I Know Everything Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Flooded with curses.

The first people to explode in anger weren’t Lu Xiaofeng’s fans or the fanbase at I Like Mantis Shrimp.

It was a group of fans that exceeded 60 million.

Who was the one who started to bomb If You Can Do it Then Don’t Say It? (I’ll shorten the name to Just Do It)

Apart from Teacher Lu in the article, it also insulted their Yiyi!

They first organized themselves before scolding Just Do It’s comment section.

“This trash blogger, what do you mean by ‘extremely vulgar’?!”

“He’s fucking retarded, right?”

“Even though that idiot song is sung in Yuzhou dialect, the lyrics aren’t vulgar at all, isn’t it about a love story?”

“Are you trying to say it’s vulgar because it’s in Yuzhou dialect? Are you looking down our Yuzhou dialect?”

“Fucking bullshit! Although our Yuzhou dialect is a bit rough, it’s straightforward and frank, what’s wrong with that?”


This brought a wave of Yuzhou and even Shuchuan people.

Honestly, the people from Yuzhou and Shuchuan really liked the humoristic version of ‘Thank You For Your Love’.

One could see how many people Just Do It offended.

At that moment, the members of Happy Fans Group realized that their idol got scolded so they also swarmed to Just Do It’s Weibo.

The Happy Fans Group wasn’t only made of fans of Lu Xiaofeng but also fans of the protagonist of ‘Love Letter’ Fang Shu as well as the recently joined fans of the Basketball Prince.

They were 40 million members in total, which wasn’t small at all.

Because the entirety of the article was an insult to Chen Huan, those fans didn’t even think about it before they started cursing.

It was coupled with the fans of Meteor Girls that joined up these past two or three months, it became a very lively place.

The first trending topic in Weibo was ‘Demagogue Lu Xiaofeng’.

But the most lively place was Just Do It’s Weibo.

Twenty minute after he posted his post, Weibo’s servers had been paralyzed twice and then it started lagging the third time, it only stabilized when Weibo added 100 more servers.

It was the first time in the history of Weibo for an entertainment related post to cause something like that.

Weibo director was shocked by the post and wanted to instantly delete it so it didn’t cause trouble to his company.

Holy fuck!

It was Teacher Lu Xiaofeng you’re criticizing and scolding, who the fuck you think you are!?

But the direction was a little reluctant after seeing the amount of traffic and comments.

When it was reported to the president of the company, the president said hesitantly, “We’ll do this, let’s be on guard and don’t allow insults beyond the normal scope, especially if it’s against Sister Xiaofeng. Once there’s a ban, we mustn’t act like we were trolls as if we’re trying to discredit Teacher Lu otherwise it’ll be bad for us.”

His subordinate received the orders and sent people to monitor the post. Various things were done on their side so no problems arose.

But after they stood guard for quite a bit of time, they realized that they didn’t have to be so nervous.

There wasn’t any confrontation between two sides at all.

Just Do It disappeared after posting and didn’t have a sign to show up at all.

Perhaps he knew he stabbed an hornets’ nest as he couldn’t fight against so many people.

It had to be said that everyone that could become a Weibo celebrity was smart people.

It was the correct decision to stop talking.

Because there were too many people scolding him.

For 30 minutes, millions of cursing comments tested Weibo’s servers and the administrators’ nerves.

Holy shit!

They never saw someone getting scolded like that.

If they just looked at it, they couldn’t read a single word from a post before it had been flooded by the other comments, it was brutal!

Su Mo known for loving Chen Huan, was preparing for another concert tomorrow but couldn’t contain himself from posting something on his Weibo after reading the post.

Just Do It is someone that speaks very unjustly and cherry picks things, you should quickly take back those slanderous texts on Little Huan.”

Tang Yuan also tweeted like him, “Bullshit! Is Little Huan’s musical something you can smear? @Just Do it, you must have gone crazy in seeking fame, right?”

The heavenly king Chen Hao also spoke up, “I always have a lot of respect for Teacher Lu, I greatly admire his talent and person, we shouldn’t take Just Do It words seriously.”

Another heavenly king Fei Qingyang chimed in, “Isn’t ‘Thank You For Your Love’ a great song? I Love the two version of the songs given to me by Teacher Lu including the one sung by Yiyi. Vulgar? Grandstanding? @Just Do It, are you talking about yourself?”

Those four were still very restrained with their comments as celebrities of their status still had to be careful with their image and should swear.

But the other people didn’t have to hold back!

The small emperor Fu Bufan, who was a big fan of Lu Xiaofeng, just cursed, “Who is this retard? What the hell, is the sky falling down? Teacher Lu greedy for fame and money? Go take more medicine you retard!”

Another big fan of Chen Huan, I Like Mantis Shrimp, angrily said, “@Just Do It, your name is so interesting, how about we have a fight? You can pick the time and place! A one on one duel! This lady is going to beat this bastard until he begs for mercy!”

Steed just posted a video of the lead singer Meng Wusheng talking, “You are looking for a fight ain’t you? Teacher Lu is such a great person and still splash some dirty water at him? He’s an orphan and still studying but still didn’t care about the money and donated it away, who has such courage!? Even I don’t! Don’t let me see you or I’ll beat you the moment I do! Son of a bitch!”

The famous lyricist Wang Zhao said, “I think I met a madman, I want to report it to the police! Teacher Lu and I are acquaintances and although he’s 17 years old, he has noble virtue and aspiration. He is definitely worthy to be a role model and you should stop bullshitting! Just for some views, aren’t you ashamed to say that? Don’t you have any pride?”

The renowned director Zhu Mei said, “I was about to take a break but I heard such a funny thing. One has to take responsibility if you wantonly slander people! I will lodge a complaint with the relevant parties tomorrow!”

Small empress Han Dong’er, “Disgusting Clown!”

Bu Yiyi was even more crude, “Scram bitch!”

All of those celebrities had hardcore fans.

Seeing their idol come forward and scold him, they would obviously follow them such as Su Mo’s fans.

Just Do It, you animal!

Don’t you know that our boss always admired Teacher Lu and wanted to work with him?

If your words hurt Teacher Lu, who’s going to write songs for the boss?

Fuck you, son of a bitch!

Fei Qingyang’s fans also thought so too.

Fuck, our boss finally took a step forward in the music scene he had never been able to forget, he still wanted to reach higher heights, how is he going to do so if you continue to trashtalk?

Those who make our boss sad are the scum of the world!

We must kill this bastard!

So different groups of people rushed into the fight.

With so many people, the servers of Weibo couldn’t handle it so crashed.

They couldn’t handle it even when they opened 300 more servers and those technicians cursed due to the maintenance they had to do.

Finally in the middle of the night, the president of Weibo quickly called his subordinate, “The people above got angry! Quickly delete it! Quickly get the information from that grandstanding guy and hand it over to xx!”

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