I Know Everything Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Demagogue Lu Xiaofeng!

The debut of Meteor Girls had started to be promoted under the planning of Shanhai Streaming.

Compared to what they previously planned, there would be more Kobe and Iverson’s screen time so more people talked about it.

As long as the nine girls were talked about.

The fans of Kobe and Iverson wouldn’t say anything. This was the choice made by their idols and although many of them didn’t support it, they wouldn’t cause trouble over it.

As the younger basketball fans, they would also include the Meteor Girls when they reposted Kobe dancing and Iverson rapping.

That kind of advertisement was much better than the hardcore fans’ promotion.

The current audience of Meteor Girls were mostly people between 12-18. They didn’t have much influence on the internet and persuasive powers.

But those 6 billions fans and 3 billion hardcore male fans were mostly made of the society backbone so they had a much better effect when they talked about it and reposted it.

In just half a day, Meteor Girls had been researched more than 1 billion times on all sorts of platforms, which was more talked about than Su Mo’s concert.

That was just the beginning.

People had more time to surf on the internet during the night. And would hear ‘Burn My Calories’ fast electro song the moment they opened a music related website.

In his previous world, people dubbed the song as ‘godly catchy song’ and it was the same for this world.

At the beginning, they thought that the fast paced rhythm and electro was quite interesting.

Then they would find the lyrics interesting too after listening one or two times.

“you must apologize every time you eat one more grain of rice…” “Bearing with it in order to have a small waist, eating grass like a salad maniac in order …” “Bye, bye doughnuts, bubble tea and instant noodles”

Those lyrics told the cuteness from the girls but also their playfulness.

With those feelings, older adults would treat the Meteor Girls like those neighbors’ little sisters.

A very intimate feeling.

The younger ones would crazily adore and love those lovely girls.

Not to mention, the finishing touch of innocently yelling ‘Burn My Calories’ at the end.

They may not feel anything after hearing it a few times but they would involuntarily shout it out loud after hearing a few more times.

Especially the children.

Thorough the afternoon and evening, the banshee version of ‘Burn My Calories’ was heard from various households.

To make it short, Meteor Girls quickly became popular due to this song.

Poor Fei Qingyang just took a big step forward on his path into the music industry and created for single sales of more than 5 million sales in 6 hours but it was broken a few days later by a girl band.

It took five hours for ‘Burn My Calories’ to surpass 5 million downloads and was around an hour faster than ‘Thank You For Your Love’.

Ten hours after the release, the momentum hadn’t slowed at all as it directly surpassed 10 million downloads.

This amount of money was nothing to Shanhai Streaming.

Compared to the amount they invested on training Meteor Girls, this was a drop in a bucket.

But this was an achievement to be proud about.

This proved that this girl band could succeed.

In the past, no band in their country could reach the place of Emperor/Empress or Small Emperor/Empress.

Let alone this type of band that would get hot before flickering out just as quickly.

Meteor couldn’t be said to be a success now but they definitely had a good start and were on the path of success.

Compared to a bunch of advertorial praising and flattering Meteor Girls, there were articles with completely different opinions.

However, it wasn’t those criticizing Meteor Girls as people looked down on it.

It was those that hated on Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

╰ [?? ﹏ ??] ╯

A Weibo celebrity that was known to be a shit-stirrer, If You Can Do it Then Don’t Say It, posted a long post about it.

The title was even quite shocking!

Demagogue Lu Xiaofeng!

Countless people were shocked by the title when they saw it and quickly clicked on it to see it!

Lu Xiaofeng was a role model on the internet recently. Almost no one spoke ill of him and it was at most some whispers.

Nobody like this Weibo celebrity that had 7 million followers ever dared to scold him.

One of the reasons was that Lu Xiaofeng was a super celebrity from the music scene and the people from the music industry had to please him so whoever dared to scold Lu Xiaofeng would attract their ire.

Since the singers made a move, wouldn’t their fans follow after them?

Singers had more fans than actors. For example, Su Mo followers on Weibo exceeded 100 million and it was a number that the heavenly king Chen Hao couldn’t do.

Just imagine it, tens of millions of fans coming together to scold you and those insults would be able to fill out 10k screens and still wouldn’t end, could normal people withstand that?

But that wasn’t the main reason.

The most important thing was that Teacher Lu donated more than 100 million via ‘Life’s Only Love’.

Of course those 100 million wasn’t from him alone but he was the leading one among Zhao Changshou, Fu Bufan and the others.

His personal contribution was at least 50 million.

Such amount of money was given to the impoverished mountainous area, how noble was that?

The newspaper and TV news from the people above also praised Lu Xiaofeng more than once, hoping that more young people could be like him.

Even the top brass set Teacher Lu as a model and they still went and scolded him, wouldn’t they be looking for death?

At the beginning, there were still people talking salty about Lu Xiaofeng but no one made a sound after a day and nobody dared to come forward to make trouble again.

What people didn’t expect was for someone to fearlessly step forward again after half a year!

Everybody scolded this guy while quickly went to see what he wrote before this guy turned cold.

After all, if such a post that was blatantly going against the people at the top and openly scold could still exist, what would their dignity be?

They must choke that out!

“From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate Teacher Lu’s kindness by donating to the children in those mountainous areas. I believe that he is a person that has broken away from the world’s vulgarity and is a model for all the young people in our country.”

“But today I have words stuck in my throat and I’ll be sick if I don’t say it.”

“Let’s start this with when Teacher Lu wrote ‘Thank You For Your Love’. I was disgusted when I heard Bu Yiyi sing such a vulgar song, it was too grandstanding, too disgusting! But I was absolutely stunned when I saw who wrote the song. How could such a vulgar song be written by Teacher Lu?”

“Isn’t he always advocating the sincerity, beauty and warmth of the society? Why take out such a song and disgust us?”

“Of course, you can say that ‘Thank You For Your Love’ was just Teacher Lu playing around and that there’s no need to make it a big deal!”

“But this is wrong! It doesn’t matter if other people wrote such a song but Teacher Lu can’t! He is our country’s music industry pride and represents positivity as well as a role model for the young people!”

“When he writes such a song, doesn’t he have to take into account how the young will feel and the bad example he set? This is very sad and worrying!”

“However after that, Teacher Lu Xiaofeng didn’t write any more songs like that and I thought it was just a momentary silliness due to his immatureness, so I chose to forgive him and didn’t criticize him for it.”

“But! He actually wrote a song like ‘Burn My Calories’ today that is equally as vulgar, equally as noisy and equally as grandstanding, I can’t accept it! I want to ask, Teacher Lu, what are you doing!?”

“Look at the vulgar lyrics, the melody that gives headache, and those scantily clad girls that are dancing around… Don’t you all feel that this is a farce?”

“In order to cater to the market and debut Meteor Girls to make more money, Teacher Lu lost his previous determination and chose to surrender to money!”

“We can expect from now on that Teacher Lu will definitely write songs for money no matter what style or how noisy and vulgar it is, he will write as long as money comes in!”

“Is his actions worthy of our expectation for him? Is he worthy of everybody’s love?”

“I’m here to make a solemn request, a pained request, Teacher Lu, please stop! Don’t persist in the wrong path! You can’t rely on grandstanding effect to earn money, otherwise can you be worthy of the huge donation you made before!?”


Meteor Girls was supposed to be today’s stars, most trending and most talked.

But because of this crazy Weibo blogger, it was pushed to the second place.

But they didn’t suffer from this, everyone that saw the post became interested in Meteor Girls and ‘Burn My Calories’.

Most people heard ‘Thank You For Your Love’ before but they didn’t have the time to discover ‘Burn My Calories’ yet.

The result was ‘Burn My Calories’ received even more downloads and more people searched Meteor Girls on the internet.

However, that wasn’t the main point.

The main point was this post caused a thunderous wave!

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