I Know Everything Chapter 308

Chapter 308: For the bros.

Seeing Chen Huan a little down, Kobe and Iverson, who were sitting at the backyard of the small noodle shop and learned of what happened from Shui Qianyu, tried to find a way to comfort him.

“Hey, bro!” Iverson patted on Chen Huan’s shoulder and said, “You’ll encounter those little things the higher you go! I have encountered plenty of these situations! And feel like beating the shit out of those bastards every time? I didn’t do it! My action proved them wrong time and time again! This is how men should prove themselves! With your ability, it won’t be a problem to do that!”

Kobe thought of his wish at this moment and said, “Chen Huan, why don’t you come back to the US with me? We play together! Me, Allen and You, we can join force and then who will be able to stop us in the NBA? You’ll realize how insignificant those slanders and critics when you win championship after championship!”

“I’m not going to play basketball now.” Chen Huan directly refused.

He spoke more frankly now that he was more familiar with Kobe otherwise he would have a headache if Kobe kept pestering about playing ball with him.

But he then noticed something else, “Kobe, you’re saying that Allen is going to play with you at the Lakers?”

“Why not?” Kobe spread his hands and said, “I’ve played with Allen these past few days, he surprisingly recovered  quite a bit of his strength! With the holy water, it’s like he’s back in his 35!”

“Now the starters in the Lakers aren’t good and we didn’t get anybody good on the free agents! That being the case, why not use Allen? At least we don’t have to worry about his attitude when he’s on the court!”

Chen Huan agreed with that.

Iverson averaged 41 minutes in his career. How many people in the NBA could match that stats?

This guy would definitely give his best on the court whether he was injured or not.

With that attitude, Iverson wouldn’t be a burden to the Lakers at all if he recovered most of his physicality.

And Iverson also seriously thought about it.

He was 40 years old now and was retired for nearly two years. He didn’t have the beneficiary of the doubt like Jordan but he could still attract many attentions on him.

Many people would wonder if he could still play.

It wouldn’t be different even if he went on to the overseas leagues.

But after playing multiple games with Kobe, Kobe wondered if he didn’t need to go abroad and just play in the NBA with the Lakers for a year.

The Lakers had some good advantage.

Except Kobe’s salary that had increased more than 20 million, there were no other big contracts and that was why they wanted to recruit some big free agents names during the off season such as Marc Gasol.

They had the salary cap to do so.

So the Lakers could give Iverson the MLE next year without any problem.

And Kobe was familiar with him and knew how his physic was.

Kobe was the boss of the Lakers. As long as Kobe didn’t neglect him tactically, nobody would dare to do so and his minutes would be guaranteed.

Furthermore, Iverson never won a championship before.

He finally led his team to the finals but was beat at the end.

He also knew that Kobe was restored to his form from three years back at that was the ultimate superstars level.

Maybe he’ll be able to win a chip with Kobe?

With the desire to do so, he agreed to Kobe’s proposition to go to Los Angeles.

He also thought that if Kobe convinced Chen Huan to play with them, it definitely wouldn’t be a problem for them to reach the finals even if his career would be as short lived as Milicic.

Unfortunately, Chen Huan wasn’t willing to get into the NBA.

Iverson could already see that and it was only people like Kobe with low EQ that wouldn’t be able to understand.

China was Chen Huan’s home. He still had to study and many things to do, basketball wasn’t that important to him.

As for making money, he heard that Chen Huan made an album and donated around 10 million USD of profit away.

With that type of earning, what difference did it have whether he went to the NBA or not?

It was impossible for Iverson to go to another country to play as long as it was possible for him to play in the US!

Kobe asked a few more times but Chen Huan resolutely refused.

This annoyed Kobe a little as he thought that Chen Huan was wasting his talents away.

He had the mission to let Chen Huan see the sight of Los Angeles at 4 am.

“Ding Dong!”

Chen Huan heard a familiar sound just as he saw Kobe frowning.

“The system noticed that Kobe physical fitness had increased more than 30% so the system will issue the following rewards…”

“The host will receive ‘Good no matter what’ spices (Noodle) (Intermediate).”

“Ding Dong!”

“Because the host saved the career of another NBA superstar on top of it, another terrifying figure will appear on the NBA court once again so the system was in admiration of the host dogshit luck to be able to even trigger a mission like that.”

“The system issues the long lost martial art skill, ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’ (Beginner).”

Chen Huan felt surprised, angry and happy when he heard it.

What surprised him was that the two rewards he received had nothing to do with basketball!

What angered him was the Good Lord was really giving for the sake of giving.

He didn’t rely on the small noodle shop to make a living now, what was he going to do with the spices formula?

It was useless to him even if it was intermediate.

The good news was the extra reward.

Chen Huan didn’t expect anything for helping Iverson but the Good Lord still gave him a reward just like when he cured Kobe’s injuries!

But Good Lord, what did you mean when you said ‘Long lost martial art skill’?

Did you go to the internet and look up the martial arts?

The style wasn’t right!

“Ding Dong!”

Chen Huan heard the familiar sound again before he could finish his teasing.

He suddenly remembered the last time he scolded the Good Lord and was forced to donate 50 million as the punishment.

But he was just joking around!?

With their current relationship, this type of joke was still considered bad?!

Good Lord?!

“Don’t worry meek little mouse host, the system is magnanimous and won’t care about these little things.”

“The system is aware of Kobe’s deep desire of getting another NBA ring and the unwavering Iverson regret in life!”

“As it is their current biggest wish, it is necessary for the host to help them fulfill it! This would also be the host’s greatest and peak moment in the court!”

“In order for the host to become the new generation of basketball superstars, the system encourages the host to help his bros while fulfilling the host at the same time.”

“If the host successfully completes the mission, the system will give out more and better rewards!”

Chen Huan’s heart flew to the sky from the bottom of the crevice.

It happened that Kobe also spoke up at that moment, “Chen Huan…”

“No need to say more, my good bro!” Chen Huan changed his expression faster than those mask changers and patted Kobe, “Kobe, since you insist so much, as your good friend, I should help you… also, Allen…”

Chen Huan looked at the completely stunned Allen, “This should be Allen’s last and best chance, right? A ring would be the reward for giving his all so many years. So I decided that I’ll help you guys!”

“Oh my god!”

Kobe and Iverson glanced at each other and couldn’t believe it.

What was going on?

He wouldn’t agree even under threat of death earlier but now he readily agreed!?

But it didn’t matter!

Kobe tried to strike while the iron was hot and settled this matter, “Then when are we going back to the US? Are we going back together when my camp here is over?”

He thought back of Los Angeles at 4 pm.

“Nah, not now.” Chen Huan also calmed himself at that moment and said with a light cough, “The regular season won’t be a problem with you two in the team! I still have to study in China so I can’t spend the entire year on the basketball court… I’ll join you when it’s the playoff, what do you think?”

The NBA had many types of contracts.

Although it was impossible to sign a 10 days contract in the playoff, they could just give Chen Huan a regular contract before the playoff so he could represent the Lakers during the playoffs.

“Then won’t you have no chance to workout and get into the rhythm?” Kobe expressed his doubts, “Can you adapt to the playoffs right from the start?”

Of course.” Chen Huan said, “I’m similar to Allen in many ways, do you think Allen will choke during the playoff?”


Kobe felt hesitant for a moment before Iverson just said, “Well, Chen Huan, don’t you have a winter break? How about you come to Los Angeles during that time and play a few regular season games? Our calendar is pretty compressed so you can have three or four games in 10 days in the US! This can help your competitive conditions and also tell us whether your skills have declined or not.”


Before Chen Huan could respond, Kobe slapped his shoulder and said, “Exactly! Allen is absolutely right! You have to come, otherwise what if you get lazy and don’t get any training for such a long time?”


Chen Huan thought that it wasn’t that troublesome and it was two weeks at best.

NBA games were very famous so it wouldn’t be bad to play a few games and get familiar with it.

Kobe and Iverson weren’t him. They didn’t know what it was to have ‘Professional Basketball (Advanced)’ skill and coupled with the decoction, he was ready to play at any moment.

After the previous generation of superstars gradually retired, there weren’t many real great generals in the court anymore.

Not to mention that before the Spring Festival, Chen Huan drank another month of the decoction so he would become a ‘little monster’ when the time came and show them what peerless physical ability was!

“You have to promise us that you will come ten days before the start of the playoff and train with us!” Kobe made another request.

He remembered that Chen Huan was also someone who drank the holy water.

With such a strong body and Iverson-like skills, there was no reason for him to regress much.

If it really didn’t work at that time, he could just sit on the sideline so he wouldn’t drag the team down.

“No problem!”

Chen Huan joked around, “I’ll watch the 4am Los Angeles view with you!”


Why did this sentence feel awkward!?

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