I Know Everything Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Hyping up, success!

The girls’ assumption was right.

Since it was summer vacation, there were five million people watching Meteor Girls debut live on Shanhai Streaming.

But that number doubled and skyrocketed when Iverson and Kobe came out.

“Holy Shit! Kobe! That stubborn Kobe is dancing hip-hop!?”

“Right, being able to see Kobe being so wild in this lifetime is so fulfilling! I’ve been a Kobe fan for 20 years!”

“Iverson’s rapping is good! He’s not bad, is he planning to become a real rapper?”

“How come they came to help out a little girl band? Is Shanhai Streaming’s influence spread through the world?”

“Come on! Even if Shanhai Streaming had money and could buy off Iverson despite his status, could they make Kobe dance hip-hip? Kobe hasn’t retired yet!”

“Tsk, you people still don’t get it? Have you forgotten who is their best friend in China? Is Teacher Lu!”

“What about Teacher Lu? What is the connection between Teacher Lu and them?”

“Stupid! Didn’t you watch the selection show for Meteor Girls? The creative director is Teacher Lu! These girls are Teacher Lu’s students, could Teacher Lu not take care of his students?”


The people discussed and watched the performance of Kobe and Iverson.

If a real American rapper and hip-hop dancer was there, they would definitely say that these two were trash.

But because they were Iverson and Kobe, they would say they were great and promising.

Who didn’t know how to flatter people?

Even people related to those industries in China wouldn’t dare to just jump out and call them how amateur it was.

Weren’t they afraid of those 6 billions fans from those NBA superstars?

They didn’t have to personally do it as fans’ insults were more than enough to make people start to doubt life.

So many pro on the scene said that the two superstars were very talented and promising.

The two finished their performance before the bootlickers were done with their flattering.

Before they went down, they took out some big copybooks with things such as ‘Wish Meteor Girls Success’ written in Chinese on it.

There were also two signatures below it.

This made the fans cheer like crazy but also made the people love them by association too.

Immediately after, the Meteor Girls came back to the center of the stage.

If they zoomed in, they would be able to see that their eyes were red.

However, the people’s attention was no longer on their expression but on the screen behind them.

Song: Burn My Calories

Singers: Meteor Girls.

Lyricist: Lu Xiaofeng.

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.

Everyone perked up when they saw that.

The first nine songs were songs from other people and there was only a song to sing. They should at least sing an original song, otherwise what was the point of forming a girl band?

But it seemed that the surprise was at the end and Teacher Lu really did it.

The girls swayed with the music and their faces began to have a playful and teasing expression that was displayed on each close up, which the fans enjoyed greatly.

“The first sentence every morning is to encourage yourself, you must apologize every time you eat one more grain of rice. Mirror, mirror look at me, where is my collar bone?”

“Beautiful, I want to be beautiful, I want to mesmerize everybody. Pose, Pose. I want to mesmerize everybody. Pose, Pose. Bearing it in order to have a small waist, eating grass like a salad maniac in order to wear bikinis. Natural beauty never gives up but unfortunately there is no food that I’m tired of.”

“Work hard, I must work hard, I want to mesmerize everybody. Wow~. Calorie, Calorie, Calorie… Calorie is my natural enemy!”

The fast pace and attractive electro music accompanied with the girls singing and dancing joyously made the audience move their heads and the younger one hum along the music.

At that moment, the music became more and more compact rhythm but the girls suddenly stopped.

Zhou Songjie jumped into the middle of the group and folded her hands in front of her mouth before shouting loudly,

“Burn my calories!”

Her voice was a bit innocent but the audience felt a bit funny when they heard her shout loudly.

“Bye, bye doughnuts, bubble tea and instant noodles, hot pot, rice and a big plate of chicken. Don’t be shy, take it all away.”

“Bye bye caffeine, quitting coke and greasy food, couch, take-outs and games. Don’t stay up late and harm your body.”

“Come, come and do a back rotation, yoga, sit-ups, spinning bikes and pilates. Brew goji berries in the thermos cup.”

“Come, come take a deep breath, jog day and night and then swim. Plank, dumbbell and rowing machine, I am never giving up until I reach my goal.”

“Burn my calories!”

That kind of melody repeated twice before the song ended with Zhou Songjie yelling out that childishly.

The fans cheered after seeing the girl band dance and sing until they were all sweaty and flushing.

“So cool!”

“It’s so good, such a catchy song~~~”

“Good song, sing it again!”

“I love you, Zhou Songjie!”

“Liang Yu, you’re the best~~~”

“Xie Yu, you’re the most beautiful!”


At the same time, in Zheng Rongrong’s office in Shanhai Streaming’s headquarter in Huhai.

She was also watching the live broadcast.

She couldn’t help but smile after seeing such a good reception.

Although Chen Huan was headstrong and loved money, his talent was nothing to scoff at.

Their Meteor Girls should have a great debut especially after Iverson and Kobe came to help, right?

She was having this thought when her phone rang.

When she picked up, she saw it was her secretary.

“President, the data for the livestream just came out. The first nine song has an average of 3.66 million viewers and after the appearance of the two superstars, it rose to 27 minutes in less than five minutes. The last song, ‘Burn My Calories’, started with less numbers but it rose to 33 million at the end.”

Zheng Rongrong’ had a big smile on her face after putting down the phone.

Over 30 million.

What a great number!

It seemed that this band was already a sure thing.

Zheng Rongrong felt a bit of relief when she thought of how Meteor Girls would help Shanhai Streaming in the future by bringing fans and traffic.

In this era, was it better to impress the audience than a band of beautiful and young girls?

She was worried that there were too many people in the band and that it wouldn’t work.

But with the selection, each of the nine girls had their own fans bases and with that they had their foundation set!

Chen Huan… what kind of genius are you?

I really want to open your head and see how many amazing ideas are inside!

Chen Huan would never expect that the princess would have such dangerous thoughts.

Seeing the group of happy girls running toward him, he suddenly felt like an old dad and thought his girls grew up.

Ptuh, ptuh, ptuh!!!

What kind of mindset is that!?

He wasn’t married yet, he didn’t become the world’s best yet, he didn’t have his right and left hands full yet, how could he have such an old fashioned mindset!?

“Ding Dong!”

Fortunately, the song from the Good Lord interrupted the messy thoughts of the teenager.

“The irresponsible host finally played a negligible role at the last minute for the Meteor Girls to gain popularity.”

“The system will reward the ‘better late than never’ host with one song and one TV series.”

“Meteor Girls have a lot of potential and if the host pushes them to greater height, the system will give out even more rewards!”

The great rewards stunned Chen Huan.

He even forgot to avoid those rushing girls and was soon surrounded by fragrance filling his noses.

Life is so wonderful!

Kobe and Iverson were sitting in a car nearby and saw all of it.

They all had a knowing smile on their face.

It seemed that Brother Huan was even more of a player than when they were younger!

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