rarely reared his ugly head in that situation.

Those little kids were the kind that adored Chen Huan but didn’t dare to get too close.

So it was Shui Qianyu’s few subordinates that followed them when sweeping the street while talking and laughing around.

It certainly wasn’t efficient but the teachers watching over them couldn’t be strict or the children would resist.

The pedestrian street wasn’t very long and was around a hundred meters long before the side would be split into two smaller streets.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu quickly cleaned their way near the west road area.

And it was also at that moment that everyone heard some loud voices.

They looked up and saw three students standing at the entrance of the pedestrian street, arguing with an owner of a Mercedes car.

When Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu went up to them, the driver was sitting in his car and had no intention of getting out of it.

“You bunch of kids are really too bored!” A man in his thirties said with a frown, “It’s just throwing away some rubbish, what’s the big deal? You guys are already cleaning anyways, what’s one more?”

A student angrily exclaimed, “We just picked the orange rind but you started to throw melon seeds and rinds, after the melon, you started to throw cigar butts again, and you even spat in our direction, you’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?”

Shui Qianyu just happened to hear that part when she came up so she frowned and intervened, “Grandpa, please have some public decency, aren’t you embarrassed to bully children like that?”

The thirty or so man already saw Shui Qianyu coming and even thought that she was quite pretty.

But his expression turned solemn when he heard that, “Girl, who are you calling grandpa? I’m just thirty five years old!”

“But it seems that you have done a lot of bad things so you look old.” Shui Qianyu didn’t go easy on him, “I don’t care how you throw your trash at home but this is public space and although the police officers didn’t warn you, does it mean that you can be shameless?”

“Bullshit! Who’s being shameless!?” The man rebuked.

“Whoever randomly throws trash is shameless!” Shui Qianyu didn’t back down and confronted him.

The girls nearby didn’t stay idle.

“Right, such a grown up adult and yet still less understanding than a child.”

“He’s even driving a luxurious car, maybe it’s a nouveau rich so doesn’t have any manners at all.”

“Who knows if the car is really his, maybe he’s just showing off.”

It was an adult man who was scolding him, they might have already started a fight.

But since it was a group of kids, it was impossible for him to go beat up some kids even if it was one of the most violent men.

Even him would feel embarrassed if it was the case.

So he simply cursed some more before he started the car and was ready to leave.

“You can’t leave!”

“Make it clear before you leave!”

Some students stepped in front of the car and blocked the path.

Shui Qianyu also followed after them and said, “You must apologize before you can leave!”


The few students surrounded the car.

There was no way for the man to run them over as he wouldn’t only have merely five days of free meals if he did so.

So in his irritation, he opened the car window and roughly pushed away a student that was near his window.

“What do you think you’re doing!?”

A teacher rushed over when he heard of it and saw this when he arrived.

She was stunned when she saw the car was on so she quickly rushed over and grabbed the rear-view mirror on the driver side while yelling, “Bastard! Get off! I’ll call the police!”

For the Teacher’s point of view, she thought that the car knocked on her students and was afraid of what would happen with so many other students near the car.

“Get out!”

“Get out!”

The students saw the arrival of their teacher so they also put their hands on the car and refused to let the car go.

The man saw that the situation wasn’t favorable so closed his window without turning off the car. He just lowered his head and started a game on his mobile phone.

The students got even more annoyed when they saw the man ignoring him so two boys started to slap the trunk and hoods.

Chen Huan looked around and quickly walked over.

“Alright, alright, everyone don’t get agitated, let alone damage other people’s property.” Chen Huan said, “Otherwise we’ll be the unreasonable one, right?… let’s listen to the teacher and call the police first!”

While he spoke, Chen Huan gently pulled away the hands of the agitated students.

During this process, he also involuntarily pressed on the front of the car.

Pushed it once.


The teacher was holding on to the rear-view mirror and stared at the man, wondering why the man suddenly jumped a bit.

Did she see it wrong?


This person is crazy!

The teacher got scared and quickly warned the student, “Kids, quickly get away, this person is crazy!”

The students also got flustered when they heard the teacher and feared the man would hit someone with his car.

At that moment, Chen Huan pulled away another female student’s hands.

Chen Huan, who mastered his strength, used all of his strength while pressing on the hood of the car and used the technique he just learned today.

‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’!


The man jumped up from his seat and slammed against the roof of his car. He screamed before he passed out when he fell on his seat.


The teacher was frightened by this and also screamed.

The dreary yell spread far and wide….

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