I Know Everything Chapter 307

Chapter 307: I’m in a hurry, Good Lord!

Chen Huan was unusually calm when he saw a man with his face censored being cuffed and taken into a police car on Huaxia TV news the next morning.

Chen Huan already anticipated this ending for Just Do It.

He caused such a controversy by willfully vilified a role model for the young people of the country, who was also the soul of the team that won the IMO for China, who would be taken away if he didn’t?”

People called Chen Huan as soon as the post was posted last night.

Even his personal phone that was known only to his closest friends was blown up by calls.

He told everyone again and again that he was fine, he didn’t care and it didn’t matter.

But they were still worried.

After Shui Qianyu and the other successfully entered into the top 16, the first thing they did was the return to Lin’an so Chen Huan had to go get them.

For the qualifying round to the top 16, Comeback was the last to perform.

They sang another classic song given by Chen Huan.

‘Ordinary Man’ from Jonathan Lee.

This song had a bit of airy style, full of middle aged men’s tired ridicule of the world but with a bit of playfulness. It was highly praised by the judges.

Although ‘Ordinary Man’ wasn’t a classic that would be handed down from generations, it was still sung by people in different eras as the song could make people feel emotional due to living something similar.

This was the essence of this classic song that could touch people’s emotions.

The lyrics were very simple and the first sentence was very straightforward.

“You and I are just ordinary people, living in the human world, working all day long, without a moment of respite.”

Then the next line, “Since we are not immortals, we are bound to have distractions, Morality and justice by the sides, with self-interest centralized”, as well as “Life is so short, for what should you love so hard” or “When did you ever see, that the world had changed for us?” made Chen Huan feel that it was quite a pessimistic song.

Perhaps it was because Chen Huan’s mentality didn’t reach the middle aged people one.

But he didn’t change the lyrics

What the judges praised the most on ‘Ordinary Man’ was the lyrics and felt that it touched the common people’s heart with insight on the society and relatable, it was very scholarly.

Literati always liked this kind of sad vibe.

So they got 45 votes out of 50 votes from the judges and smoothly qualified for the next round.

One had to know that ‘Godly Singer’ wasn’t a talent show like others.

Every round of voting was very strict and demanding.

The scoring by the judges were meant to be as harsh as possible with no exception.

So from the top 64, there were many participants that were put in the yet to be determined category.

Not mention when one reached the top 16 qualifiers.

But the harshness of it didn’t rouse dissatisfaction from the audience.

Because they knew this group of singers couldn’t be judged with the standard of amateur singers and should have higher requirements.

Secondly, they get to hear more wonderful songs if the judges were strict, how great was that?

I Like Mantis Shrimp mentioned this previously but nobody dared to do that to Comeback, the program team was tempted to do so but in the end were too embarrassed to hint the judges.

There was nothing they could do!

The band had performed greatly and it would become a farce and a shady show if they didn’t let them pass, so how could the program team do it?

About the Weibo of Just Do It, I Like Mantis Shrimp saw it during a commercial break and wanted just to get on the stage to tell them but in the end held on and waited until the end of the show to tell Comeback.

So Shui Qingshan quickly booked a flight and ran back home overnight.

When they saw Chen Huan’s nonchalant expression but the free going Shui Qingshan still didn’t felt at ease.

So at night, Chen Huan ended up sleeping in the computer room of the Shui family’s house and if it wasn’t for his repeat refusal, Shui Qingshan would have spent the night talking with him about his supposed feeling.

Chen Huan didn’t know how to explain to them that he didn’t care about it.

Why would he care?

The Yuzhou version of ‘Thank You For Your Love’ was made by the netizens, what did it have to do with him?

‘Burn My Calories’ was an electro pop song that was destined to be forgotten in two or three years.

Did he have to write a generational classic every time?

It was already quite good if it could cause some sensation and be popular for a moment.

Formal songs were viewed differently by the people.

In Chen Huan’s original world, he listened to countless pop, ballad, soundtrack etc… songs, he never stopped listening to songs just because of the different category of song.

Why did they have to differentiate good songs into so many levels?

Chen Huan watched the entertainment industry for more than a decade in his previous years so he knew clearly which celebrity hadn’t been scolded before? Which one wasn’t smeared with all kinds of allegations?

Especially in the internet age, you would really be too free if you wanted to reply to all those salty comments.

The best response to this was to ignore it!

Why would I care?

It would be giving attention to him!

Why would he give attention to him?

Just ignore it and treat it as a gust of air blowing by!

Chen Huan was not only not angry but also felt expectant.

He hoped that the Good Lord would give out a mission.

For example, how to retaliate against that or something along the line…

He still didn’t use the Bad Luck Talisman and Confusion Talisman so wanted to try it out.

It was rare to have a test subject, just release the mission Good Lord!

However, a night had passed and Just Do It got arrested the next morning. It was said he would eat free meals for the next 15 days! The system stayed silent, which was really weird!

Good Lord shouldn’t be like this.


The system was called ‘Nobody is Better than Me’, it should punish those who offend it, right?

This Lord is your host and that guy insulted me which also insults you, can’t you see that Good Lord?

    ( ◣ _ ◢ )

Look at that.

He just said he didn’t care about it but in order to get rewards… Chen Huan really had no self-respect.

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